She Bakes!


Look at that! There is flour on Morgan’s cheek!!!!

It’s like A DREAM COME TRUE! Morgan baked something! Be still my heart, she is my child, after all. I know this because she baked something insanely complicated. She’s just like me!

She even discovered parchment paper. I can hardly take so much motherly joy at one time.

Now let me tell you about these cookies she was obsessed with baking. In case you’re crazy and want to try them. She found the idea here. They’re space invader cookies.

Her assistant, the boyfriend.

Apparently, they’re supposed to be made with a Play-Doh Fun Factory, but she managed to do without it. Though I think now she wants one.

See? LIKE ME AGAIN! She wants a kitchen gadget!


  1. amateisgal says:

    Now that’s an ambitious girl! I don’t know if I’d have the patience to make those. But more importantly…Morgan has a BOYFRIEND?!? When did that happen? He looks very sweet and nice. 😀

  2. lifeisgood/ Melinda says:

    Cookies are cute! She did a great job! Boyfriend is a cutie pie too.

  3. bonita says:

    Arrgh! That ‘much too old’ boy friend also helps in the kitchen? He’s sure workin’ it isn’t he? Morgan’s credentials also include incredible creativity. Like her mom, seeing something and making a recipe out of it. Way to go, Morgan.

  4. jeandf says:

    I see cookies… YUM!

  5. Miss Judy says:

    The apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree!

  6. Darlene in North GA says:

    Actually, those Play-doh factory presses can be used for regular dough, too. lol

    So if you’re want’n’ som funny shaped pasta, run a wad of dough through one. Though some of the shapes may be too thick to cook well.

  7. yvonnem says:

    She did good! And, I must add, they make a really cute couple! :snuggle:

  8. Jane L says:

    What a fantastic idea! The creativity that is out there… astounding. Morgan looks so happy, and her bf looks like a really nice guy. I’m happy for everyone at Sassafras Farm:)

  9. Stick Horse Cowgirls says:

    Uh oh — a boyfriend and she’s learning to cook? Better watch out! lol I think her cookies are creative–were they good?

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