Pack of Girls


They all look alike, don’t they?
Morgan wanted to get the names straightened out last night. After all, she named them. Mr. Darcy, Jane, Lizzie, Mary, Kitty, Lydia. After characters in Pride and Prejudice, her all-time favorite book. (Did you know there all kinds of Mr. Darcy spin-off books? She’s read them all. Recently, she discovered P&P vlogs (video blogs) and has spent countless hours consuming them ALL.)

This is Maia and Chloe.
Oh, wait–

Never mind. We know them.

This is Mr. Darcy!
Okay, that one’s too easy. He’s chillin’ with his homies, the wethers.
He came from a different farm than the girls, and so far he has been socializing more with Maia and the wethers than his new platoon of girlfriends. I’m sure that will change later…. He’s such a handsome fella.
This is Jane.
Jane has a spot on her rump and she’s the only one! Her white marking on the front of her face is also crooked. She’s #53. They all have numbered ear tags.

This is Mary. Mary’s spot on the back of her neck is disconnected. Mary is #51.
Lizzie is easy. She has the lopsided ears. She’s #48.
Kitty is #50. She has a marking down only one side of the back of her neck, but unlike Mary’s, it’s connected. Kitty on one side, no marking on this side of her neck.
Kitty on the other side, connected marking on this side.
Kitty from the back.
Lydia is #49, and she’s The Other One. Her markings aren’t real distinctive one way or the other.
And here they are again, all together.
From left to right: Jane, Kitty, Mary, Lydia, and Lizzie in the back!


Now if I can just remember that! I think I need to study….


  1. LauraP says:

    They’re all beautiful! Boers have such sweet faces.

  2. Peculiar Cat Mama says:

    That’s funny – only 5 names to remember. ;>) I’ve gone through hundreds of names with my multi-generational passel of cats. It all started with 1 calico 10 years ago, who got acquanted with the yellow neighbor cat, the white barn cat, and the longhair in the outhouse (!). Now I have 43 (I just lost one precious pet, Saffy, a dark tabby with thumbs [polydactyl]). 9 are inside, the rest roam the farm. They’re all feral and they all love me. Hence, the pen name. Anyway, I named one litter at the beginning for the characters in Wuthering Heights (Hareton, Heathcliff, Hindley, Linton, Nellie, Isabella, Miss Cathy). My husband went out one day calling for “Claritin! Hemorrhoid!”. ;P I’m the only one who knows who is who, and sometimes for the ones that look alike, I have to use markings or facial features to discern one from the other. Like Dexter and his son Drexel – identical tuxedos. So, Suzanne – be glad you have only 5 to remember! ;>) The girls are beautiful, BTW. (All of your animals are awesome!)

  3. PinkyMac says:

    They are wonderful and Suzanne when all else fails…fake it! :sun:

  4. Joell says:

    :happyflower: :happyflower:
    I WANT ONE :hissyfit: !!!
    I love their names, my favorite book too.

  5. Ann W says:

    Nice goats! You can tell them apart by their faces – the markings are different. Lizzie: easy. Jane – white caterpillar going down her nose. Kitty: broad white band going down her face and covering both sides of nose and mouth. Mary: broad white band going down face that goes sideways over nose/mouth and other half of nose and mouth is brown. Lydia: has pink above her nose – more than the others. Plus her white mark is a V at the top, symmetrical with her horns and it’s narrower than Kitty’s and Mary’s. (Of course you’ve probably already figured this out.) I’m trying to memorize lambs now so I can identify them without relying on tags.

  6. steakandeggs says:

    They are all so pretty. I just love Boer goats. :wave:

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