Update on Zip


Yesterday was a big day here! I put a thermometer up a horse’s butt! I can add that to my “I’ve never done THAT before!” list….

Dr. Clara Mason (you can visit her website here) came back with her assistant, Amy, to check on Zip. I’ve been really impressed with Dr. Mason. I discovered she also does house calls for dogs, and since Coco is so huge and doesn’t like to get in the car, I think the next time she needs shots, I’m calling Dr. Mason. (By the way, she mentioned that several clients told her that they’d seen her on Chickens in the Road!)

What I also really appreciated was the time Dr. Mason took to teach me and Morgan. Morgan stayed home from school yesterday morning to be there. Zip’s bandage was removed, the wound cleaned again, treated, and re-bandaged. Dr. Mason took us through it step by step, teaching us how to continue her wound care and bandage changes on our own. The time and care she took teaching us left us both feeling very confident that we could do it. She left us enough supplies to get us through two more bandage changes, and a very detailed list of instructions and supplies to purchase.

Dr. Mason, showing Morgan how to give Zip the Equioxx.
Zip, with her new bandage (and assistant Amy).
Dr. Mason said Zip’s prognosis is looking very good, so it was a great day all around!


  1. emit says:

    Clara is one of the best to call when you have a problem. She is just a down to earth person.

  2. bumblebee says:

    Awwww I’m SO SORRY poor Zip got hurt. 🙁 Bless that awesome vet, Dr. Mason!!! Sounds like she’s PRICELESS!!!! SO happy to hear that Zip is doing better!! YAY!!!
    HUGS to all of you and kisses on the nose for sweet Zip! :heart:

  3. Joell says:

    It is nice that you are able to learn first aid for your animals, there are times when a Vet just can not make it right away when you need them,Suzanne, if you keep going folks may see you as a mid-wife in a crisis. If this should happen, be sure you grab your camera.

  4. DeniseS says:

    Glad to hear Zip’s on the mend and doing well.

  5. Journey11 says:

    Thanks for linking to her website. Turns out she is only 30 miles from me. I’ll keep her phone number on hand!

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