Three Girls, a Bull, and a Blossom


Dateline: The boonies, Michael and Sarah’s farm, Sunday afternoon.
A two-year-old dairy heifer.
Grazing undisturbed in bucolic country charm.
Lo, she is alerted from her pastoral ease by an odd arrival.
Hark, what mischief awaits….
….in yonder trailer?
Go forth, young heifer, and multiply!
And then, yes, then….
….the world she had known since birth vanished in the rearview window.
But her new world at Sassafras Farm could barely wait to greet her!
With sniffing….
….and circling….
….and secret conversations.
Then they all ran away together….
….to get to know each other, share their favorite colors and TV shows, and exchange ideas for baby names.
I think they like each other, they really like each other!
Or they were hazing Blossom and they just didn’t want us to see.

Just kidding! Our new Jersey-Brown Swiss dairy heifer seems to be fitting in nicely with the rest of the girls and Beau. That’s the bull–he finally has a name.

Blossom is due to calve in June. Glory Bee, Dumplin, and Moon Pie are due in April. Bring on the calves, I’m ready!


  1. Joell says:

    Cute post and I love the title, could be a song title, you could write a song.

  2. DancesInGarden says:

    She is so pretty! Do cows generally get along with each other? Do they eventually get some sort of pecking order, or do they all just settle in with each other?

  3. Charlene says:

    Uh-oh. New girl is stylin’ a rad hair color there! Lookin’ mighty fine! Mighty fine! I wouldn’t be surprised to see the other girls sporting new hair colors soon.

  4. beforethedawn says:

    She is very colorful! I love her “hairdo”! And I just want to rub those fuzzy ears. I love fuzzy ears.

  5. Dana says:

    Awwww! Thank you for this. Good for them and she is as beautiful as the girls. The bull is also a cutey. Will he grow bigger? He seems manageable for a bull at that size. And he is very handsome…

  6. lesliedgray says:

    LOL! I am glad that she is fitting in so nicely! She is a pretty thing, too! When did you get a bull? I dont remember any posts about your getting a bull…. Now you will be a one-stop shop!!!

  7. Mandys says:

    Blossom reminds me so much of BP!

  8. jodiezoeller says:

    Welcome Miss Blossom!!! You’re the new blog star!

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