Our Bottle Baby


It’s a dog’s life for our little bottle lamb, Annabelle.
She thinks she is a dog.
They’re not so sure, but they let her hang with them anyway. Which is a good thing, because somebody has to hang with her. All the time. The Giant Puppy has been on lamb-sitting duty ever since Annabelle arrived, spending an undue amount of time on the porch to keep the baby company. When Coco leaves the porch for business, I have to drag Dookie-the-farm-shih-tsu off his blankie in the house and outside to the porch because Annabelle can’t stand to be alone. She cries. And cries. And you know we can’t have that.

She comes inside for her bottle several times a day.
I bring her inside to drink her bottle because otherwise Coco tries to drink it.

She’s also eating a little bit of grain every day.
I take everybody with me when I go down to do chores.
Annabelle loves to do chores. She sticks right by my side.

We feed the sheep.
And the goats.
Nutmeg and Honey are keeping Clover’s spirit alive.
And eating all her cookies.

Annabelle cries when I go inside the chicken house for a few seconds to pick up eggs.
She’s always so happy when I show back up.

I’m not sure how long I’ll keep her on the porch with the dogs. She has no mama to protect her, so I don’t want to put her in with the big sheep until she’s big enough to whoop ’em. She thinks I’m her mama. She even calls me maaa-maaa! I call her Annabelley, my little sweetie baby pudding pie. I feed her and rock her and rub her head cuz she likes that.
And if loving her is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.


  1. Nancy M. says:

    She’s so beautiful! So sweet! She’s got a great maamaa!


  2. gwen says:

    loving someone is never wrong

    and the picture’s are too cute for words….simply adorable.
    i would take her off you in a second and be just as bad as you hahaha

    gwen :sheep: 😀

  3. CindyP says:

    awwwwwwwwww, Annabelle!! I wonder…………couldn’t she be trained to be a out-of-the-pen sheep? Keeping Coco company during the day? She’s used to the porch, the house, outside of the pen, people……. just a thought……it would be a win/win situation. Annabelle wouldn’t have to cry, and you would have Annabelle with you all day long, so you wouldn’t cry when she’s in the pen!

  4. Diane says:

    She is so cute. Too bad they do not stay babies for long. Its good you have the dogs to keep her company. She looks like a stuffed animal in those pictures. lol.

  5. maryann says:

    Awwww she is so cute!! and people wonder why I can’t eat lamb chops.
    Anyways looking at your steps I was wondering if you knew of this product. https://cozywinters.com/ice-cleats/ice-cleats.html I have the one in the middle top row and I LOVE them. My sister forgot to wear her pair the one day and fell and broke her knee. Mine don’t come off my boots until spring.

  6. Suzette says:

    Is there anything cuter than a little lamby pie? I don’t think so. Thanks for sharing her with us.

  7. Lisa says:

    O.M.GOSH!!! BEYOND adorable!
    Love your blog!

  8. Mental P Mama says:

    I wonder if you could house-train her? I would be willing to try…. :sheep:

  9. thecrazysheeplady says:

    We had a bottle baby (Popcorn PeePee Pants) that lived in the kitchen for FIVE weeks. Too cold/no buddies her age/too cute… Good luck moving Annabelle out to the barn ;-).

  10. Jeanne says:

    You have made my day, again.

  11. Suzanne says:

    Gonna be hard to put her out with the big guys. She is so cute….

  12. Pam says:

    Very cute lamb. She will become very attached to you and very vocal. My girls have lambs for 4-H and they become very aware of who feeds them and baaa every time we walk out the door. Enjoy them, they are a lot of fun.

  13. trish says:

    You are so clever!! This blog is so wonderful! Thanks for the great start to the day. Giant Puppy looks so vigilant. Did you see him/her??? at the bottom of the stairs looking up in concern???

  14. Cheryl in Sunny Cal (Calhoun Co.) says:

    Awwww. I love baby :sheep: !! I want one too! Keep up the great work on your blog, it puts a smile on my face every day.

  15. catslady says:

    Such adorable pictures – they are beyond words :sheep:

  16. MARY says:

    :heart: That Annabelle is so adorable!!! Props to Coco for proecting her so well. I wish I had one!!!! :purpleflower:

  17. Cheryl in Sunny Cal (Calhoun Co.) says:

    Just a test to see if my gravatar shows up :wave:

  18. sam says:

    She is a cutie. That is for sure.

  19. Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife says:

    Annabelle is a doll. Can’t wait to see her grow up and whoop those big guys. This is gonna be fun.

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  20. Linda says:

    She is so cute. What are you going to do when she is to big to rock and hold?

  21. Becs says:

    I’m pretty sure that she is the cutest thing I have ever seen!

  22. Nancy in Atlanta says:

    Awwww, if you ever take a vacation – you know, that’s the thing where normal (non-farm) people go away for a week or 2? – you can send her here to visit Emma and me in the apt. Poor worried Coco looks like she’d like to carry Annabelle down those scary stairs. And it wasn’t so long ago that Coco was afraid to go down the stairs! :sheep:

  23. Jean says:

    Beautiful post! So heartwarming! Your blog is my very favorite!

  24. Becky says:

    Adorable pictures, Suzanne. But how can they not be with that little one in them.
    I had a pony that thought he was a dog once. It was comical!

  25. Sandy says:

    Hi, I too live in a small community in WV. I don’t call Wadestown a town because I much prefer living in a country community. Our life is much like yours, critters friends and family! I found your site researching chicken coops. I love the way you show people through your words the beauty of living in the country. We have bantams, pygmy goats, horses,dogs cats rabbits etc.etc.etc. So little time, so many critters! I will set your website in my favorites and revisit it often, I can’t wait to find all the little details of your life on the farm and compare them to mine. God Bless you and yours. Sandy

  26. dalgal says:

    Um… Did I miss something? Where is Clover???

  27. Cyndi Lewis says:

    How could you not love that little lamb! She is soooooooo….. precious!

  28. dalgal says:

    Ooooh! I can’t wait to follow Clover’s pregnacy and see more babies!!!!

  29. Jenny says:

    great photography! I wonder what it will take for him to figure out he’s not a dog?! ~Jenny jenny-jennywhocaniturnto.blogspot.com

  30. Wendy says:

    I told you so…..it’s fun to have a bottle baby. And loving her is so right. She will always be friendly and easy to handle.

  31. Nancy K. says:

    I would say that Annabelle, and YOU, are VERY blessed!

  32. cgReno says:

    I promise on this day, Wednesday, February 25, 2009 to NEVER, EVER again consume another lamb (shhhh, dont tell her I ever even considered it) chop. They will now forever have faces…….. :sheep:

  33. Tori Lennox says:

    And if loving her is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

    How could you NOT love her??? She is so adorable!!!

  34. jean says:

    I swear she looks so darn adorable. I just want to hold her and kiss her nose.

  35. Treasia/TruckersWife says:

    She is just to precious for words. I would mother the heck out of her too. Enjoy her while she’s little.

  36. Julie Andrea in Englehart, ON says:

    To cgReno .. oh, you beat me to it, there is NO way I could even think of a lamb chop after seeing these pix.

    Umm … Suzanne??? .. IS she meant to be a wool producer or will she eventually turned into .. gulp .. you know .. sniff sniff .. ?

  37. Suzanne McMinn says:

    Annabelle is a Dorset. Those are both meat and wool sheep. They don’t have the kind of wool Cotswolds or Jacobs have, of course, but their wool can be used. I think they are most often used for meat. But not Annabelle, I can assure you! She is a PET!!

  38. Winifred says:

    I’m so glad you said you’re not going to eat her! She is so lovely.

    Well how would she know she’s a sheep if she spends so much time with you and the dogs!

  39. Winifred says:

    Ooops! Forgot to say you take great photographs and you have some great subject matter there.

  40. Susan says:

    Woohoo! I love all the photos of Annabelle. :happyflower: She is a real cutie!

  41. Leah says:

    Annabelle is precious, and I still love her. Baby Brooke has a rocky lamb,we should call it Annabelle,ha,ha1

  42. Brandy says:

    Awww, Annabelle is too adorable. Glad to hear she is a PET. *G*

  43. shirley says:

    Suzanne, have you ever thought of turning your farm into a petting zoo?I would drive up there to see your animals.

  44. Cama says:

    Oh just so darn :sheep: adorable!

  45. Heather says:

    She’s so cute! I used to raise sheep as my 4-H project in high school. I was lucky and never had to bottle feed any of the babies. I love all the photo’s of her and her farm friends!

  46. Estella says:

    Annabelle is tooo cute!

  47. Farmchick says:

    Annabelle is the cutest lamb…..makes me want one. She looks so perfect, just like a stuffed animal!

  48. Melissa Marsh says:

    This post should be nominated for CUTEST POST EVER IN BLOGLAND. LOVE it, Suzanne!

  49. Courtney KS says:

    Man, I’m thinking the lamb is one of God’s most beautiful! Top like 25 at least. 🙂 I love the picture of her going down the steps so gingerly looking; and Coco’s protective concerned look. The adorable factor in your life is off the charts! Love love love it!

  50. wheezay says:

    just too dang cute for words !! :sheep:

  51. Jodie says:

    :sheep: babies are the best. Even cuter than the giant puppy!

  52. Candace says:

    Gorgeous photos! This is my first time stopping by your blog, and I’m loving it. I can’t wait to read more!

  53. Ellen says:

    She’s soooo beautiful.

    And you totally scared me with that offhand comment about Clover. I’m glad she’s having fun : )

  54. Bobbie says:

    My very first time here-how did I come about it??? Don’t remember-got so involved reading and seeing Annabell–I love her to pieces and you are a BEST Mom. I’ll be back. :happyfeet: Bobbie

  55. Lisa says:

    She is TOO adorable! Makes me want to have a little lamb for a pet.

  56. cinders says:

    Hi,,,Yes Baby lambs are just about the cutest critters on the earth. I posted a couple pictures of our neighbors lambs on my blog yesterday. Our fun is about to start here, we have 7 Ewes that are due to start lambing somewhere around this Friday. I can’t wait lol
    I love the pics with the dogs and the jumping and running, is it OH so true 8)

  57. Jeanine says:

    I love her! How sweet! Can’t wait to see more pictures! Again, you can’t make something like that up!

  58. Patricia says:

    Oh My Gosh ! How beautiful and heart breaking ! I envy you and your life with all the animals !

  59. Debbie says:

    Beyond beyond wonderful! Thank you for your absolutely stunning and heart-warming pictures, Suzanne. (Wish I had an Anna Belle! 😉

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