Password for Meat Roos Post


I’ve posted about my experience butchering the meat roos with some very graphic photos and descriptions. In order to protect readers who don’t want to accidentally click on the post and find the photos, I’ve placed them in a password-protected post that you will find below or you can click on the post title here:

A Day Killin’ Chickens

As the post title emphasizes, I repeat–this is a GRAPHIC post.

If you want to open the post, after you click on the link above, type in this password: iwanttosee

“I want to see.” Except all run together in small caps as shown above. When you type in iwanttosee, you are agreeing and affirming that you WANT TO SEE the pictures.

Up to you!


  1. Imperious Fig says:

    We processed ours over the weekend too!

  2. whaledancer says:

    Thank you for coming up with a thoughtful way to satisfy both those who want to see and those who don’t.

  3. chickenherd says:

    Hahaha!! Very funny, and a clever way to protect those who don’t care to witness carnage. Me, I just eat it up! 😆

  4. cabynfevr says:

    I told my husband I bet someone will make the decision to go look and yet still chew you out about it! Me, nope, haven’t even peeked! lol

  5. bayvistafarm says:

    I found when we did chickens, and ate one the same day, it was very tough and chewy. Thus… letting them ‘hang’ like beef (although in reality, is was about 6 days in the fridge) before eating them. Much better!!

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