The Last of the Hay


Somebody needs to pick up sticks.
Because somebody’s going to be mowing again soon. The grass is growing! And just in time. Yesterday evening I got the last of the round bales moved.
A couple bales went to the horses, and one bale to the cows.
Another bale was left in its crumbling state to be hauled away as needed in batches in the wagon.
The horses had gotten over the fence into that bale a while back and kinda blew it up. The goats are also on their last bale in their field.
From here on out, with the grass coming on, the animals will be rotated through the fields. I’ve got a couple fields completely closed off right now to let them grow unhindered, and I’ve also got square bales saved in the barn to supplement as needed.

I’m sure I’ll be tired of mowing before you know it, but mowing is a small penalty for the huge gain of grass back in the fields and not worrying about hay again for months. I just barely made it on the hay I had put away this year, and I’m so happy to see spring!


  1. joykenn says:

    When you first moved here you mentioned you were planning on improving the fields, I believe. I seem to remember you were going to add some minerals? Try and grow more nutritious grasses? Is that still on your to-do list?

  2. holstein woman says:

    I really hope you don’t need more, and I wish I could share as we have leftovers and are selling it.

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