I heard on the news today that there are only 10 drive-in theaters functioning today in the United States. I’ve heard similar statistics for years and I always wonder if they’re actually true. I put a drive-in theater in a book once and the line editor told me it was totally unbelievable to have my characters go to a drive-in. I’ve been to three drive-ins in my life, so how can they be so rare? When I was in high school in California, a boy took me to a drive-in on a date. And no, nothing dirty happened so GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER.

When I was in college, my sister and one of our friends went to a drive-in in Texas. Our friend drove and my sister and I hid under blankets in the backseat so that we didn’t have to pay. The movie was X-rated. We were so bad on so many levels. :hehe: The porno movie was really bad, too, but wow. What an education, LOL. I know that was the education our poor parents sent us to private Christian college for, too…..

Later, in the Texas town where we lived for 13 years before we moved to North Carolina, we went to the drive-in there all the time! The kids enjoyed spreading out the blankets and lawn chairs and going to the snack stand. Nobody cared that the screen had big wrinkles and splotches on it and that the sound was crackly. Going to a drive-in is all about the experience. You know, mosquitos, bumpy ground, annoying loud people in the next car. Seriously, it’s a great thing to do with kids because they don’t have to sit still during the movie. They are totally allowed to get up, walk around, and be obnoxious. People expect it at the drive-in.

So, have you ever been to a drive-in? Would you believe it if you read it in a book?

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