Cover Your Ears


She got a guitar for Christmas.


  1. Melissa says:

    Wooohoooo! The toys that make the noise.
    What can she play? I wanna learn to play the guitar, too. 😀 :guitar:

  2. Angie says:

    Ah, yes. The guitar for Christmas. When he was 12, that is what my older son wanted. He spent hours teaching himself to play. HOURS.
    I have never seen the kid so totally devoted to anything. It was amazing. The kid had the attention span of a spastic flea.
    Five years later, he is playing lead electric guitar in our church Praise and Worship band every Sunday AND rhythm and acoustic guitar for the youth band. I am so proud of him. It’s hard to believe that at one time I worried that he would never have any direction in life.
    It was the best hundred bucks I ever spent. (Not that he still plays the hundred buck guitar!! ) This Christmas his present was an Alvarez electric acoustic.
    If she is into it, encourage her!! :thumbsup:

  3. Eve says:

    Oh wonderful! Creativity reigns.

  4. Suzanne says:

    We got her a learning-the-guitar book for kids, so she’s working on Mary Had A Little Lamb. :guitar: If she turns out to be really into it, I’ll look into lessons.

    Angie, that’s so cool!!!

  5. Jennifer says:

    Very cool! She gets a guitar and we have an excuse to use the cute guitar smiley. :guitar: I live in a house of musicians but have no musical talent whatsoever myself.

    Are those more antiques in her room? :shocked:

  6. Jennifer Yates says:

    I got a guitar once when I was younger :guitar: …never did learn to play the thing 😳

    Did you get my e-mail?

  7. Lynn Daniels says:

    Looks like fun!

    My daughter had been asking for a guitar for a while, bugged my husband until he finally gave her his old one. He told her, “If you work hard and stay interested, I’ll buy you your own.” We’ll see what happens.

  8. Alyssa says:

    What a cute picture! Hope she enjoys playing (and that the rest of you survive it).


  9. Danica says:

    Did you buy stock in earplugs? 🙂

  10. Toni Anderson says:

    Wow–my family all have musical talent but not me!! Future rock star in the making? Or maybe a country star now you’re in the country. :thumbsup:

  11. Suzanne says:

    Jennifer, yes, I got it! I hope you got my confirmation email.

    We got her a REALLY inexpensive guitar. But if she likes it and really gets into it, we’ll get her something better. She might even inspire me to learn. I could do Mary Had A Little Lamb.:yes:

  12. Suzanne says:

    And yes, Jennifer, those are some really beautiful antiques in her room. PLEASE GOD she doesn’t break any of them!!:shocked:

  13. Michelle says:

    Awww! A budding musician. My guitar is gathering dust. :guitar:

  14. kacey says:

    OH cool, I play the guitar. Got my guitar sometime in middle school and have been playing ever since…

  15. mary beth says:

    Cool present. Looks like she’s determined.

  16. Jennifer Yates says:

    Got it Suzanne!

  17. Mary says:

    How funny. Give her time, she’ll get better.

  18. TeresaH says:

    guitars are always fun!

  19. Paula says:

    Rockstardom, here she comes! :guitar:

  20. Laurie says:

    Good Luck Morgan! My son, Luke taught himself on my old guitar(ANCIENT). He started out with just a chord chart and is now writing his own songs! Too bad he can’t hold a tune…his singing is pathetic! The internet has many free sites(to get the chords to current hits and the lyrics too).