Back Where I Belong


Arriving home…… The glamor of Dallas in my rear view mirror.

Honey, I’m home! Back in my tiny town in West Virginia where the grocery store has four aisles, wine doesn’t cost seven dollars a glass, and the roads only have one lane. The cats welcomed me with open paws and the garden looks like it needs to be hoed. 😮

Winner of an autographed copy of Blood Calls by Caridad Pineiro–lucky comment #14–Kim! (Email me!) Giving away today–an autographed copy of The Summit by Kat Martin! I’m giving away goodies from RWA every day this week–and be sure to be here for the BIG giveaway-palooza on Friday with multiple prizes!!

:sheepjump: All you gotta to do to be in for the drawings is drop a comment every day!


  1. Susan says:

    Doesn’t it seem that your least favorite things to do (hoeing) seem to need to be done most often! :wall:

    Love the picture. Toss my name in for the drawing please.

  2. Becki says:

    There was a story about RWA in the local paper on Sunday. It was interesting…talked about all the workshops to help authors make their stories real. Like how to make forensics an intelligent plot line.

    You really do go there to work!

    And, any MBA will tell you that “networking” (newspeak for hanging out at the bar)is important in business.

  3. Heather Harper says:

    The freaking Pinot Grigio was $9 a glass.


  4. Crystal B. says:

    Lovely picture. Reminds me of country roads here.

  5. Tammy G. says:

    Beautiful picture! Boy, am I glad I don’t drink wine, I could never get passed the smell. Since we just moved into this house a couple months ago, we don’t have a garden much less a yard put in yet. I do miss growing our own vegetables.

  6. Bonnie Ferguson says:

    Congrats, Kim! :elephant:

    I agree, the picture is lovely. :mrgreen:

  7. Kim says:

    Kim as in me? That Kim? LOL. Great! Thank you; email sent, Suzanne. 🙂

    I love your home-coming pic…I fantasize about living in the country again. Having space and breathing room. *Wistful sigh* Well, at least there are lots of hiking trails, conservation areas and parks in my region.

    Uh, but I digress!

    Welcome back and I’m glad it was a safe and fun trip.


  8. Ellen says:

    It always feels good to get home, regardless of the fun had away. And especially when home is as pretty as your pictures indicate. (I’m lucky – our home’s picturesque too.) :treehugger:

    Happy hoeing. :shocked:

  9. Minna says:

    Congrats, Kim! :snoopy:

  10. Shari C says:

    Congratulations Kim!

    It is always so much fun to go on a trip…but it is always great to come back home…right.

  11. Angie T says:

    There is truly no place like home!
    Welcome back, Suzanne. :catmeow:
    See, here’s what you do: Visit the nearest package store. Buy a flask and a cheap bottle of your favorite poison. Carry a large (flask size) purse. Make frequent trips to the ladies room to “check your make-up”.
    Not that I have ever done that, you understand…….

  12. Amie Stuart says:

    Suzanne OMG It was so wonderful to see you again!!!! :purr:

  13. catslady says:

    That reminds me of the John Denver song:
    Country roads take me home
    To the place where I belong:
    West Virginia mountain momma
    Take me home country roads :mrgreen:

  14. Maureen says:

    It’s always good to come home.

  15. Dru says:

    Congrats Kim.

    There’s no place like home.

    Enter me in today’s drawing.

  16. Karen B says:

    Hoeing – :whip: Book prizes – :flying:

  17. RobynL says:

    Welcome back!!! The Summit would be nice on my bookshelf so enter my name please.

  18. Brandy says:

    YAY! There’s no place like home, is there?
    Love the picture.
    Congratulations KIM! Woo-hoo!
    Maybe it’ll rain and you won’t have to hoe for a few days.

  19. leanne says:

    Welcome back home!!!!! :wave: Glad you had a great time at the convention. The pics are great!!!!!

    LeAnne :typing: :purr:

  20. Annie says:

    The picture was great. I live in the country and I love it. Not really a city girl. Welcome back and Congrats Kim. :snoopy:

  21. Marty says:

    I love your pictures of home…

  22. Stefanie says:

    Great picture!!
    Congrats Kim!

  23. KimW says:

    That road looks like a nice place to travel on. I think it’s fun to party every now and then, but I do love it when I come home and I’m back in my little “safe place”.

  24. Alice Audrey says:

    Oh no! Not the hoe!

    As soon as the picture loaded the song “West Virginia” started plying in my mind. I hadn’t even read the post yet. :biggrin:

  25. anne says:

    Great picture. Just love the country.

  26. ellie says:

    Your photos are striking. Interesting shots and area.

  27. Lexi Connor says:

    It was great to meet you even for just a few minutes! It looks and sounds like you had a good time at RWA. I’m already feeling like I never left Austin. Wait. I have pictures. They’ll prove I actually went to Dallas!