Another Day in the Life of Buttercup


Sunday: There is a disturbance in the force.

Monday: There is a BIG FAT-ASSED CAT IN MY HOUSE!! I have figured out why she is so fat-assed. THEY ARE FEEDING HER MY FOOD.

Tuesday: The fat-assed cat is replicating. MAKE IT STOP!!!

Wednesday: No one is stopping this madness. It is up to me to save the universe………

Thursday: Can I eat one?

Only one?



  1. TeresaH says:

    Awww….poor Buttercup. I bet the kittens are adorable!

  2. Emma S says:

    Poor Buttercup!

    Do the kittens have names yet?

  3. Angie says:

    It’s all an act you know. Just a tough facade. When no one is looking, Buttercup is oohing and ahhing and speaking kitty-baby talk just like the rest of you. Its all part of the master plan. Buttercup is just cooling them four furry little heels, strategizing, gathering the kitty forces ,marking time until the feline army is complete. Today the farmhouse….Tomorrow the world!!!!!! Bwaaahahahahaha! :whip:

  4. Tori Lennox says:

    Aww, poor Buttercup!

  5. Carol says:

    I think we all agree! Poor Buttercup!

    The kittens are so cute!

  6. Jennifer Yates says:

    Poor Buttercup!

  7. Lis says:

    Awww poor Buttercup!

  8. catslady says:

    Boy was I shocked. I first read the post not reading the heading and didn’t realize you were talking for Buttercup!!:shocked::shocked::shocked:

  9. Estella says:

    Buttercup will learn to cope—he probably won’t like it, but he’ll learn.

  10. ruby55 says:

    Hehe, catslady! I had the same reaction. It does pay to read titles, headlines, whatever. But I was close enough just to read the small print and missed the heading.:rotfl:

    Teachers, I sort of remember that I saw kittens that were fur-less when I was a child. Is that a false memory or are some born without fur?

    Angie, I like your interpretation of Butterboo’s view. Sounds quite plausible.