Pressed Mozzarella


This is the best mozzarella. EVER.

Here is the traditional way to make quick mozzarella, which is my most favorite cheese in the world. It’s a popular cheese for beginner and experienced cheesemakers alike because it is quick, can be prepared at the last minute if you decide to make pizza or lasagna or just want an easy snack cheese. I’ve taught countless people to make it at workshops over the years. Despite being one of the easiest cheeses to create, it does have its nuances and over the years I’ve learned ways to make it better and better. My goal is always the most tender, the most delicious. Long ago I quit using a microwave and started dipping the curd in heated whey. This adds a lot of flavor and tenderness over the often popular method of using a microwave to heat the curd. I grew curious about trying pressing rather than kneading the curd. Would it yield a more tender cheese?

Yes! Yes, it does! Here’s how I did it: After making the cheese and removing the curds from the pot, I heated the whey and dipped the entire curd (in cheesecloth) into the pot, removed and kneaded gently, dipped a second time, kneaded gently–this time mixing in the salt. And rather than continuing to dip and knead, I put the curd–already in cheesecloth–into a two pound mold and pressed it at 30-40 pounds pressure for an hour or so then dropped it down to 10-15 pounds pressure.

Note that the curd WILL stick a bit to the cheesecloth. This isn’t a cheese traditionally meant to be pressed. But, that’s not a big deal. It just doesn’t make as pretty of a result because it sticks a bit, but! Wow, it came out so delicious.

It slices very easily. It doesn’t continue to drip whey at all, after sitting in the press overnight, and it’s tender, creamy, and so good.

Just had to share that!


  1. Rosella says:

    Wow – that is impressive! Just got back from Italy where we ate “mozzarella di bufala” every chance we could get. Such a treat. I think it’s amazing that you make your own cheese.

  2. Louise says:

    So wonderful to hear from you. The cheese looks great. Missed you so much. Love to you and your family.

  3. beforethedawn says:

    That looks yummy. I haven’t had mozzarella in a long time. I never buy it from the grocery because it’s so bland tasting. Someday (like when we get our kitchen built) I plan to try this supposedly easy cheese to make. 😉

  4. Louise says:

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Miss your regular updates and hope you get back to posting again.

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