If Peter Piper Picked a Pectin (BBB)


If Peter Piper picked a peck of powdered pectin;
A peck of powdered pectin Peter Piper picked.
If Peter Piper picked a peck of powdered pectin,
Where’s the peck of powdered pectin Peter Piper picked?

Say that 10 times in a row!

Anyway! There’s more than one kind of pectin, so if you’re confused when you visit the canning aisle, here’s the lowdown.

Pectin is a natural substance that is found in varying amounts in fruits, and causes fruit to gel. (Under-ripe fruit has more pectin than over-ripe fruit.) There is a lot of pectin in cores and peels, particularly. You can make a number of fruit recipes without adding pectin at all, relying solely on the natural pectin already in the fruit, though usually this requires a longer cooking time. Adding commercial pectin allows for reduced cooking time and can (sometimes) create a fresher-tasting end result and a higher yield. And, honestly, it’s easier. You can even add pectin to a recipe that doesn’t call for it. If you have trouble getting your jellies to jelly, try adding pectin next time. Powdered pectin is stirred into the fruit and brought to a boil before the sugar is added. You can buy powdered pectin in the regular form or the no sugar needed type.

Some recipe instructions call for liquid pectin. Powdered pectin and liquid pectin aren’t using interchangeably. Liquid pectin is added after all the other ingredients have been brought to a boil.

You can also get a special freezer jam pectin that can be mixed in with fruit and sugar–with no cooking required!

To learn more, you need one of these:


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    Can you comment on why my (and other’s) strawberry jam has a “dusty” or slightly metallic aftertaste? I notice it every time I eat it especially when I eat the jam straight (heh). It seems to only occur with strawberry jam. Thanks for any insights.

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    I used the liquid pectin last year for my blackberry jam, tasted great. BBB please.

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    Thanks for the pectin tips, Suzanne! BBB please! :sun:

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