Oranges in Triple Sec (BBB)


This is the latest recipe I’ve tried from the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving. I love this book! It has photos, which means I will probably make all the recipes with photos first because they all look so delicious. The other day when I posted about Strawberry Lemonade Concentrate, someone asked for the recipe. I’ve got that recipe and the Oranges in Triple Sec on Farm Bell Recipes here now:

Oranges in Triple Sec
Strawberry Lemonade Concentrate

I just got this book recently, and I’m really loving it. You want to try recipes from this book, too?


Ball Blue BookIt’s a Ball Blue Book Project day! Today’s Ball Blue Book is sponsored by Robin of Rurification. Visit her here!

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UPDATE 03/23/12: The winning comment number, drawn by, is comment #29, Kathy in FL. Email me at [email protected] with your full name and address for shipping!



  1. Hugh says:

    Those flavors sound so good together. I’ll have to give this a try. BBB me please.

  2. emmachisett says:

    Yes to be in the running for the BBB. Thanks.

  3. Rainn says:

    :snoopy: BBB please!!!! –rain. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Grouchymama says:

    this is probably my 25th try for the BBB book. Crossing my fingers.

  5. artgal says:

    BBB please! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. judydee says:

    The oranges look wonderful.I’d like to try the recipe. BBB please!

  7. JeanneB says:

    Yes, for the BBB!

  8. Peggy in KY says:

    BBB please and thank you!

  9. guernsey_girl says:

    BBB please! Thank You! Have a great day!

  10. cindyinohio says:

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  11. GaPeach says:

    Come on lucky number 16…BBB PLEASE

  12. carolynsimpson says:

    BBB please!

  13. countrygirl221 says:

    BBB please

  14. rumpietump says:

    Oh These look so yummy! Please add me to the BBB. The 25th is my birthday. I’d love this for a gift!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. [email protected] says:

    Yes, Please let me the BBB book!


  16. ozone3 says:

    BBB Please!!! :snoopy:

  17. wildcat says:

    BBB please! I would love to learn how to can! Thanks!

  18. Cindy H says:

    Canning season is coming! BBB please!

  19. Bonnie S. says:

    BBB, please! Looks yummy.

  20. tea4too0 says:

    BBB PLEASE Thank You

  21. Kathy in FL says:

    BBB please!

  22. Miss Nellie says:

    Please BBB.

  23. JeannieL says:

    You’re killin’ me!! I would come live with you but I would be 500lbs in no time…
    Please enter me for he BBB Giveway!!

  24. suziQ says:

    Enter me for a BBB please! :happyflower:

  25. wvgirl says:

    BBB Please!!!!!! :ladybug:

  26. doodlebugroad says:

    BBB would complete me!

  27. TwistedStitcher says:

    BBB pretty please!

  28. maryellen51 says:

    Count me in, I’d love to win this book. The oranges look so good.

  29. CrisGee says:

    Oh yes! BBB! I so need this book! I dream of a cellar full of canned foods but I am also terrified of my own canning! I’ll eat any random can given to me but I am still convinced I am am going to poison myself!

    the soul of a siberian husky:

  30. okstormy says:

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  31. mammaleigh says:

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  32. ashmmorgan2 says:

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    Yes Please !!

  35. aprilsinohio says:

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  36. Squeegees Mom says:

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  37. cabynfevr says:

    Those jars of oranges are too pretty to eat! BBB

  38. JReed says:

    I want one! Go go Gadget BBB!

  39. AsTheNight says:

    Add a little vodka and you’re in heaven! BBB

  40. JRR.Esq says:

    I second the Vodka addition!
    BBB please! ๐Ÿ˜€

  41. Lana says:

    I have a couple of orange trees in my back yard – (they are starting to blossom and smell wonderful!!). Will definitely have to try this one. Please enter my name for the book.

  42. ibnsgirl says:

    BBB, please!!!!! :cowsleep:

  43. whtelephant says:

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  44. Murphala says:

    BBB because I want to Be Be Be the winner! :wave:

    Recipes like this that you make cause me to wonder about those “Parties on the Farm”. Hmm. Maybe I’ll need to bring a designated driver?

  45. gerryvoland says:

    Those jars are so pretty! BBB please!

  46. CrystalGB says:

    I would love to have the BBB.

  47. mamacarpenter says:

    would love to have this book! Please enter me in the BBB!

    Mama Carpenter :snoopy:

  48. STH says:

    Please enter me to win the BBB–thank you!

  49. sal says:

    Good luck everyone! BBB :happyfeet:

  50. grandeb1956 says:

    Would love one!BBB :snoopy:

  51. marymac says:

    yes yes yes, please BBB.

  52. Gardengirl1 says:

    BBB please !!!! Would love to win !!! :sheepjump:

  53. AmyI says:

    BBB Please, oh pretty please

  54. StuckinMiami says:

    BBB Me Please! :hissyfit:

  55. GrammieEarth says:

    YUM! BBB Please

  56. Pudgie from Indiana says:

    :snoopy: Would love to have the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving. It would surely help in learning more information about preserving lots of things.
    \ :shimmy:

  57. jeepdriver says:

    EVERYTHING you post sounds good! BBB please. I need to learn this stuff.

  58. oddgirl says:

    BBB please and thank you.

  59. Kbrenna says:

    Sounds delish to add to a Cosmo! BBB me!

  60. grammyscraps says:

    Both of these recipes look YUM…sign me up, please. (BBB)

  61. AnnieB says:

    BBB pretty please! Would love to have the book!

  62. boulderneigh says:

    Yes, please! (And thanks for linking to the recipes.)

  63. Nanna says:

    BBB Please!! Thanks

  64. jankelly says:

    The 25th is my 45th Birthday – what a wonderful present the Ball Blue Book would make!! :o)


  65. sunhurteyes says:

    Many fond memories of my parents canning and freezing. Many moons ago, when I first married, I too tried a little canning. Didn’t venture beyond pickles or figs. I do still do a good bit of freezing. BBB

  66. cnipper says:

    Yes, please put my name in the pot. BBB!

  67. melonhead says:

    BBB, please!

  68. azladychef says:

    BBB please!
    Thank you Suzanne! Thank you Robin!

  69. bsue54 says:

    Oh you keep posting the most yummy looking recipes and I gave the darn book back… PLEASE put my name in for the drawing!

  70. Bev in CA says:

    That looks so good. BBB please!

  71. wtrmllngirl says:

    BBB, please! :yes:

  72. Dori M says:

    I would LOVE to get this book. Thanks for the chance!

  73. funfarm22 says:

    :cowsleep: Thanks! I was the one that asked for the recipe, that is so cool you actually read it and rememered. Thanks again i already printed it out. :moo:

  74. stacylee says:

    BBB, please!

  75. justdeborah2002 says:

    BBB please….would love to expand on what little I know of canning

  76. Dottie says:

    BBB Please. I would love to win this book.
    Thanks for entering me.

  77. collector1 says:

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  78. oct4luv says:

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  83. dmcfarland says:

    Suzanne, how did you use the oranges in Triple Sec? Can you describe the flavor? I don’t need the book.

  84. AnitanTony says:

    :woof: sounds like another great recipe to get myself started with the canner Again! Love it. Did baby limas, pintos and some deer meat for stew in the past month,…. My husband is going to enjoy this one just as much. BBB Please.

  85. brookdale says:

    BBB Pleeeeease! Would love to try some of the recipes in this book. Thanks for the chance!

  86. jan n tn says:

    If it happens that this number is chosen…I’m going to share this book with everyone I know! Seriously!!

  87. DebbieM says:

    I would love to win the BBB book-thanks for the chance!

  88. farmershae says:

    BBB for me?

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