She’s Back on the Job!


We were out yesterday afternoon and came home to find Glory Bee hiding down by the creek. Of course we had to stop and check on her, and found her with some new company!
Glory Bee is a third-time mommy, and pretty relaxed about the whole thing. She let us get the baby down on the ground and check things out.
It’s a girl!
Moon Pie was very excited about everything. She was right there with Glory Bee and the new baby, while her baby (Gingersnap) and Oreo (Bossy the Hereford’s baby) were napping across the field along with the other cows. She kept mooing and mooing, then ran back across the field to tell the other cows and try to wake the babies up. The other cows came running to see what was up, but the babies kept napping.
Glory Bee was still trying to take care of the afterbirth, but finally decided to take off with her baby because she’d had enough of this big kafluffle.
Moon Pie is a first-time mommy, and nervous still. She mooed and mooed, wanting to go with Glory Bee but not wanting to leave her baby napping across the field. It took her about another 10 minutes to get the babies up, running back and forth across the field to rouse them. Meanwhile, Glory Bee went back to finish the afterbirth–a buzzard flew overhead and she was having none of that! Nobody was getting her afterbirth! And everybody settled down, including Moon Pie. The new baby is up and sucking, and Glory Bee is back on the job, ready for milking and performing at workshops again! And, in keeping with my cookie theme for this year’s girls, the new lil heifer’s name is–
–Pumpkin Biscotti.

P.S. What kind of mommy will Dumplin be? Nervous? Laidback?


  1. Joell says:

    What a nice post. Is there anything sweeter than a newborn animal? I think not, and I love her name, a delicious sweet treat indeed. I love when you share you precious animal stories with us, thank you.

  2. Grandma Zee says:

    Thanks for sharing your animal friends with us, Isn’t spring just the greatest time on the farm? I love hearing about your classes, I so wish I lived closer, so I could attend, Utah is a long ways away. Maybe someday.

    Thanks again for all your posts, I lvoe your grandmothers bread.

  3. DeniseS says:

    GB & PB. Like how you kept the initials in the family. Although I like the full name Pumpkin Biscotti, too. What beautiful newborns. Looking forward to all the stories we will hear on them. Now we wait for Dumplin’s little one.

  4. yvonnem says:

    Pumpkin looks just like Dumplin when she was born. Sooo cute!

  5. jodiezoeller says:

    Congratulations! Your herd has increased. Beautiful calf.

  6. brookdale says:

    What a sweet baby! I think she looks like her mother did(the Bad Baby!)
    Love her name.

  7. beforethedawn says:

    Silly cows! Pumpkin Biscotti is sooooo adorable, her black nose and color make me think of a fawn, minus the white spots.

  8. jan n tn says:

    You know why Dumplin is holding out…she’s the one hiding the bull.

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