Yesterday I emailed off the online read. Then I read it over again and found a few typos and emailed it AGAIN. Anal-retentive, thy name is Suzanne. I AM A PERFECTIONIST WHO NEEDS GOOD DRUGS. Then I started working on a new proposal. WHY????? I said I wasn’t working on a new proposal until after we went on vacation next week. YET I COULD NOT CONTROL MYSELF.

I finished Deep Blue and started writing the eHarlequin online read the next day. I didn’t even wait a day after I finished the online read before I started working on a proposal.

WHAT is up with that? Hello!!! TIME OFF!!!!! Trouble is, it’s not work. But no, it IS work. It’s HARD. But I love it. I’m addicted. I CAN’T STOP!!!!!!!!!!!

I fear my tombstone will read: She Met Her Deadline.

Today, I’m tearing myself away from my laptop long enough to go shopping for our upcoming trip to Ocracoke Island. I’m buying new swimsuits for the kids. And for me. Possibly, no probably, I may slit my wrists in the Wal-Mart women’s dressing room.


Oh–if I survive the nightmarish experience of TRYING ON SWIMSUITS today at Wal-Mart, the Extravasuzannza starts June 27th!!! TWO WEEKS of prizes celebrating the release of The Beast Within–PAX mugs, PAX t-shirts, and autographed books!–with games and contests and SILLY, ridiculous fun! Don’t miss it!!!! You know, if I’m still alive…………


  1. Katie says:

    Yay for mailing TWICE! LOL!
    Boo for swimsuit shopping. Ack!
    But double yay for a vacation! Enjoy!

  2. trish says:

    I feel your pain. There is little worse than having to buy a new swimsuit, unless you wind up having to buy a much larger size than usual, as I did this year. :yuck::yuck::yuck:

    May your suit shopping be painless and your size be small!

  3. kacey says:

    good luck on that whole suit thing…and taking kids to Walmart 😯

  4. Joely says:

    Ugh, swimsuits. You have my sympathies. I think it’s super that you’re addicted and love what you’re doing. How many “day jobs” would people not even take a day off from like that?

  5. Charlene says:

    Who said if you find what you love to do, you’ll never work a day again in your life?

    Ack on the swimsuits, but I’m thrilled that Beast Within will soon be out! I can’t wait to read it.:bananadance:

  6. Crystal* says:

    I’m sure the second level of hell is a woman trying on bathing suits with mirrors all around bathed in the harshest lighting possible. :yes:
    Time off? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I knew you couldn’t resist. Damn it. We should have had a pool or something. I would’ve won. πŸ˜†
    I cannot WAIT to the wonderful prize blowout you’re having. And I wish you a lovely vacation. You know…if you survive Wal-Mart.

  7. Melissa says:

    😯 I have panic attacks trying on clothes. Stop it Suz! :yes: Repeat after me…timeofftimeofftimeoff. I’m the same with contests. :yuck: ADDICTED. Looking forward to “Extravasuzannzah” *very clever* :hyper: πŸ˜€

  8. mary beth says:

    LOL on trying on swimsuits at Wal Mart. If your Wal Mart is anything like mine it’sa battle to even get to the clothing department. Maybe all that frustration will stop suicidal thoughts.
    I know you really do need a vacation, so I know my response should be take some time off Suzanne! But then my brain kicks in and I realize I don’t want you to take time off because I want more books.
    Have a great time at the beach.
    I can’t wait for PAX and Extravasuzannzah. :bananadance:

  9. Jill says:

    Buying a bathing suit is worse than having a root canal without drugs, good luck.

  10. Tori says:

    Somehow, the lack of waiting on working doesn’t surprise me. πŸ˜‰

    Much sympathies on the swimsuit thing. :yuck:

  11. Robyn says:

    I agree with everyone about the ‘swimsuit’ ordeal – yikes; buying regular clothes lately is bad enough for me. My sympathy!!
    Looking forward to the Extravasuzannza.:bananadance:

  12. Mary says:

    Can you spell workaholic? I am, you are, but sometimes that’s good. Bathing suits and Walmart dressing rooms, not a good combo. I like bathing suits and a dark room with a lot of Xanax.:hissyfit:

  13. Kelly says:

    Good one! “She met her deadline” :hyper: And please don’t mention swimsuits, I’ll begin to have flashbacks of my own trying on swimsuit horrors!

  14. Melissa Marsh says:

    I avoid the whole swimsuit-shopping nightmare since I don’t swim. In fact, I just hole up inside my house during the summer. :thumbsup:

  15. Amy K. says:

    LOL about the tombstone.

    And good luck on the swimsuit front. I feel like my day is better than yours, and I’m cleaning my nasty house! :hyper:

  16. Margery Scott says:

    You’re taking kids to Walmart AND trying on swimsuits??? You really are a masochist!!! Not to mention just a wee bit obsessive :yes:

  17. Lis says:

    Good luck with swimsuit shopping – hope its as painless as possible.
    Love the tombstone saying lmao

  18. Beth C says:

    You sound so much like me, it’s scary. LOL It’s called being a workaholic. 😯
    Good luck in the great bathing suit search. You’re a braver woman than I! :bananadance:

  19. Danica says:

    You’ll make it Suzanne, just bring lots and lots of chocolate. Or have a fruity f*cker or two before you go.

  20. Michelle says:

    Not swimsuits. Noooo!! I remember the worst was having to buy one postpartum. I looked like a beached whale with porn star boobs. Awful!! Everything made me look pregnant again.

    I dread this year…:shocked:

  21. Cynthia says:

    Oh, goody, bathing suits! I tend to steer clear of the bathing suit section. Especially since they seem to lose more material every year. :yuck:

    Have fun! And have a nice relaxing vacation!

  22. Jaq says:

    Buying a new bathing suit just edges out buying new jeans as least favourite to shop for item. πŸ™

  23. ruby55 says:

    Hmm, you do sound like a workaholic. There are people who work a lot because there are a lot of things to do. Then there are others who find *extra* things to do. I know someone who constantly has knitting in her hands, reads a book at the same time and talks to you in-between glances at the book. When she’s visiting and doesn’t have her knitting, she’s straightening out plants, picking lint off the couch, fiddling with… You get the picture.:hyper:

    I’m a perfectionist: I want to send a corrected e-mail if I spell one word wrong. But, as for doing work–I never seem to get anything done because I know I won’t be able to do everything to my satisfaction. :rolleyes:

    Yuck is the word. I’d rather be like you–getting into something before the deadline for something.

    Have fun on your holidays…and get a great swimsuit.:wigglebrow:

  24. Mechele Armstrong says:

    I hope the shopping went well. And feel your pain on swimsuit shopping. Yicks.

    Enjoy the vacation.

  25. Lynn says:

    I hope you survived your shopping trip! I’m sure it wasn’t as bad as all that. :wigglebrow:

    The best job in the world is a job you love, and it definitely sounds like you love your job.:heart:

  26. Teresa H says:

    I hope you found a wonderful swimsuit Suzanne! Have a great vacation! I’ll be looking forward to the extravasuzannaza.