Playing with the Babies


Maia loves it when she gets to come up to the house. She thinks she belongs in the house.
Morgan was home sick from school yesterday. Or something. Sometimes she just needs a mental health day, I think. She wanted Maia to come up to visit, so I went to the barn and we played with her for awhile.
Because what’s the point of having babies if you’re not going to play with them? So I brought Bunny up, too!
I named Nutmeg’s little white one Bunny because she always looks like a bunny rabbit to me.
I don’t think she knew what to do in the house! So I showed her just what we do here.
Doll baby:
Bunny in a hat:
Bunny in a box:
Bunny in a band:
Bunny turtle:
Squint just right and that looks like a turtle shell on her back. Though I don’t think she understood the concept.
Bunny Pyr pup!
Bunny in a basket:
Fitting in:
Bunny is Clover’s granddaughter. I think she’s got some real star potential!
I’m so keeping this one. Yes, Maia, too. Maia was busy trying to go upstairs while Bunny was modeling.
Back to the barn, babies!

For now……..

Morgan: “I’m so scared for when you have grandchildren….”


  1. Mandys says:

    Bunny will carry on in her grandmothers footsteps I think 🙂 She is beautiful!

  2. DancesInGarden says:

    I used to think there was nothing cuter than a baby goat. Now I know there is nothing cuter than a baby goat in a BONNET! *squee!*

  3. Sandra says:

    What a sweet way to begin my day…

  4. prvrbs31gal says:

    Make the background totally black and I think the “Bunny in a Band” picture has 2014 Calendar potential!!!

  5. joykenn says:

    Ahh, how cute! I so want a “bunny” of my own. BUT, cruelly our suburb has a lot of people who want to keep a few chickens in their backyard. As a “non-conventional pet” they have to ask for a zoning variance–which are consistently refused. In fact…the village has got so tired of the requests that they changed the ordinance to SPECIFICALLY state no chickens, pigs, AND GOATS. Sigh. 😥 (Wouldn’t you think the number of requests would tell the village board that we, the residents, want “unconventional pets”.)

  6. alba says:

    Aweeeeeeee I love them both… I can see Easter Bunny having her own portfolio….
    She looks so pretty in her Bonnet. :heart:
    Have a good one.
    PS feel better Morgan.

  7. Njoylife says:

    What a chuckle … I am amazed at how cooperative Bunny is in all her poses. I do believe you’re right – she is a star. How about a twinkle right now? She’s Bunny Twinkle! Adorable!!

  8. Njoylife says:

    I’m able to see how tiny these babies the pix. So sweet.
    Joy from Michigan. ( hope the coffee was delish)

  9. margiesbooboo says:

    Those 2 are a special pair!

  10. MousE says:

    Morgan is right, you will be the best Grandmother ever. :snoopy:

  11. wanda1950 says:

    Love them! I’d never get anything done if I had them. So glad you have Clover’s descendants–I still miss her & know you do, too!

  12. SanAntonioSue says:

    Love it!! No phone, texting, computer, TV, etc needed for some good ol’ plain fun for you and Morgan. Best kind of “therapy” for a mental health day!! 🙂

  13. SwissMiss says:

    Your Bunny seems to tolerate funny people whims well. She did great with all the photo shoots. My bunny, as in actual rabbit, not so much. He hates his floppy garden hat, refuses to stay in any basket we’ve put him in and is probably eternally grateful that I haven’t found a set of reindeer antlers to fit him yet. He would have attacked the hat. He does like to play with plastic Easter eggs but doesn’t like me trying to take his picture. He is definitely a party pooper.

    Is Maia so much leggier because she is part fainter?

    I think you are going to be a fun grandma.


  14. dmcfarland says:

    They are adorable!! Maybe they need a closet for their wardrobes when they grow into big divas. No slight to Maia but I think Bunny’s bloodline makes her special. When will you or Morgan do full manicures with the sparkle polish for them? A French manicure might not hold up in the barnyard but a nice sparkly pink with a good top coat should do the trick.

  15. Ann W says:

    Bunny sure knows how to work her angles, capture the light and smize! She would put the girls on America’s Next Top Model and The Face to shame.

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