10 Things I Do When I’m Procrastinating


1. Google weird stuff like the different denominations of U.S. currency. (Like I need to know that.)

2. Watch Eye to Eye. Judge Extreme Akim is so cheesy…. (Did you see the one with the guy who wore his girlfriend’s dresses???)

3. Order new business cards even though RWA is 174 days away according to the calendar in my sidebar. (The new magnets are really pretty!!)

4. Bake muffins three days in a row. (They were good!)

5. Follow the cats around and around the farmhouse trying to get a good picture of them. (They are so uncooperative.)

6. Research bombs set off by cell phones. For a book!! (I’m stating this for the record, Officer!!)

7. Meticulously format and reformat my daughter’s paper on Nebraska. (Does the title look better in Australian Sunrise or Batik Regular?)

8. Read the 10-day forecast online. Again. (Hey, it might change.)

9. Unearth, dig out, move EVERYTHING because I have to find out right now where that smell is coming from…. (And which cat did it.)

10. Make up lists of 10 things I do when I’m procrastinating.



  1. Fannie M Wiggins says:

    1. Check Suz’s blog
    2. Check Jill’s blog
    3. Check weather
    3. Check obits
    4. Check e-mail
    5. Read headlines online
    6. Check Suz’s blog to see who else is blogging
    7. Recheck Jill’s blog
    8. Play a couple of games
    9.Check blood pressure
    10.Recheck e-mail ( I could of got more spam):fryingpan:
    Love the barn picture. You get the neatest shots.

  2. Melissa McClone says:

    1. Google research for book ideas (not of course anything I could use for the wip)
    2. Play trivia in a chatroom.
    3. Figure out how much money I’d end up with after taxes if I won the Powerball.
    4. Eat chocolate
    5. Plan vacations I’d like to take someday (especially if I won the Powerball.)
    6. Look for potential heros in magazines or on-line
    7. Play with cats.
    8. Hang out in forums
    9. Organize something (drawer, closet, room)
    10. Call friends.

  3. Cryna says:

    Some things I do are:
    10) Check e-mails
    9) Do my visits to Blogs
    8) Talk to my Daughter
    7) Research books I want to buy
    6) Get coffee and snacks
    5) Check e-mails
    4) Talk with daughter on messenger
    3) Talk to my Mom
    2) Read
    1) Check e-mails yet again

  4. Tori Lennox says:

    1. Check email 40,000 times.
    2. Blog hop.
    3. Research ghost towns in Colorado that might be for sale. (Like I could actually afford one if it was…)
    4. Endlessly compare prices on HDTVs, external hard drives, and DSL/cable modems.
    5. Look for floorplans from the early 20th century.
    6. Check iTunes to see if they’ve finally added some songs I want.
    7. Take a nap.
    8. Stare at my closets and try to figure out how to organize them.
    9. Check the TV listings for all my satellite channels to see if anything good might be coming on a week from now.
    10. Blog hop again.

  5. Lis says:

    1. check blogs
    2. check stats on my blog
    3. google pictures of my fave hottie
    4. check hockey trade rumors
    5. recheck blogs
    6. check email
    7. check family email addy and delete obnoxious forwards and emails from least favorite aunt
    8. edit video files and burn to dvds and regain much needed disc spae
    9. read the writing boards
    10. sign on to im and bug my writing friends :flying:

  6. Loreth Anne White says:

    LOL — blog-surf. Like now 🙂

  7. kacey says:

    I clean my house when I’m procrastinating on writing something that’s really frustrating…like a synopsis. I work on my website. Eat chocolate. Browse knitting websites. Read writing forums. Check my email. Check it again…

  8. April A says:

    Oh, I like that list! Usually I just get lost on the web somewhere. I’m trying to work cleaning into my procrastination techniques, but that’s way too productive!