Who Loves You, Baby?



Question: If I go into the goat yard without any cookies, which, if any, animal will continue to adore me despite my lack of treats?

Hypothesis: After they finish eating my hair, none of them.

Materials: Goats, donkeys, chickens, empty pockets.

Procedure: Enter the goat yard.

Walk back and forth repeatedly to see who, if anyone, continues to pay attention to me even though I have no cookies.

Data Analysis: No matter how many times I walked back and forth, yes, you know it! You see the proof! CLOVER!!!

Conclusion: She loves me. She really really loves me!

Clover and the Fair Weather Friends Gang (after I went back and got the cookies):

Clover: “Remember, I’m the best!”


  1. lizzie says:

    I love seeing those precious faces!!!! Just tooooooooo CUTE! :snoopy:

  2. Shelly says:

    Those last 3 pics made me laugh. I am sure they all love you, they are just so content and happy. :shimmy:

  3. bonita says:

    Clover earns her tiara yet again!

  4. Debby says:

    The last pictures of the gang are awesome!

  5. Annie says:

    The last few pics just cracked me up! So cute!

  6. Sheila Z says:

    Clover is just more persistent and is willing to spend the time to lay on a guilt trip. That girl is messing with your mind. Or she likes you.

  7. cobby says:

    Sounds like the making of an excellent children book :fairy:

  8. Teresa from Lancaster, PA says:

    I just love the picture of the Fair Weather gang! Clover won your heart all over again, didn’t she?

  9. sophanne says:

    Those last two photos are HILARIOUS!!!

  10. Renee says:

    The first picture you took after you went back and got cookies, is absolutely priceless. I’d frame it!

  11. JOJO says:

    That picture 3rd from the bottom, is the cutest thing ever, I can see that on some sort of greeting card–maybe that is an idea, a line of greeting cards featuring you animals.

  12. Suzanne says:

    I am so in love with your goats. Absolutely precious!!! I have asked Santa for a goat this year. 🙂

  13. JOJO says:


  14. CindyP says:

    I KNEW IT! Clover wasn’t all about the cookies and cakes and pies….she just wanted you (the extras were good, too).

  15. Merlin says:

    Oh, me, oh, my! :sheep: Cuteness overload!!!! :sheepjump: Absolutely made my morning (followed by an awesome sunrise right behind a storm cloud as I took my 3rd son to school)!!!! :happyfeet:

  16. texwisgirl says:

    I agree w/ everyone that the 3rd from the bottom photo is PERFECT for greeting cards, next year’s calendar, book cover… Anything! Go Clover! You rock!

  17. Jo says:

    ROTFLMBO!!!!!! 😆 I love that little ‘smirk’ on Clover’s face in one of those “gang” pics. lol :sheepjump:

  18. Linda Segerson says:

    So cute..cute…cute! They are adorable and their love for you really shows, and I think they love the “cookies” too. :hug:

  19. Tricia in TEXAS says:

    TRULY made me “laugh out loud”!!! THANK YOU!!! Clover reminds me very much of my dear little Nigerian “Ramblin’ Rose”!!! They have similar coloring AND love – with or WITHOUT cookies…

  20. Leanna says:

    The gate pics are priceless. What nuts!

  21. Tricia in TEXAS says:

    P.S. Think the photos of the “Fair Weather Friends Gang” would be a GREAT greeting card… so would the one with the tongue sticking out!!!

  22. Wendy B. says:

    I do think Clover loves you. However, I also think she’s very smart and knew you were conducting an experiment and you would eventually deliver the goods. She deduced that by showing her affection she’d get the BIGGEST cookie. And I’m wondering….did she? (Or maybe SHE was conducting her own human experiment at the same time!!! :bugeyed: )

  23. ellen mcbryde says:

    I want a group hug with all of them!!

  24. Miss Becky says:

    Ha! what great photos! Those faces! And my, how big the goat babies have gotten :yes:

  25. Karen says:

    LOL…those last three pics are AWESOME!!!

  26. Barbee says:

    Ha,ha,ha, what funny faces! Love ’em!

  27. Ramona says:

    This is just the cutest post and is making me smile so big on my birthday today!

    Tell 52 I caught up with him today!!!!

    One of the bottom 2 photos needs to be in your next calendar.

  28. TX Aggiemom says:

    :snuggle: OHH, I love the third from the bottom photo. Please use it is some sort of CITR product. I’d even be happy with just a picture for my desk. Love your critters. NEVER stop blogging. You will kill off all us vicarious farmgirls. :sheep:

  29. whaledancer says:

    Is that Fanta sticking her tongue out at you?

  30. Hamp Girl says:

    I thought this was going to be an attempt to bribe GB. Though she’s probably too young to be tempted by solid foods.

  31. One Sunny Acre says:

    LOL, love the funny goat faces! I know how you feel though. Chickens and horses are the same way. My dog always loves me though. Only a dog loves to be petted with your foot!

  32. Yvonne says:

    Hey Suzanne, Im having a really hard time with your site this evening. It takes forever and a day to load, and then all of the images don’t show. I don’t think it’s my computer, because I’ve been to other sites, read my email, etc. and have had no problems. Just thought I’d let you know in case something is wrong.

  33. Lynne says:

    I laughed right out loud at work!

  34. Yvonne says:

    Thank you, Suzanne. I don’t have my own site or know much about how this stuff works, but I do know servers can be the problem….how it all works blows my mind! Thanks again, I visit this site multiple times when I come home from work in the evening and look forward to it..don’t ever stop what you do, you inspire many in so many ways!

  35. Kristen E says:

    I just showed this to my husband and when he saw the first photo of the whole gang, he said “that’s a REALLY good picture of all the goats!” I agree – it’s definitely frame-worthy. 🙂 (My husband really likes goats – he’s already made me promise to get goats when we have our little farm someday!)

  36. Runningtrails - Sheryl says:

    She really does love you! She’s a sweetie!

  37. Diane Gordon says:

    HA HA HA HA HA HA !!!!

  38. Mother of a ROCKSTAR says:

    Okay, now I really want Clover!!! Clover you’re just too cute!! The picture of the gang would make perfect note cards. What’s in these cookies? Suzanne….I’ll take her. Anytime.


  39. Sharilyn says:

    You’re the best! You could definitely sell that picture! :snoopy:

  40. Pyra says:

    I absolutely LOVE these pictures!!! I laughed out loud while at work!!! I want to share with everyone! Thank you for sharing with us!!
    :woof: :cowsleep: :chicken: :sheepjump: :sheep:

  41. Carmen at Old House Kitchen says:

    LOL! I just love the third from last picture! Hilarious!! :sheepjump:

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