Old-Fashioned Buttermilk Pie


Buttermilk pie! Just saying buttermilk pie makes me feel like I live on a farm. Oh, wait, I do! I love living on a farm. But even if you don’t live on a farm, you can feel like you do. Just say, “I’m baking buttermilk pie!” And you’ll totally feel like you’re living in a 100-year-old farmhouse….

This is one of Georgia’s recipes, so you know it’s good.

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How to make Old-Fashioned Buttermilk Pie:

1 cup sugar
3 T flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
3 egg yolks
1 3/4 cups buttermilk
2 T butter, melted
3 egg whites
1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar
one unbaked single-crust Foolproof Pie Crust pie shell

Line greased pie pan with piecrust. Combine sugar, flour, and salt in a large bowl. Add egg yolks, buttermilk, and melted butter. Mix well. In another bowl, beat egg whites and cream of tartar until stiff.

Notice my pretty multi-colored eggs? I don’t have eggs from my chickens yet, so I’ve been buying these fresh eggs from the chicken farm where I got my chickens and ducks.

Beating egg whites takes forever, but anything involving pie is worth it. It’s kinda fascinating how egg whites fluff up and get stiff, isn’t it? How does that happen?

Fold egg whites into buttermilk mixture. Mix carefully and pour into the prepared pie pan. Bake at 375-degrees for 30-35 minutes or until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean. This pie is a neat cross between a custard pie and a meringue. And it’s just plain yummy! How could it not be? It’s PIE!

See this recipe at Farm Bell Recipes and save it to your recipe box.

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  1. Amelia says:

    You can tell those are farm fresh eggs…the yolks are such a rich golden hue. I bet the pie is very tasty…just may have to try the recipe.

  2. Patricia Herman says:

    This is my hubby’s favorite pie. Thanks for sharing Georgia’s recipe with us! I’m gonna make it today! My mom raises chickens – I get all my eggs from her.

    Guess who takes care of her chickens when my dad and her go on trips!!! Me!

    Great blog! Have a great weekend!


  3. anne says:

    Will be making that pie !!!! :hungry:

  4. jane says:

    5:38 am and it is finally pouring down rain here – what a summer we have had too!!!! love pie – who doesnt!!! Hey we have not seen the ducks lately – how are they doing??? when it stops raining – i am off to the store to make pie!!! Ever eaten at House of Pies?? they must have atleast 15 or more every day – homemade too.

  5. jane says:

    it is pouring in Texas forgot to say that. hope your parents are still in and can enjoy that pie!!!!

  6. Debbie in Memphis says:

    What a great way to start the day. Now I’m ready to have pie for breakfast. YUM!

    The milking looks like it’s going great! You’re really getting the hang of it, before long you’ll be an expert.

  7. Kathy R says:

    I’ve never tried Buttermild Pie but I have buttermilk, eggs, etc. in the refrigerator right now, so this could be the day. I’m terrible at making pie crust, so I followed the link to your “Foolproof” recipe (I figured I’m a fool, so the recipe should work for me.) I checked the date on the original post, and realized I’d read the recipe before (since I read the blog every day) but it didn’t register in my conciousness at that time. Guess I wasn’t truly ready to tackle pie back in May. But now, thanks to your encouragement, after years without doing either, I’m making bread, and canning, so I guess pie crust can’t be that difficult, right?

    I’ve never made cheese, but I was looking at recipes for goat cheese, and most called for starting with a gallon of milk. Do you think you can cut down the recipe and start with a pint? I can’t wait to see the process.

  8. Blaze says:

    I have never heard of Buttermilk Pie before in my life, but now I am the curious!

    I just realized this week that I can now find the stuff for my favorite pie soon PUMPKIN PIE!
    and that my friends is ten kinds of awesome.

  9. Suzette says:

    Lovely pie! I’ve never had buttermilk pie…at least I don’t think so. I may have to try this one this weekend before I start that diet on Monday.

    Pie recipes and pie talk always bring to mind the pie scene in the movie “Michael.” You just gotta love pie.

  10. Shari C says:

    Oh, that looks so good as I sit here with my cup of coffee…hint, hint…a piece of pie would be a perfect compliment…ha,ha. Thank you for the recipe.

  11. Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife says:

    I am soooooo making this pie. In case you weren’t aware, my life’s challenge is to find the perfect piece of pie. I’ve got your pie crust recipe and this recipe and I’m going to see if it’s a contender!!!! Thanks so much. I enjoy reading your adventures “down on the farm”.

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  12. Teresa H. says:

    mmmm…buttermilk pie is good! I haven’t had one in a long time, may have to make one now

  13. Gizmo says:

    Thanks for the reminder…..I haven’t made buttermilk pie in YEARS — forgot all about it!!! Thanks for sharing Georgia’s recipe…..yours looks DELIGHTFUL!!!!!

    You know, you could use all that milk to make a bar of soap! Excellent for your skin!!!

    Is Clover still trying to sit down in the pail?? You might want to ask your dad about hobbling one of her legs. It might change her whole “persective” about standing for you. :mrgreen:

  14. Crystal B. says:

    Looks good. Thanks for the recipe. Hope you have a great weekend.

  15. Kathryn says:

    Oh, oh, oh! That looks wonderful. I have been making buttermilk pie for years, but NEVER have I seen a recipe where the egg whites were beaten. That looks so beautiful. I am going to make one right now to take to Miss Suzie! Thank you!

  16. Robin G. says:

    That looks delicious, if a heart attack on a plate. Wow.

  17. Lisa L says:

    Yummy looking pie! Oh and a blog – yeah! I’m so excited.

  18. Kim says:

    Thank you for sharing a tried and true recipe with us. I’ve been wanting to make one for my husband but was afraid to make one that didn’t turn out. Hubby will be so happy now! :purr:

  19. Tori Lennox says:

    I love love LOVE buttermilk pie!!! Yum!!!

  20. Donna says:

    :mrgreen: :shimmy: :bananadance: :rockon: :snoopy: OMG, that looks absolutely DIVINE!!! I LOVE baked custard, meringue AND buttermilk – so that sounds right up my alley! I have a bad sweet tooth right now! (wish I could get that sweet tooth extracted! LOL). Hey, good going Clover – keep putting out that milk!! :sheepjump:

  21. Donna says:

    Suzanne, I signed up for Twitter and the forum, but it is not taking my password for the forum…is there like a 5 minute delay?

  22. Suzanne McMinn says:

    Ack, I’m not sure. Anyone else know? I didn’t have to register, so I’m not sure how it works. (I was automatically registered.) Let me know if you still have problems in a bit.

  23. Jodie says:

    Yummmmm! I wish I could make a pie for my house, but my hubby can only have sugar-free. He’s making fresh blueberry pies today for our company that’s coming.

  24. Estella says:

    Have never had buttermilk pie. It looks yummy.

  25. Brandy says:

    I’ve never heard of nor tried Buttermilk pie. Looks yummy though!

  26. Joanne says:

    I’ve never heard of Buttermilk pie. But I do love cooking with buttermilk…does that count? Oh…us city girls…we really have a lot to learn ๐Ÿ˜‰

  27. Martha F. says:

    How on earth do you stay so thin????? I have tried many of your recipes and I am expanding…. O.K. country girl I’m ready to see a clothes line and an apron…You make everything look fun! You have an A+ attitude…I am happy for happy you….

  28. catslady says:

    It looks sooooo good :hellokitty:

  29. Bayou Woman says:

    I think you have more hours in your days than we do!!!!!

  30. Bridgette says:

    I just keep on sayin Buttamilk pie, sounden like I live on a farm in the south.

  31. butterbuns says:

    :cowsleep: buttermilk pie?? is the consistancy of a cake, or liquidy centre like pie?

  32. Suzanne McMinn says:

    Hi, butterbuns! It’s more of a custardlike consistency. ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. kylie says:

    :hungry: :biggrin: :biggrin: :weather: :clap: oh looks goooooooooooood im going to try it on thanks giving

  34. kylie says:

    :clap: :shimmy: :wave: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :talktothehand: :sick: :yes: :no: :cowsleep: :sheep: :heart: :shocked: ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜ฅ ๐Ÿ˜• ๐Ÿ˜Ž ๐Ÿ˜† :biggrin: ๐Ÿ™‚ :mrgreen: :wall: :fryingpan: :guitar: :rockon: :hissyfit: :love: :guitar: :love: :rotfl: :whip: :cold: :hungry: :rambo: :friday: :friday: :typing: :typing: :hug: :weather: :fryingpan: :rockon: :catmeow: :hellokitty: :purr: :sheepjump: :woof: :birthday1: :cattail: :drowning: :elephant: :snoopy: :clock: :treehugger: :fan: :flying: :bananadance: :heart: looooooks gooooooooooood im having it

  35. Stephanie says:

    I came across you buttermilk pie recipe while doing a google search. I followed the recipe, but when I cut into it the center is very runny and soft (wet). I beat the egg whites until they were stiff and even ended up cooking it an extra 10 minutes. Any longer and the top would have burned. The toothpick came out clean as well. It sure looks good and I’m wondering what I could have done wrong. Are there different kinds of buttermilk? I’d like to try it again to figure it out as it looks and smells great!

    Thanks for your help,

  36. Suzanne McMinn says:

    Hi, Stephanie! Have you tested your oven to see if your temperature is off? You can get an oven thermometer to check it. Also, glass pie pans cook more evenly than other types of pie pans, so it could be your pie pan. The other thing I’d check is where you’re baking the pie–try setting your oven rack lower, in the middle or even toward the bottom of the oven. I hope that helps!

  37. Dana Lou says:

    I just wanted to say that I made this pie last night and it is delicious!!!! Since I don’t have chickens….I bought the freshest eggs I could find and the best buttermilk (it said it had butter flakes in it). The pie has a great texture and really good flavor!!!
    I used a 9 inch pie plate…but I had some of the mixture left over…I guess I should have made a 10 inch pie.
    Nevertheless,it is a great pie.

  38. Linda says:

    Just happen to find this today, and since I had all the ingredients, made it just now. It turned out beautiful!! Good think I was using my Longaberger pie plates, because it is a deep dish pie plate. Can’t wait to taste it. Yummy!

  39. Tracey says:

    Are we supposed to let it cool or can we cut into it right away?

  40. Lynna Warren says:

    Made this buttermilk pic for Christmas. It was a big hit…a new favorite. Thanks to you and Georgia for sharing.

  41. tremblelina says:

    Made this pie last night and love it! I didn’t have everything to make pie crust so I just used 2 ready made graham cracker crusts I had laying around and they turned out beautifully. My husband is already asking me to make it again and this morning he reported the one he took to work is down to the last slice. Thank you (and Georgia!) for sharing this!

    Can’t wait to try it with the foolproof pie crust. This is the first custard pie I’ve ever made and I’m so proud of how pretty and delicious it is – it’s going to be my new go to dessert for parties/holidays etc. Next on the list will be angel biscuits or grandmother bread. Never made any kind of bread or biscuits from scratch before but your site is so inspiring I’m gonna give it a go =^.^=

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