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Kieran Holt
Cade Brock/PAX League Book 3

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I had a dream night before last about the Romantic Times review for PAX 1. I dreamed I got the best review I’ve ever gotten for a book. I’ve never dreamed about a review before, and in fact, mostly don’t give them much thought–they’re out of my control–and frankly, RT isn’t always nice to me! But in a lot of ways, maybe more personally and emotionally than in reality–I feel as if I’ve staked my career on these PAX books. My heart and soul are in them. They’re the most difficult books I’ve ever written because they required stretching myself in ways I never tried before. I’ve been scared to death the whole time I’ve been writing them.

I’m finishing up PAX 3 this week–and again, as with PAX 1 and PAX 2, I’m shocked I was able to finish it because there were definitely times I wasn’t sure I could. And so, no matter how many times I’ve told myself over the years that reviews don’t matter, the review for PAX 1 did.

Yesterday I emailed Romantic Times Magazine to ask for a sneak peek at the review for THE BEAST WITHIN: PAX League Book 1. (Review appearing in the July issue of RT.)

I’m dreaming with my eyes open now because here’s the review:

“A horrific lab explosion changes Kieran Holt’s life forever. His secret experiment is destroyed and he’s framed for the destruction and the death of his colleague. Branded a traitor, Kieran hides out on a secluded island. Now he must clear his name, recreate the formula and race against time to save his own life. His wife, Paige, finally tracks him down, intending to divorce him, but she learns the truth, and with enemies on their tail, they flee for their lives. Nonstop adventure, emotional dialogue and hot sexual tension make Suzanne McMinn’s The Beast Within (Four and a Half Stars–TOP PICK) an impossible-to-put-down page turner.”

:bananadance: TOP PICK!!!!!!!!!! It’s okay to shoot me now. I’ll die happy!


  1. Michelle says:

    Babe, you have EARNED this. Way to go!! :thumbsup:

  2. Katie says:

    Wow!! That is so great! Amazing what hard work and talent will do, isn’t it! Yay!

  3. kacey says:

    You so deserve this! You’ve worked so hard! Congrats! :thumbsup:

    And I’m drinking out of my Pax mug as we speak…We Save the World, So You Don’t Have To !! –that still tickles me 😆

  4. Joely says:

    Wow oh Wow!!! Congrats, Suzanne! What a terrific review.

  5. Carol says:

    Congratulations! That’s a wonderful review and I’m sure you will get even more great reviews! :thumbsup:

  6. Melissa Marsh says:

    Fantastic news, Suzanne! Woo-hoo! Major congrats!!!:thumbsup:

  7. Jill says:

    GREAT review for a great book!

  8. Biddy says:

    WOW!!! Fantastic!! You ROCK!:bananadance:

  9. Melissa says:

    :thumbsup: CONGRATS! Suz. Hmmm..you must have had a premonition. Excellent review! OK, I did the quiz deal and it says Cade belongs in my bed. Frankly, I wouldn’t kick any of them out. I laughed so hard at the last question. Get me wet…:shock: :rotfl:

  10. Trace says:

    WOW Suzanne! I can’t wait to read it!

  11. Mary says:

    I’m so excited for you. Congratulations. Dreams do come true.

  12. BJ Deese says:

    WTG Suzanne! It will be great having the PAX books in my Keeper collection!

    I got my Silhouette book yesterday from the contest. Thanks so much!!! :thumbsup:

  13. Suzanne says:

    You’re welcome, BJ!

    And thank you, everyone! I’m floating today. But I suppose I should finish up PAX 3. :whip: Apparently they actually prefer you to finish the book all the way….. I have to stop staring at my review now. Not to mention that hunky Cade….:heart:

  14. Kelly says:

    Woo-hoo, Suzanne! I’m so thrilled for you!:bananadance: Your hard work is paying off!

  15. Christyne says:

    Yeah Suzanne!!!:bananadance: So Happy for You!!! You have earned this one!!

    I know, I know…enough with the exclamation points, but I am just so excited for you!!!

    Opps, there I go again!:lol:


  16. Jorie says:

    That’s great news, Suzanne. I’m really pleased for you! I just wish it were coming out in June because I’m on a SIM reading roll.

    (Btw, my husband picked up and read Cole Dempsey. At the end he said, unprompted, that was quite good. This is high praise. Mostly he just shrugs or shakes his head when I ask him what he thought of a SIM.

    And I liked it a lot, too. Especially the mystery.)

  17. Tori says:

    Suzanne, that is an awesome review!!! :bananadance: And it’s so well-deserved! You have worked so hard this past year to get here!!!! You rock, girl!!!!!

  18. Crystal* says:

    Suzanne! Congratulations!
    I love the concept, and I know it will be an excellent read. Bask in the glow of your wonderful review. You deserve every word! :yes:

  19. Nicole says:

    Awesome review!!!!!!! I can’t wait to buy it.

  20. mary beth says:

    Woo Hoo Suzanne! That is wonderful. :bananadance:

  21. Amy K. says:

    Excellent!!! Congrats, Suzanne. And thanks for sharing your fears with us. It certainly doesn’t show. :thumbsup:

  22. Jordan says:

    Big Congrats!!!

  23. Sonja (from HCRW) says:

    *happy dancing for you* Yay!!!! :bananadance:

  24. Jennifer says:

    :bananadance::bananadance:Double banana congratulations! I can’t wait for this series!

  25. Suzanne says:

    Thank you, everyone! It means so much to me to be able to share it with you guys. I’m still floating, but I did manage to come down and finish my book today. Whew. 😀

    Jorie, I’m so thrilled that your husband liked my book! I never hear from men because I guess not many of them read romance, so it’s high praise to get good feedback from a guy! Thank you for telling me!

  26. Beth C says:

    Oh, Suzanne!!! How exciting! Congratulations on the wonderful review and for being an RT TOP PICK! Yay!!!!!!!:bananadance::guitar::thumbsup:

  27. Jaq says:

    :bananadance:Congratulations, chica!! :bananadance:

  28. Gina says:

    Congratulations on the review! I’m looking forward to reading. I just finished Cole Dempsey’s Back in town yesterday and I loved it! :thumbsup:

  29. Teresa says:

    That is so fabulous!! Congratulations!:thumbsup:

  30. Danni says:

    Suzanne, just to let you know, survey says Cade Brock is the man for me. So if you’d just package him up, toss a couple bottles of fiji water into the crate, and send him my way I’d be much appreciative. :yes: I’m ready for a little Mer-love!

  31. Danni says:

    Oh, and HUGE congrats on the review! :bananadance:

  32. Suzanne says:

    Danni, having just finished the book, I must say the mer-love was a tad sizzling. Not sure I can let my mother read this book, LOL!:heart:

  33. Suzanne says:

    Thank you, everyone! I love having you guys to share good news with!!! You make my day!!!

  34. ruby55 says:

    Wow! WTG! That’s wonderful, Suzanne! Congratulations!

    I agree about RT reviews, but sometimes I find myself not liking some book at first. When I reread it, it seems weird because I discover subtle ideas and nuances I missed the first time around. Often it’s just the frame of mind I’m in when I read. I’m sure the same thing applies to us all. And, of course, some readers like a certain element while others don’t.

    I’m really happy for you, and I’m praying for your smooth finishing of the last book.

    Ciao (no emoticon because I’d have to turn on the pictures and my computer, a Pentium II, keeps crashing on me when I do that)

  35. Cece says:

    Suzanne that’s fantastic!!!!!! :bananadance: :bananadance: :bananadance:

  36. Danica says:

    Suzanne, congrats!!

  37. Olga says:

    WTG! Major congratulations!

  38. Mary Stella says:

    Oh, Suzanne! What a terrific review. Mega-congrats on the Top Pick designation, too. I think we ALL dream of achieving that designation. *doing the happy dance* Yay for you!

  39. Carol Burnside says:

    Oh, man! Now there’s a dream come true.

    Congratulations! :thumbsup:

  40. Mechele Armstrong says:

    What great new!!!!!! Dance away. I’ll dance with you *g*.