The New Mister


This truck and trailer rolled up the access road behind the barn a few days ago:
The arrangement was made with a neighbor about a mile up the road. I called him last week and told him we were ready. He said he’d call when he had time to get up here with his trailer. He called on Saturday and said he was on his way. Glory Bee and I didn’t even have time to go through her dresses or find a flower before they arrived and out burst the new Mister! To come a-courting…..
Glory Bee watched him across the crowded bar….
He came closer, asked for a dance.
She scampered back, shy….
Then they danced a little butt-sniffing dance.
And decided now was not quite the right time yet, but they could get to know each other awhile…….

Dumplin’s in the barn. I’ll be keeping her in the barn for the duration. I bring Glory Bee into the barn twice a day to be milked, either by me or Dumplin. She stays about 45 minutes or so then back to the yard.
The Mister waits.
As do I.

I’m keeping them in the back barnyard to keep Glory Bee handy and easy to get into the barn through the back alleyway door. I don’t want to be moving her from the field with a bull involved. I think she was in heat a couple of weeks ago, so I may not have long to wait.

He’s a mixed breed beef bull, by the way, and on the small side, known to throw small calves. Glory Bee is actually larger than he is. If she gets pregnant sometime in the next few weeks, the baby will be due next February, or maybe early March, depending on the timing. Cows are pregnant nine months.

For now…..
I sit on the front porch and watch. New entertainment!


  1. ibpallets (Sharon B.) says:

    I think Glory Bee “is going where the sex is! ” 😆 giggle…snicker..snort…

  2. denisestone says:


    If you are interested… while I am back there in June, I can teach you how to artificially inseminate Glory Bee. I just finished my certification here at Fresno State. In fact, I just graduated with my Animal Science degree. AI is really not that hard. Just takes some practice. 😉


  3. jamitysmom says:

    You are too funny Sharon! hehe, giggle-giggle, I’m blushing here :bugeyed:

  4. cabynfevr says:

    He’s a handsome fella! :moo:

  5. lattelady says:

    That is one handsome bull. Glory Bee has a good looking date.

  6. Pat says:

    Country entertainment: goats, cows, sheep, chickens, dogs, cats, donkeys, horses, lightning bugs . . . there’s nothing better! I remember eating pizza and watching a great show.
    Pat in Eastern NC

  7. jodiezoeller says:

    Good luck to Glory Bee! We’ll be hoping for a successful mating so we can have another bad baby next year!

  8. Joell says:

    If nothing else works, put on some country music and set out some ice cold beer, that should put her in a romantic mood.

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