Baking Day!


The June Cheese, Bread, Herbs and Soap Retreat (June 19-June 23) is coming up fast. I’m milking away and baking every day, shopping and making lists, and getting ready. Maia is practicing how to ask politely for cookies from visitors.

Meanwhile, we do have a few spots left for the Baking Day on Saturday, June 21.
To come just for the Baking Day, it will cost $50 per person. You’ll receive three meals–breakfast, lunch, and dinner–a day full of fun lessons and activities, and your take-homes (which includes pie and bread). The day will start with milking Glory Bee, and anyone who wants to get hands-on in the barn is welcome! Events at the farm are OPEN to age 12 and up. Here’s the official description:


Breads, Biscuits & Pie Day – Saturday, June 21, 2014

Jump in for a day of baking secrets! There are few things more satisfying in life than taking a warm loaf of yeast-risen bread made from your own hands out of the oven. Using simple ingredients, you will learn the steps of mixing, kneading, and shaping to create your own fresh-baked rolls, loaves, pizzas, coffeecakes, and more using the Grandmother Bread recipe. With your own experience and individual guidance, you will leave this workshop with the knowledge and skill to make homemade bread a part of your daily life. Say goodbye to store-bought bread! We’ll work with whole grains also and even bake bread with whey fresh from the cheesemaking workshop. You’ll say goodbye to canned biscuits (yuck!) or frozen pies, too, because we’ll have a biscuit-making session, too, along with a pie-making workshop. Leave with the skill to make your own biscuits from scratch and the secrets of tender, flaky pie crust that never fails. Your family will love you for this one!


LauraP will be co-teaching this day with me and will have her grinder with her. Ever wanted to learn to grind your own grains? She’ll show you how, and will have a sampling of grains to demonstrate.

Want to sign up?

Email me at [email protected]! Come see us at the farm!

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