Second Place Ribbon


View from my back porch:

When did I get a black dog????


Luckily, when sheep escape, they don’t really go anywhere. They just hang around the perimeter, waiting for you to bring them some delicious feed, at which point they will nearly climb all over you as you lead them back into the field.

In other words, it’s pretty much a scam.

A brief history of my sheep in the road, in the woods, and at other people’s houses:

You want some sheep now, don’t you?

The smaller an animal is, the more likely they are to escape, making sheep second to goats in the most likely animals to escape their fencing.

Clover: “I’m the best.”

“Of course!”


  1. Kristi C says:

    You’re not raising farm animals, you’re raising a bunch of Houdini’s!

  2. STracer says:

    We haven’t had to much trouble with escaping goats, but there is one persistent girl who MUST eat on the other side of the fence. She has horns and gets stuck. We put a pipe on her to stop that, she has figured out how to work that through too. NOW her son and her best friend are also eating through the fence. Note to FabHub, the electric wire needs to be finished soon! 8)

  3. outbackfarm says:

    At least they do hang around and not go too far off. I have some that will go through the barbed wire fence that is really loose to get to the back hay field. None on the road yet. Although, a few days ago, there was a neighbor’s pony on the road.

    This morning, first thing, I had to pull a sheep head out of the fence. That’s a first. I’ve pulled many a goat head out of fences. Never a sheep head. But he had gotten stuck in the field fence and cattle panel. It had moved and he was sure stuck. And NOT a happy boy. But I got him out.

    ANd that first picture is so pretty. Your farm is blooming all over right now!

  4. Launi says:

    Oh, that little Clover is sooo cute. Yes, I think I would love some sheep, but sadly, I would have no idea what to do with them. Someday, I’m going to figure out how you do all the incredible things that you do as a single mom. I’m simply amazed and would love to know your secret. I’m ready to try the “country life” by starting with a few chickens and see if I can pull that off. I know that’s probably no big deal to you seasoned country folk, but even so, I’m a bit nervous. It would break my heart to do something wrong and have a small flock drop dead or something. I’m working on my country skills bravery merit badge. Ha!
    Oh, do wish me luck!

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