Secret Keepers


It’s been really difficult to figure out what’s going on with the cows.
Nobody wants to tell, and they’ve been keeping their activities secret.
I guess Bradley’s not one of those kiss and tell guys.
But I’ve noticed a few things in the month he’s been here.
There was about a week when he wouldn’t let Moon Pie out of his sight for a second, hung right with her.
This was followed by a week when he was Dumplin’s best friend in the world.
And now he’s all about Glory Bee.
He loves her. I mean really loves her.
Wherever you go, I will go. And with all haste!
The fragrance of you, it intoxicates me.
The above photo was taken while the hay was being unloaded on Sunday. I’d been taking pictures of the cows, and no sooner had I turned off my camera than the bull mounted Glory Bee. She didn’t stand still long, so I wasn’t so sure about it, and by the time I turned my camera back on, it was over. The hay man was standing there watching and he said, “Look at how her back is bowed up. That means he was in there.”
Well, I hope so!

And if these observations prove to bear fruit, the order of deliveries will be Moon Pie then Dumplin then Glory Bee, calving about a week apart next April. The bull is hanging around for another month, so we’ll see if any of the cows are dating him again. If not, then they’re all bred!


  1. Glenda says:

    Messy tailheads is another good indication; also the tail may be held out or extended after breeding. Good luck; I hope they are all bred. It will be an exciting spring next year.

  2. bayvistafarm says:

    Yup. Humped up… she will be bred. Have you written down the dates? Also… if keeping heifers, you will have to dehorn the calves. You probs already know this, dehorning paste is good to use.

  3. Karo says:

    No need to tell him I said so, but Bradley’s kind of a shrimp.

  4. Joell says:


  5. holstein woman says:

    Bradley is one HANDSOME boy, but I have to tell you about another shorty bull. Striker was my Angus bull and he never missed. I had 4 dairy cows and the AI man didn’t seem to be so good as Striker so I called the bull and when he arrived I had an 1800 pound 5 1/2 foot high Holstein cow that was standing up hill on the top of another mound of dirt. He made a bee line for her. He tried to mount her and because he was a full 8″ shorter than her and she was standing on the top of the dirt mound he almost fell over getting his job done. But he got her bred and we had a beautiful little half and half bull calf.
    I’m sure Bradley will get the job done if he hasn’t already finished.

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