I finished my merman synopsis!!! Shocking. One of my friends said, all right, Suzanne–you finished the synopsis you aren’t going to follow! She thinks she is so funny. Freed from my synopsis imprisonment, I’m going to clean up the first few chapters to go along with it and shoot it off to my editor. Today is my husband’s Friday off and we’re going to go look at new outdoor furniture. I might accidentally look at new digital cameras, too. Anyone got any recommendations?

Back cover copy for THE BEAST WITHIN: PAX League Book 1 has arrived:


“PAX superagent Kieran Holt never wanted to leave his wife, Paige, but when a lab explosion turned him from scientist to experiment, he hid himself on a secret island to effect a reversal. Believing Kieran a traitor, Paige had spent the past two years searching for him—but now she wasn’t the only one who’d found him. Pursued by a government agency, Kieran and Paige had one last chance to uncover the truth and save their marriage…. But only if they could tame the beast within.”

Front cover tag: He became the deadly experiment…..

What do you think?

There’s a pic of our “raggedy old house” as my daughter describes it up on my new toy –my photoblog. I think I’m going to send her to live in a cardboard box under an overpass for a few weeks and see if she redefines raggedy.

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