Strawberry Lemonade Concentrate (BBB)


I’m happy when I’m baking bread. I’m happy when I’m canning. These are two things that feel good. Even if I’m having a bad day, they improve it. And a good day? That’s even better. It’s all about the creating, and for me, that is most true in the kitchen. This week, I canned up a batch of Strawberry Lemonade Concentrate in my steam canner–which I love, by the way. (It’s actually a dual-use canner, so you can operate it like a regular boiling water bath canner or use it as a steam canner. I only use it as a steam canner. In steam canning, you only use 2-3 quarts of water. I love that. No more heavy pots of water! In case you’re interested, this is my steam canner. Just wanted to mention this at the start of the new garden and canning season. If you can get yourself one of these steam canners, you will be so happy.)

Back to the Strawberry Lemonade Concentrate–I’ve been starting to get out in the gardens. It’s warm already here! Surprise spring! And I thought about all those warm (aka hot) days to come, and how I’d like a refreshing something after working outside. Mix this concentrate 50/50 with water, ginger ale, or even some vino over ice after a hard day hoeing. (I’m just kidding. I don’t hoe!) I picked this recipe out of the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving. This is sort of like an expanded Ball Blue Book. It has some of the same recipes, plus many more, with pictures, and of course all of the trusted Ball instructions for beginners, too. If you need this book today, let me know!


Ball Blue BookIt’s a Ball Blue Book Project day! Today’s Ball Blue Book is sponsored by Gloria Elizabeth, in honor of her grandmother, Melissa, and daughter, Katherine.

For a chance to win: Leave a comment on this post and let me know you want it. You can just put (BBB) at the end of your comment or otherwise note that you want to be in the draw. One winner will be drawn by random comment number to receive a copy of the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving. Eligible entry cut-off is midnight Eastern (U.S.) time tonight (March 20). This post will be updated with the winner by 9 a.m. Eastern (U.S.) time tomorrow (March 21). Return to this post to claim your book if your name is drawn (or check the BBB Winners List).

Find out more about the Ball Blue Book Project and become a sponsor.

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UPDATE 03/21/12: The winning comment number, drawn by, is comment #9, countrygal. Email me at [email protected] with your full name and address for shipping!



  1. Bev in CA says:

    That sounds so good on a hot day. Thanks for the chance and please enter me for the BBB.

  2. BethAnn says:

    I’d like a glass right now! BBB please!

  3. Hrist says:

    BBB! That sounds delicious.

  4. cindyinohio says:

    BBB please. Yum!!

  5. Jiller says:

    I would love to try that recipe and to be entered in the contest!!!

  6. doxie says:

    BBB please!! This book sounds wonderful! πŸ™‚

  7. artgal says:

    BBB please! πŸ™‚

  8. countrygal says:

    Love to win the book BBB

  9. D1BeachBum says:

    I would love to win a new canning book. BBB Please!!! :hungry:

  10. NancyD in NH says:

    me me me! :snoopy:

  11. Leah's Mom says:

    Wow – I like that canner! I think I’m going to order one very soon.

    Suzanne – if I purchase one through Amazon by clicking on your link will you get “credit”? I was hoping you would so let me know the best way to purchase :yes:

  12. justdeborah2002 says:

    I may be moving soon, and would love to make up some of the strawberry lemonade for the movers at the end….BBB please.

  13. WVgal4ever says:

    :duck: I do need this! BBB please! :duck:

  14. mommyby3 says:

    I need this BBB please :woof:

  15. kellyb says:

    I’d love this book

  16. GaPeach says:

    BBB, please!!

  17. JeanneB says:

    I already have the Blue Ball Book but I would love to have the complete one. We are currently on our own odyssey into farm ownership. BBB

  18. Karen Patrick says:

    If I don’t win the BBB book, how else am I going to get this luscious recipe? Can’t way to try it. Sounds very refreshing.

  19. Cindy H says:

    Strawberry Lemonade sounds fantastic! I’d love to win a BBB!

  20. gfoulds says:

    Please consider me me me !! I’d love to learn how to can ..

  21. doodlebugroad says:

    Would love to be better informed in the canning realm … BBB!

  22. quiltinggranna says:

    Yummmmm. BBB

  23. Beecie says:

    trying to jumpstart my inner canner for the year. Please enter me!

  24. mrsjulietk says:

    :turtle: I would love to make this!!!! BBB

  25. Harvest says:

    :snuggle: Teaching my mother in law to can this summer. We would love for her to have an up-to-date book! Please enter us… BBB

  26. Linda Goble says:

    I would love to have a BBB please. Thanks Suzanne and Gloria Elizabeth for donating book :happyflower:

  27. Miss Nellie says:

    BBB please.

  28. Peggy in KY says:

    That recipe isn’t in my old book. Would love a new BBB.

  29. CrystalGB says:

    I would love to have this book. BBB

  30. brookdale says:

    Would love to win this book!!! BBB pleeeeease!
    The strawberry lemonade looks yummy.

  31. Kristen A says:

    My kids love strawberry lemonade. BBB me please.

  32. carolynsimpson says:

    You so inspire me! Is BBB available for Canadians?

  33. JerseyMom says:

    Yum! the kiddos would love that too. BBB please!

  34. Sandyg says:

    I really could use this book! Am trying to learn all I can about canning. Thank you for the chance to win!

  35. daywahyn says:

    Strawberry Lemonade Concentrate would make a wonderful addition to our pantry! Love a chance to win, thanks. BBB!

  36. Bonnie S. says:

    Time to can! BBB, please!

  37. Kathi says:

    Yum. Strawberry lemonade. . .

    BBB me too, please!

  38. Andrea the Kitchen Witch says:

    BBB please oh please! The strawberry lemonaid sounds heavenly!

  39. mollyclaire says:

    BBB please! πŸ™‚

  40. Kristi C says:

    That’s a nice looking steam canner. I’ve never used a steam canner before. It is exactly the same as a pressure canner?

    You said you only use it as a steamer. Does that mean you don’t process anything by the boiling water bath method?

    Thanks for the info.

  41. ashmmorgan2 says:

    BBB Please!

  42. DebrafromMD says:

    I love anything with lemons in it so I would love to have this recipe. Please put my name in the drawing.

  43. TwistedStitcher says:

    Oh, that sounds relish. BBB, please.

  44. WyldeChyldeChickenChasers says:

    My Mom used to can and preserve every fall when my sisters and I were kids. I remember sneaking into the cellar to snatch a jar of tomato and zucchini with onions. That stuff was DELISH with crackers LOL! My Mom has gotten older and isn’t able to do those things anymore. She did tell me that she wants to can with me this year while she feels like she still can do a little. It would be awesome to have this book for us to go through and pick out some recipes to work on together. Thanks so much for YOUR generosity! :butterfly: (BBB)

    ~Sarah (Wylde Chylde Chicken Chasers)

  45. sandrazen says:

    Ooh…Count me in for the BBB please. I’ve had my eye on this book for awhile. THANKS! Great blog.

  46. stacylee says:

    I would love to win it, and I love strawberry lemonade!

  47. roosterrun says:

    BBB please

  48. JReed says:

    I want one! BBB!

  49. bsue54 says:

    BBB Please! I was an honest canner and gave my friend’s Complete Book back to her last fall. SIGH… Santa didn’t bring me one… and I think I NEED this ;0}

  50. countrygirl221 says:

    The strawberry lemon concentrate sounds ideal for a hot summer day. I would love to win the book. BBB please.

  51. cabynfevr says:

    Tomorrow I am picking up two lambs. I love the name Annabelle (I bought a picture of yours that is framed in my dining room) but I couldn’t come up with another name I loved so one will be Anna, the other Belle. Hoping mine turn out as great as yours! BBB, please!

  52. rhubarbrose says:

    I have not been aware of this type of steam canner. Hope it’s available in my part of the world because this is exactly what I should have, especially this summer when I’ll be canning a lot of Zucchini Relish for our daughter’s wedding favours! I too am happiest when canning and/or baking bread. Please enter my “number” for the BBB. Thanks!

  53. azladychef says:

    BBB Please!
    Thanks Suzanne and Gloria Elizabeth!

  54. Lana says:

    Thank you, Gloria Elizabeth, and Suzanne! Please sign me up for the book!

  55. gerryvoland says:

    BBB Please! Tomorrow is my 31st wedding anniversary, and this would be such a nice present!

  56. mamacarpenter says:

    I have never heard of this book…sounds wonderful! Please enter me in the drawing.

    Mama Carpenter

  57. bullyk9r says:

    Strawberry lemonade sounds refreshing. Perfect summertime drink. I’m excited about this recipe. :shimmy: Please enter me in the BBB draw.

  58. Ramona Slocum says:

    I always like to try new recipes. BBB for me too please.

  59. bonnie335 says:

    I need it! Well, I would really like to have it.

  60. beforethedawn says:

    I adore strawberry lemonade. mmmMMMmmm! BBB!

  61. sal says:

    I think it’s my lucky day! BBB and BBB!!

  62. STH says:

    Please enter me in the drawing for the BBB! Thank you!

  63. funfarm22 says:

    :cowsleep: I have been following this site for about 2 years now. I was excited to see the list for strawberry lemonade as my daughter has been additated to it since she has had it when she has gone out to eat. So i was disappointed when i saw that there was no listing of the recipe in the blog. Will you be listing the recipe or do i have to buy the BBB to get it? :moo:

  64. Kbrenna says:

    Sounds delish and hope to get the Ball Book some way or another this summer, as I live next to a strawberry and corn farm and also am planting a big veggie garden and plan on canning tons of goodies this year! BBB

  65. Nanna says:

    BBB Please. Thanks

  66. marymac says:

    P;ease count me in the BBB

  67. scollard says:

    Hi, Suzanne–Please don’t enter me in the drawing as I have a copy of the book and it should go to someone else. I just wanted to say, though, that I have this steam canner, also, and I love it! My only problem is that I’m so short that I have to stand on a stool to read the dial when it’s sitting on my stove πŸ˜† But not having to lug a BWB canner full of water from the sink to the stove is a godsend!

  68. Claudia W says:

    I would love to have that BBB! Please. Thank you!

  69. Almost Heaven, WV says:

    Please! :snoopy:

  70. aprilsinohio says:

    BBB please! :fairy:

  71. Rainn says:

    :snoopy: Please enter me!!! :sheepjump: –Rain-

  72. Squeegees Mom says:

    I would love to have this BBB Book please.

  73. atempleton says:

    Would love to have this book…BBB, please! πŸ™‚

  74. dee58m says:

    Today is the first day of spring, what a wonderful way to celebrate by winning a copy of this book! BBB yes, please! πŸ™‚

  75. kdubbs says:

    Either I win one of the Ball Complete Guides soon or I will have to suck it up and buy one… BBB me please!

  76. Shelly says:

    Please add me.

  77. oddgirl says:

    BBB please, and post that recipe!

  78. utroukx says:

    i love strawberry lemonade! (bbb)

  79. Gardengirl1 says:

    That strawberry lemonade concentrate looks wonderful !!!
    Please enter me for the BBB !!! :fairy:

  80. emmachisett says:

    I’m just now off to find that Chokecherry Jelly recipe on this site and would very much like to win that BBB book too! I’m gearing up for a good canning season and am so pleased to have found your directions to make violet jelly. I used to just dry the petals and use them in sugar cookies but now I can venture further afield. You are right, the blossoms only last a week or so! I got a chuckle out of your “picking pad” as I too use one of those spongey things to kneel on!.

  81. melonhead says:

    I’d love the BBB! Thanks.

  82. sometimesOctavia says:

    I DO need this book! BBB please!

  83. ozone3 says:

    Love to win the book BBB!! :snoopy:

  84. JoyS says:

    Inspired!! BBB plz! :happyfeet:

  85. xlibbax says:

    BBB Please! Strawberry-lemonade wine sounds incredible.

  86. netakaye says:

    I would LOVE love love to have this book. I need lots of help.

  87. moondragoness says:

    Oooh me please! I would love to win the BBB!

  88. AnnieB says:

    BBB pretty please!!!

  89. [email protected] says:

    It took me FOREVER to become a MEMBER because I just dislike being members anywhere! I prefer to be a LURKER! BUT, Suzanne, since I look you up every single day I thought I better become a member!!!

    But, secondly, I really want the BBB book! Please let me win this!


  90. Blyss says:

    this is the ONE canning book I keep picking up, then putting down because I have other things budgeted with my money (like wedding stuff!) So BBB please!
    PS. Could you maybe post the recipe for those of us needing to clean out last years strawberries to make room for this years? I am on a bend lately where I love anything lemon, and this sounds SO delicious!

  91. Merino Mama says:

    BBB please! Also, I’m right there with #46 Kristi C. Is a steam canner the same thing as a pressure canner?

  92. Grouchymama says:

    Sign me up for the BBB I am ready to can! Thanks.

  93. renee on the move says:

    BBB, please!

  94. muggle granny says:

    this blog (CITR) is a daily “must read” for me. BBB

  95. mafong says:

    Would love to have a copy of this book. How do you manage to have a garden and don’t hoe?

  96. meg says:

    I was just thinking about a steam canner this morning…a girl can dream! BBB Please!!! Thanks for the chance!

  97. nessastorm says:

    BBB for me please πŸ™‚

  98. mafong says:

    I would love to have a copy of this book. A bigger question–How in the world do you manage to have a garden and not hoe??

  99. Laurie P says:

    The strawberry lemonade concentrate sounds wonderful. That is a good idea. I would love a Ball Canning book, I just started getting back into canning this last year and I am definitely going to do more this year. My husband works for a farm that does vegetable stands and brings home lots of vegi’s and fruits since our garden is very small. Whatever fits on our porch, we are in an apartment for now.BBB for me.

  100. Abiga says:

    BBB Would love to win it! Blessings!

  101. Dori M says:

    I am all excited about canning again since I found your site. I would love this newer book. Thanks for the chance@

  102. Wendy says:

    Oh WOW–Would Love this book!!! BBB

  103. Utahnana says:

    I would love to win this book!!! I live in Trenton Utah on 14 acres, with a hubby who loves to farm. We have raised everything to include ostriches! Started cooking at 9 and haven’t stopped yet. I love this site. Have a wonderful day.

  104. marjohalleran says:

    Id love it!!! BBB please!!!!!

  105. hampgirl says:

    BBB, please!

  106. lavenderblue says:

    MMMMmmmm…strawberries. In anything! Please enter me.

  107. autumn1952 says:

    Suzanne, the Strawberry Lemonade Concentrate with the vino sounds great. From one gardener to another, would love for you to send the BBB my way.

  108. ktbirch says:

    Please enter me for the BBB! Thanks!

  109. judydee says:

    BBB please. Sounds wonderful!!

  110. carebeargrannie says:

    What a yummy Idea, I could go for some right now would love the recipe and the BBB book. bella

  111. langela says:

    I was hoping for the recipe, but I’ll settle for a chance to win the recipe.

  112. collector1 says:

    BBB please — thank you! :dancingmonster:

  113. Canoe Corner says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for a little while now but this is my first time commenting here. I couldn’t resist as this book looks wonderful. We bought an acreage complete with apple orchard 2 years ago and I’m just starting to get my head around canning.

  114. sourmilknightmares says:

    Yummy, yummy! BBB please!

  115. dezreen says:

    Just thinking about what I’m going to put up this year….BBB! Thank you.

  116. grandeb1956 says:

    I’d love to own this! BBB thanks! From Louisiana!

  117. Erin F says:

    Planning on getting into the garden this week and weekend. A pea teepee, and seedlings are well underway already! I can’t wait to lay in some stores.
    BBB me! πŸ™‚

  118. Willamette Valley Girl says:

    This sounds delic!!
    BBB please! :snuggle:

  119. boulderneigh says:

    BBB, please – I NEED that recipe!

  120. kathy says:

    8) Yes please. Me too.

  121. Leah's Mom says:

    Thanks Robin & Suzanne … Please enter me!

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