The Many Faces of the Giant Puppy


Tongue face.
Playful face.
Hopeful face.
Tired face.
Sad face.
About face.
Sweet face.
Debonair face.
Jack: “I’m debonair….”
“…and dashing. I’m debonair and dashing! I have stories! Where’s my post?

Coco! Jack’s trying to take your post!!! Remember your job, Coco? You’re in charge of the animals. Even Jack. You’re in charge, Coco!!! We have to keep them all in line. Under control. We’re in charge, Coco. You and me. We can’t start letting them tell us what to do!

Coco: “It’s okay. Jack can have my post.”


  1. Kathy says:

    Coco, I’ve missed you! You truly are a very beautiful creature.
    Thanks Suzanne! :snoopy: :snoopy:

  2. KateS says:

    Your pictures are SOOOOOOOOOOO good!! Wonder how many you had to take to get those??? All I ever get is Dog Butt and they whoosh past the frame. SIGH!! :woof:

  3. Diane says:

    Coco I love you. You take a nice picture. Jack also takes a very nice picture.

  4. Sarah in Sanford says:

    About face-Suzanne, you crack me up~! Jack reminds me of Donkey from the movie Shrek. His expression is so incredibly cute.

  5. Kelly Walker says:

    What a sweet baby! I love the posts that you do with the dogs. Thanks for sharing that big beautiful Giant Puppy with us.

  6. jean says:

    It must be the angle of his head, but Jack looks more and more like Donkey from Shrek. I can’t wait to hear his side of life on the farm.

  7. Tovah says:

    Poor Jack. I wonder if when he finally gets a chance to tell his story if he’ll freeze and forget everything. Coco has a sweet face.

  8. MissyinWV says:

    Adorable…Thanks for my morning smiles!

  9. Chic says:

    :hungry2: Such a beautiful dog…bet she doesn’t mind the cold weather with a coat like that. Can’t wait to hear Jack’s stories….I can just imagine….

  10. Valerie says:

    We have a cuteness overload here this rainy morning. My very favorite animals!! Now, if you could adopt a llama or 2, I do believe your farm would be complete. (They are great guard animals of sheep and goats, as are donkeys, and are very friendly, and dare I say photogenic). Love your blog, Suzanne, it’s the first thing I turn to every morning. Thank you!

  11. wildcat says:

    Jack is such a scene-stealer. LOL

  12. mary says:

    :snuggle: Coco is beyond gorgeous, but you’ve GOT to love that silly Jack!!! He is too cute! I think they’re a great team. :sun:

  13. monica says:

    I just love the velvety on Jack’s noses! It looks soft as silk!

    Wish me luck: I have an interview this afternoon–in pittsburgh. Wish me luck and pray for me! I really want this job!

  14. Sharee says:

    Hi Suzanne! I am a new reader to your site. I stumbled upon it about 2 weeks ago and have been hooked ever since. I love the way that you tell your story of your life and your family. I have not read your books yet but I have not ever been a harlequin fan. 🙂 Thats just by personal preference, but if I ever stumble upon the chance to read one I will. Thanks for being a constant reminder of how wonderful life can be and to make the best of all situations.
    From one of your newest fans….

  15. Tammy says:

    Absolutely precious photos of the oh-so-cute Coco and the debonair Jack!

  16. Ms E says:

    I think we need to see more of these two characters!

  17. Su says:

    Jack looks like quite a personality. I love that face already!

  18. Maryann says:

    Oh who could resist Coco’s beautiful face???? I have missed Coco.

  19. auntie julie says:

    Do you just want to hug Coco all the time??? I would!

  20. Michele says:

    Jack is a born com :sun: edian. Coco seems like such a good loyal dog. He sure grew up fast into a big ol fur blanket. :sun:

  21. Donna says:

    Oh how I LOVE Coco, the Giant puppy!!!!! Here’s hug for YOU Coco!! :snuggle: :hug: :woof: 😀

  22. B. Ruth says:

    Whoops……Coco’s been swishing his tail in the “beggar lice”..!! Does anyone know the name of the little other seeds (two) on Coco’s face (muzzle) they are a type of little sticky seeds too.
    I can’t recall their name? They have two little sharp points(don’t hurt) that is used to attach (stick) to your britches-legs or fur (on the dogs) when you walk thru them..hatefull little “boogers”!
    They are easy to pick off..but the beggar lice (little triangle thingys) and sticky on both sides are harder to get off….Also can’t stand the little brown burs. Are they Burdock?….My cat goes crazy when he gets a “seed bur” in or on his “Fluffy” tail..yes, his name is Fluffy…When he tries to pull it off he shakes his head like the thing is biting him…I usually intervene and help get’em off..sometimes I have to cut the fur to do it..The three “hitching-a-ride” seeds are a true sign of fall…aren’t they!
    Coco is a nice dog…Does he help keep the cayotes away? I love the country Shid tzu too….we have one and he is the (best) bed foot warmer!!…shhh.. don’t tell the “clean police”….
    B. Ruth

  23. Jennifer says:

    Thanks so much for the laugh today – I don’t know which one got me more, ‘about face’ or ‘debonaire face’…and I needed a good laugh.

    Much love from an overseas Army wife,

  24. .Nancy in Iowa says:

    Hi – I’m sorry I missed you this morning so had to get my Coco/Jack laughs tonight. I spent last night with my 3 granddogs (hounds) to keep them company, and had 1 dog sleep with me all night, a second joined us occasionally, and all 3 were on the bed with me this morning to wish me a happy birthday. Gotta love the creatures! Of course, Emma had to spend the night alone and the little furball was not happy about that – she was quite demanding when I got home. Would love to meet Jack and Coco!!!

  25. Claudia W says:

    I (HEART) Coco so much. She is a real beautiful, even in an about face!
    Jack is too cute. He does look like the donkey on Shrek!

  26. Ann says:

    What a beautiful Lab,
    It’s amazing how talkative they are.
    love the donkey…….

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