Five Seconds


I want to thank everyone who has tried so hard to help me get this job. I know that there are many of you who have worked really hard to help me. I can’t even write about it without breaking into tears because it means so much to me that you have worked so hard for me. (Because I don’t know why you do. But I appreciate it!) I don’t like asking you to do it. Every day when I ask you to vote for me, I don’t like it.

Here’s why I keep doing it.

This is not a “contest” like some kind of ego thing. This “contest” ends in a job. This job requires the person who holds it to write five days a week for the SAM-e website. They’re asking for five posts per week (relatively short–to me, who is used to writing books), not selling their product, but in support of their product. Meaning, five posts per week motivating people to live their lives with a positive outlook. I know I can do that. I’ve been trying to do that here on my own website every day for the last two years, and if the amazingly sweet feedback I get from so many of you is true, I’ve had at least some success with that. This job will also not interfere with or obstruct in any way my continuation of this website and will have no bearing on it.

In the course of the last two years, I’ve had some major ups and downs, some of which I’ve shared on this website, and some of which I will never share because they are too private. As any of you who have been around here for a long time know, I nearly had to give up this website this time last year because of money. I do not have any money. I operate on a shoestring. I’m a single mother living on a farm in a remote area of West Virginia. I can’t operate this website at the level that I do without spending a great deal of time on it. I write this website as a passion. I believe it’s what I’m supposed to be doing because I know that I am helping people and using what skill I have in life at the same time. I think it’s important because your emails to me tell me it’s important to you. I am able, now, in the past few months, to make enough money from advertising revenue on this website that my fear of having to give it up has at least for now somewhat subsided. However, I am a long way from being solvent or secure. I worry about money every day, and that’s why I work so hard.

Writing a blog for a living, to many people, is still a strange (even mockable) pursuit. It’s very new, and as with all new things, it’s both cutting edge and cast upon with disdain at the same time. To me, there is nothing strange about it. I am a writer. I will write wherever people will read, and today, people are reading on the internet. There are a million blogs to choose from. I have to write like my life depends on it every day because I want you to choose to read here–and you have a choice, every day. The internet is an incredible opportunity for writers–and also for readers, because by your visits, you control what sites continue to operate. It’s an amazing time to be a writer, and a woman, with a drive to succeed. From a remote farm in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains, with an iffy internet connection on the best of days, if I can entertain you enough to convince you to come back, I can make a living in this new age for writers. That is my challenge, every day.

This job pays a (shocking) $5,000/month. For six months only. It’s a short-term job, but it’s a lifetime of security because, believe me, I won’t use that money to go to Paris. I’ll use that money to make my family secure, and to guarantee that I can continue writing this website.

I’m not asking for a handout. I’m asking for a job that I know I can do and do well. How this round of voting works is that the top 20 in the vote will go to a second round in which the company will choose who will get the job. You know the company is watching, and the top slots will have their attention. I would like to go into the second round in a strong position, as #1 if possible because I believe that is my best bet to get the job. I will do everything including backflips to get there, despite my loathing for asking for votes. This job means that much to my family. When Morgan tells me she needs a coat, I want to be able to buy it for her. (Like I said, this is not about Paris.) I quit writing romance novels because I was not making any decent money at it, even though it was the only thing I knew how to do. My kids are on free lunch at school if that tells you anything about my tax return. To every struggling single mother out there–I am one of you. I want this job. I want to use my talents to help my family and to help other people. I know I can do it.

Even if you haven’t voted before because you just don’t do stuff like that and it sounds like a hassle, please vote for me today. It takes, literally, five seconds. It’s a simple process. Click on the link in this post, then click on “vote for me” when the page comes up and you’re done. If every single person who visits this website in a day voted, I would be more than okay in the standings.

I hate to ask, but I am. Because I know what this would mean for my family.

Please help me. Take five seconds today.

Vote for me.

If you are on Facebook or Twitter, please post it if you have the time or inclination. Every vote counts.

You can see where I am in the standings here: Top 20.



  1. Diane Jennings says:

    I voted for you. I really hope you get this job or one even better.

    I’m a brand spankin’ new reader, just subscribed to your blog via Bloglines and became a fan on Facebook. A friend pointed me in your direction and that’s all it took. I’m from rural Arkansas and I’m used to scraping by on a wing and a prayer, so we have that in common, among many others. I’m looking forward to settling in and getting better acquainted.



  2. Vicki says:

    Kia ora Suzanne, Vicki here from New Zealand. I have voted for you today and I have voted for you everyday since you applied. I am really hoping you get the job because you deserve it and I think you would do an awesome job. I read your blog every day and my family enjoy your recipes frequently too. Times are tough for a lot of people, even here in little old New Zealand and if taking 5 seconds to vote can help somebody to be a bit more secure it is soooo worth it!! Best of luck with the application process and I hope it works out well for ya. Kia kaha (Maori for “stay strong”. Vicki.

  3. Patty says:

    I have voted for you every day I had internet access Suzanne. (We were at relatives for a few days and I couldn’t then). I am really rooting for you!! You and your family feel like family to me, and I know how life altering that job could be. You’re in my prayers!!

  4. Darlene says:

    Don’t feel badly asking for votes. Most of us who commented, ASKED you to put a link on your site to remind us ADD/ADHD people to do what we WANT to do – vote for you.

    I’m a single mom too. I know how it feels to be worried about where the next coat or car repair will come from and this job is a small FORTUNE. Many people have no clue as to how tight money can be. I hear a lot of; “It’s ONLY $20. SURELY you can afford that!” Yeah. Right. Well that’s 1/5 of my 2 week income, so there’s no “ONLY” about it! If you can’t eat it, wear it or make the car run with it, I ain’t a buyin’ it!

    Don’t you just LOVE buying those boys a new pair of pants that the very next MONTH they have outgrown? What’s the worry? they’re ONLY $5 at the thrift store?! IF they have a pair in his size! And, uhmm, yeah, may I get back to you about that $5?

    Here’s voting and hoping you win!

  5. Patty says:

    Suzanne I posted on my own blog about voting for you in the contest and also on my facebook page. I don’t have a whole lot of people who look at the pages, but hopefully even a couple will go vote and discover your great blog. I don’t know of another blog out there that has an update every single day without fail that makes me smile. Sometimes I also cry, but there is always a smile. You’ve helped me through some really hard days, and I just wanted to thank you. No one deserves it more than you.

  6. Tobey says:

    I voted for you, too, and can understand what this job means to you and your family. Thanks for giving us a reminder every day as I am often on the forgetful side and need the poke.

    Thank you again for sharing your writing and outlook on life.

    • Christopher says:

      As a mere man,in the presence of so many women.Please let me try and convince you that your daily input has become a very important factor in our lives.That you continue to do it under such difficult circumstances,is even more admirable. You have worldwide support,we are spreading the word to get more.If you can stand the pace gal,We are shoulder to shoulder with you
      Love Chris

  7. Kathy says:

    I am thrilled to get to vote for you. As another reader said sometimes we cry, but most days, we leave with a smile and good information. I don’t read other things on the internet, no chats, no that kind of thing, just you. I don’t remember how I found your site, but I’ve never left since the first time I read it. I look forward to it every day, especially for the photographs. I think you have a substanial chance at this job, and we are all truly rooting for you. After reading your description of your ordinary day, I also realized how hard you work to produce this daily column.We all wish you success, and tomorrow, I’ll vote again.

  8. Kathleen in Michigan says:

    Suzanne – I have voted for you today and every day that I have had a working computer. I will continue to vote every day.

    The reminder is a necessity for me and the link you provide makes it really easy.

    I am happy to see you are doing so well and hopefully we will get you to the number 1 spot.

    Every day you are the first place I go. I look forward to reading your blog. Although I have no interest in living on a farm in the middle of nowhere myself, I find a great deal of pleasure in reading about your experiences.

  9. KateS says:

    I’ve always said that a writing gig is a great one if you can get it – and you have a great shot at getting this one! :woof: We will keep doing our best to get you there! When is the second round of voting to start?? Must keep the momentum going! :shimmy:

  10. SkippyMom says:

    I really hope you get the job. I think from the comments that a reminder everyday is a good thing! And never fear asking – you aren’t kidding that it is quick, quick, quick.

    Again, good luck and I hope you get it. πŸ™‚

  11. trish robichaud says:

    suzanne. i just want you to know how much this site means to me. i get my coffee and sit down knowing there will be something witty or an ahh-ha moment. i love your farm and i dont know how many members you have but id be willing to pay a monly fee or dues to keep this in my life. i try and always thank you for it, because it means so much to me, i never leave down because of you. thank you suzanne from the bottom of my heart. trish in florida

  12. trish says:

    voted again today! I really think you deserve this job. Your blog keeps a smile on my face and I know about challenges. (22 yr. old daughter who is also a single mom, trying to fight heart failure) Your blog has been one of my “sane” moments everyday. It brings me back to the “good old days” and it makes me laugh and somtimes cry. I am happy that you have advertisers. I wish I could donate to your site. I am bogged down with financial issues due to my daughters illness. I have voted every day w/o fail. Just between you and me, I won’t read the SAM E blog if Bridgette or whatever her name is wins! lol

  13. CindyP says:

    Suzanne, please don’t feel bad about asking us…… That donate button you have? If I could I would hit that every day to help you, but I, too, am in your shoes, and understand about the money. So because I cannot donate money to help you with this site, I can click a couple times to help get you a position that will help in the money area!!! What you have given me is worth more than me clicking a few button per day! I have been able to get through this economic crisis (which to me is no longer a crisis) because I googled “homemade bread”, landed here, and found your forum, and have learned so many skills I had no idea were even skills!!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    • Suzanne says:

      Thank you! Re the Donate button, I took that off some time back. As soon as I was making enough money to cover my website expenses. I don’t accept donations anymore, though I really appreciate the people who helped with the website expenses (hosting, technical, etc) until I was able to make enough to cover it.

      And–to Jan–the way I earn money from this site is from the advertising. That way, the site is free for readers. It’s supported by advertisers.

  14. Jan says:

    Suzanne: It was a little opaque figuring out where to “click” to vote, but I did it. If voting will keep you on that mountain bring WV alive around the world, I’ll vote every day. Good luck!

    P.S. I love my daily photo blog but can’t begin to figure out how one would make money from blogging. Hopefully, you can find a way to do it!

  15. Nancy says:

    Gosh, don’t feel badly about asking for votes (isn’t that the democratic way?). What you give us is a pure joy, and I start my day with your blog because it’s positive and upbeat and funny. Your newsletter article about going to the city was fantastic.

    Best wishes for #1.


  16. Becky says:

    The instructions on the job application are to use your networking skills to get votes. Don’t feel bad because you are doing what is required to get the job.
    I have voted for you everyday. I’m crossing my fingers and saying my prayers that you get this job!!!
    Have ya started working on the video yet? That would be the hard part for me.

  17. Leah says:

    I too come here everyday just to see what you have to say.I love your farm animals and pets and enjoy hearing about their antics as well. I enjoy your stories about country living and family just as much.Your photographs are lovely,and so are the hills of WV.But most of all you make me happy,thank you for your friendship. Now….off to vote because you deserve to win the job!

  18. Cecelia says:

    Suzanne, I have my fingers crossed. I blogged about your site and the job your deserve. My blog doesn’t get a whole lot of traffice, but hopefully they will visit, fall in love (like me) and give you a few votes. Much luck to you!


  19. Andrea says:

    I voted today, as I have every day since you first asked. Never apologize for trying to to achieve! Best of luck to you. I will keep voting until we can’t vote anymore — and they name you the winner.

  20. Cindy says:

    I have been voting every day, too. It’s close! I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before but I posted a request and link to vote on my SparkPage a few minutes ago. I hope you win, Suzanne. You would be perfect for the job! I start every morning with your blog. We no longer have our Nubian goats or chickens and your blog is a reminder of those happy times. Your wonderful recipes make sticking to my diet a little trickier, though! :hungry:

    Cindy in Indiana

  21. JOJO says:

    Suzane-As your readers have all said this morning, we all feel that you are a very important part of our day. I urge your readers to send your voting link to everone they can think of and tell them how important their vote is to help you, our friend. In many cases, as in mine, you are like family, you inspire us to feel good about our self and life in general. I am sure that you can find a way to make a silk purse from a sows ear, you just have not got to that yet. The world is full of so much sadness right now, so when we can share a bit of time with a friend that helps us brings joy into our daily life and that we in turn pass on to our friends and family, it is a blessing.
    Your recipes for foods and crafts bring happiness and comfort to us all. You show us how to decorate our homes using natural and inexpensive items, that are so much nicer than store bought at any price.
    You give us all that warm feeling about our homes that we all need right now.
    Thank you.

  22. Carmen Smith says:

    I voted again, tried to vote TWICE several times, but it won’t let me:( I hope you get the job, your an awesome writer and I do so enjoy your blog….YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!

  23. Dayhiker says:

    I really hope you win this, Suzanne. You are so perfect for the job! I have voted for you every day and, hoo boy, it is close! I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before but I posted a request on my SparkPage for people to come read your blog and vote for you. I read your blog every morning! Even though your wonderful recipes do make it more challenging to stick to my diet! :hungry:

    Best wishes!
    Cindy in Indiana

  24. SarahGrace says:

    You’re worth voting for everyday!

  25. Carol Ann says:

    Using a picture of a cute puppy to garner more votes. NOW you’re thinking!!! :shimmy:

  26. Lisa L. says:

    I am behind you 100% and have voted every single day. I’ll continue to do what I can. Go Suzanne!

  27. Abiga/Karen says:

    Voting next after writing this. You go girl, reach to the sky for your dreams to come true. Don’t be afraid to tell your readers what you need and why. Blessings.

  28. S. says:

    I’m voting for you. πŸ™‚

    You deserve to make money for blogging, why on earth not?

    There are only a couple blogs that I really can’t go more than a few days without reading: Bedlam Farm Journal, Pioneer Woman, and Chickens in the Road.

  29. Jeanne says:

    You put me in a good mood everyday! You deserve to get this job! I will keep voting for you. :woof:

  30. jason says:

    I vote as many times as I can per day and I have my wife vote for you too! I RT it several times a day on twitter and hopefully that has resulted in many votes for you. You are up to 2nd, less than 200 votes away from the lead (at last check)!! You are doing awesome and I’m doing everything I can do close the gap! Keep up the great work!!


  31. Remudamom says:

    Got a notice up for you on FB, Go Suzanne!

  32. Remudamom says:

    Oh, my two favorite message boards too!!!!

  33. Nita in SC says:

    I’m rooting for you! I know that when I pop in every morning, chances are that I’m going to leave with a grin on my face (and, in the case of recipe posts, kinda hungry). I really appreciate this blog — it’s hilarious AND real, which is a terrific combination – and I hope the SAM-E people check in here and will see that you are perfect for the job!

  34. Cecelia says:

    Whew, boy my spelling was horrid this morning. LOL I must remember if I post early to check and recheck for errors. I hope my blog gets you some votes.


  35. Darlene says:

    You are a room full of sunlight every single day!

    And when we can give a little something back to you it just makes that room even brighter. I thank you for the voting link and thank you for thinking enough of us to ask for that vote. It may feel like a hand out but it isn’t…….

    I made your laundry soap yesterday, it was sooo easy. Now I have to give it a try.

    Have a blessed day……can you feel the love yet??

  36. KentuckyFarmGirl says:

    You deserve this! I am voting each day and I have practically everyone I know voting because you deserve this! My husband and I bought and moved to this small farm because I wanted my children to be raised the way I was raised with animals, cooking, canning, hard work, etc. and because I missed this way of life so much when we lived in the city. I even turned my city boy husband into a country man and he is as happy as can be. I learned a lot from my parents and my grandmother about milking goats and cows, raising chickens and canning what my garden produces, but I have also learned a wealth of information from you! You’re the first person I visit every morning because I know you won’t let me down.

    Don’t feel bad about asking for votes! You have earned each and every one of them!

  37. Alexandra says:

    Suzanne, your blog is such a source of delight to me whenever I access it; I would vote for you for president!! Please don’t feel bad about asking for votes; you deserve those and more. I don’t know what competition you’re up against, but I do know you would do a heck of a job.I’m voting and praying for you.

  38. lizzie says:

    Um 1st of all CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! on 2nd place status!!!!! WOW!
    2nd of all, i’ll make sure to vote every day πŸ™‚ good luck!

  39. Lish says:

    I found you through As a native WV girl I tend to gravitate toward all things WVn. I clicked on your link a while back and I’ve been coming ever since. My father was born in Roane County and grew up not terribly far from where you are now… on a farm. My grandparents and great-grandparents also all lived near where you are now. Dad graduated from Walton High School back in the 30’s. Seeing Suzanne, Walton, WV just warms my heart! People need to see the beauty of this state, the land, and the people. You’re showing the WORLD that living on a farm in the deep woods of Appalachia doesn’t mean you’re unintelligent and/or illiterate! Thank YOU for giving us all something to look forward to every single day. I especially love your photos. I’ve voted for you every single day and repost it daily on facebook and twitter.

    I’m thinkin’ you should be feelin’ the love!!!

    Have you started working on your video and essay yet??


  40. IowaCowgirl says:

    I’m a faithful voter and I’m sure you will get the job!!

    I’m going to the public library today to vote on their machine too.

  41. Joycee says:

    You are so PERFECT for this job! I haven’t missed a day voting, good luck Suzanne!

  42. jason says:

    As of 9:14am you are in the LEAD!!!!!!

    Keep voting everyone, now we’ve got to get Suzanne a commanding lead!

    Great job!


  43. Sarah says:

    Sweetheart! I just found you 3 days ago, and have LOVED how you are such an encouragement to your readers on the “simple” life. I know “simple” doesn’t go with out its complication sometimes, though. I am working my way to that “simple” life… And find blogs, like yours, such an encouragement. I am glad you wrote your little thing today, as painful as that is for you, I was unaware what it really was… Now that I know it could possibly really help a “friend”, I am praying for you now (I also voted)!

    You truly are living the simple life, and sometimes it helps not to have to live too simply… You still need those winter coats! So from one friend to another, I will gladly vote for as long as I need to to help this become a reality! I definitely feel you are perfect for the job! :sheep:

  44. BuckeyeGirl says:

    This is the first website I go to every morning when I get my da settled and eating his breakfast (91 years young!) and it’s part of what helps me stay on an even keel. I smile, laugh, cry then smile some more partly because of you… well, ok, you and the cup of coffee I get about that same time!

    Oh, and by the way, it takes WAY less than 5 seconds to vote for you and I’ve been doing it every day since you first mentioned it.

    I SO look forward to hearing about all the critters, the kids, the latest recipe, your latest trip, or adventure, even if it’s a walk down the lane to take some of your great photos! I was so impressed at first at how regularly you post here, and that is a big part of why people keep coming back day after day after day. We all KNOW we can count on you! Anyone who has ever gotten interested in a blog only to have the whole thing dry up after a month or three, appreciates what you do day in and day out.

    Thank you for being a part of our mornings! You make them so much better just by being here for us.

  45. becki says:

    Good luck, Suzanne.

    You still cheer me up, like you did at Tech (only then I didn’t admit it.)

    It’s been tough here too, but things can only get better.

    You need to get an emoticin for “making a brave and smiling”.

  46. KentuckyFarmGirl says:

    :woof: :snoopy: :shimmy:
    You go girl!!!!

  47. Claudia W says:

    When I went over and voted last night, I don’t know, around 8 PM Pacific time, there were 6670 votes, including mine. This morning (6:15 Pacific time) You had 7259, including my vote. You got a whopping 589 votes while I slept!
    YAY! I think that is great. I keep asking my friends to come and see you and vote, I hope they are doing that. (Sorry I can’t use brute force to make them, I just have to trust they are good friends and will do what I tell them!)
    I really and truely hope that you get this writing oppotunity. I am a single mom and I know what you are struggling to do. Plus, I think I have said before, I believe you ARE the one for that job!

  48. PetalzAndFinz says:

    I’ve been voting and checking your standing every day. I figured it is a very little thing to do in thanks for the enjoyable posts you give every day at no cost to us. After I cast my vote this morning, I checked standings and was excited to see that you are number one by seven votes!

  49. EightPondFarm says:

    Dang, Jason. I thought I could be the first one to say “You are in the lead!!!” But, you go girl. I love reading your blog and think this contest is a perfect job for such a talented and dependable writer.

    Just remember, those CA folks wake up later than the rest of us. So, we DO need that lead built up.

  50. Jean says:


  51. Gregory Dobson says:

    I read about your Blog from another blog on Spark People. I pray that you win! Good luck!

  52. Crystal B. says:

    I have been casting my vote for you. I sure do hope you get the job. Love your blog.

  53. JeannieB says:

    How can i vote more than one time a day??

  54. Tammy says:

    Just voted and you are within 20 votes!!!! Yeehah! You know, Suzanne, I work in WV and I don’t think people outside the state really understand how “dogged” the state gets. You not only cheer up my day, but you really are a positive reflection on WV and the whole state should be voting for you!! Also – I check your blog in the a.m. @ work – vote and then log on @ night on my home computer and vote again! You might want to remind those who have access to more than one computer to vote per each. Good luck and keep the reminders coming! I don’t have a blog, but will get my kids to vote too. You have quite the cheering section – you go girl!

  55. Suzanne McMinn says:

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! Please keep voting! You are all my angels!

  56. Denise says:

    I tried to vote today and the site blocked me with ‘only one vote per day’. The last vote i made was yesterday…??? I have been voting daily. You may want to check into it. Denise from MI :hissyfit:

  57. shirley says:

    Suzanne, I admire you so greatly for who you are and what you do.It is an honor to vote for you. :hug:
    There is no one else in the world who has a passion for,photographs, and writes about outhouses. πŸ˜†
    I thought I was all alone in my fascination with outhouses.
    Lord, and fried bologna sandwiches, pinto beans, cornbread baked in an iron skillet, biscuits and gravy,and all the wild, wonderful, West Virginia ways.
    I can’t thank you enough for being there every morning to brighten my day and to show the world that we who call this beautiful state home don’t have one leg shorter than the other, wear floppy hats, go barefoot,are stupid,illiterate,fat,toothless,sit around on sofas on the front porch chewing on a straw and drinking moonshine from a jug.
    You are truly a blessing :heart:

  58. Kathryn says:

    I’ve voted everyday and it has been heartening to watch your number of notes increase each day by such a substatial margin. You are truly loved here. Also, you are now in the number 1 spot. I’ll continue to vote. You deserve it!!!

  59. Gini says:

    You are totally in the number one spot– HURRAY!

  60. quietstorm says:

    Its a simple thing that we can all do for you after all you do for us….I have even got my husband hooked. He constantly checks during the day to see where you are in the stats and give me updates on where you are! We both have also been single parents and know how hard it is…ie rolling pennies to buy milk for the kids – been there, done that. WE know what this means job means to you – that sigh of relief….what a positive thing for all of us to be able to help you!

  61. shirley says:

    :mummy: Oh, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN :jackolantern:
    It’s trick or treat night here in Huntington

  62. ginny says:

    Here is hoping you get this job. I love your blog!!!

  63. JeannieB says:

    I just went around the office, and asked (MADE) everyone vote!!!

  64. Victoria says:

    :snoopy: Suzanne, I have voted for you everyday! Your column keeps me believing that SOMEDAY I will be out of the city and in the country living the life of my dreams – frying chicken in the middle of the day, feeding the farm animals, and staring a mean rooster in the eye – from the other side of the fence! HA! You are the bomb! Thanks for all you do!

  65. NorthCountryGirl says:

    I vote for you every day. I feel good that I can do something for you since you brighten my day every morning when I click on your site. Consider it our way of saying “Thank You” for your work and effort and for making our day just that much more enjoyable.

  66. Carol says:

    Suzanne, as you pointed out you entered this contest late. Since then you pretty much sailed up to first place and the SAM-e people can’t ignore that! We vote because we love your blog and wish you well so stop feeling guilty about asking!

    Honey, I seriously considered hopping a plane and trying to find lodging in a small town I’d never heard of (before reading you)just to come to your party and meet you. I wouldn’t even think about it for any other blogger.

    Okay, I really REALLY wanted to meet Clover. What is it about that little goat?

  67. Jo says:

    FIRST PLACE!!! :shimmy: :snoopy:

    I have voted for you everyday since you started asking and it is a PLEASURE to do so!

    I am pulling for you, Suzanne!!!

  68. Letha says:

    I have been voting for you….I think you have a great shot at this. Don’t ever feel bad about reaching out and asking us to help you out. After all, it is the American way….or at least it should be. Like so many other have already said….you give us so much in the beautiful, funny, comical way with your words. God has given you a awesome talent….and you are using it. We love you and support you in this endeavor. Good Luck!

  69. KCRanch says:

    You have my vote Suzanne!! Love your talent and blog.

  70. Nancy in Iowa says:

    Suzanne, I gladly vote for you every day and I sincerely hope you get this job. I had never read blogs before my daughter started hers a year ago, and at first read only hers. Then one of her friends told me about yours, and I was hooked on you!

    I was a single Mom but with only one child to support, raise, encourage, worry about. I worked full time, so never thought of other ways to make money, as you’ve had to do. You do inspire me! :sun: :fairy:

  71. Karen says:

    You got my vote! The job is yours, Suzanne!!! :fairy:

  72. Cheryl says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for about 6 months and I can’t tell you how much I love it. Reading about your family and animals is a bright spot in my day. Living here in southern california seems light years away from your beautiful little neck of the woods. I love to escape every morning with my cup of tea! I’ve been voting every day since you announced it, good luck to you!

  73. Kim W says:

    I voted again! I’m SO EXCITED you are in 1st place!! Woohoo!!

    Blessings from Ohio…

  74. Valerie says:

    Voting for you everyday, and on DH computer too. Been off work this week, but last week voted from there, too. I’m thrilled to see you in first place. That is where you so richly deserve to be. I only read 2 blogs a day, yours first. The other one only posts maybe twice weekly. And for 3 years in a row she won an award for best rural blog. This year we have to get you nominated, you deserve it. I don’t know how you do all you do. Thanks you for enriching my life.

  75. Ms E says:

    You have my vote every day because you are gifted and positive writer. Take note Sam-e people, this is a blog of consistent quality!


  76. Martha says:

    I’ve voted for you each day. Hugs to you and prayers to our Heavenly Father that you will be selected for the job. No doubt you deserve it!

  77. Linda&Bob- Weaverville, NC says:


    Hello from the big town of Weaverville, NC! We are just north of Asheville NC. My husband and I have been following you for about a year now. Each evening when we come in from work, your site is the first one we go to. Quite often if the other is busy with something we’ll read your blog aloud and then click on the Daily Farm Photo to enlarge it. You have no idea how much we love your record of the daily life on your farm; the good as well as bumpy times. We see in you a person we often wish we could be in regard to inner strengths, being able to face daily problems with optimism, and enjoy the beauty/reason in ALL things;even the areas where others would shudder and look the other way. You are us…mankind at its best. Thank you for your daily gifts you send on the internet.
    We have two computers here and we make sure we vote each day on each one for you.You are important to us. Speaking on behalf of all who follow your blog, we have adopted you into our families,You are family, and the one thing here in the mountains of NC we have done for generations is…family looks out and helps family! Keep writing, no matter what happens. You have something important to say that need to be shared!

    Many Thanks!

    PS-I failed to mention our son at Wake Forest University is a journalism major and enjoys your daily writng as well as the WONDERFUL pictures! Your writing crosses generational lines.

  78. Mary says:

    Wow, Suzanne I thought you were married to 52 and he did all the farm work and you just took cute pictures, made bread and wrote funny blogs. Your status as a single mother of three on a farm in the hills with limited internet access just catapulted you to the status of one of those strong women that Oprah interviews. You’ve been getting my vote from my work and home computer and I’ve asked quite a few friends to vote for you. Keep up the good work and keep taking pictures of your critters. BTW, we haven’t seen Clover in a while. Is she ready for winter?

  79. Mama Pea says:

    You are doing what I wish every mother in our country would try to do: Do anything in their power to be a stay-at-home mom so that we can re-establish the strength and stability of families. If we don’t, I sincerely feel it will push us (with increasing rapidity) along the slippery slope of the downfall of our society.

    So no one misunderstands what I’m trying to say, being a stay-at-home mom does not mean that one does not work. Quite the contrary. Being a good mom and keeping a safe, secure home (with all that entails . . . anyone reading your blog can see what I mean) is one of the hardest, most physically, mentally and emotionally taxing jobs in the world.

    We MUST get back to personal responsibility in thought, word, and action. We’ve gone too long expecting to be taken care of and lost so many individual talents, crafts, and abilities along with our sense of creativeness.

    We need people with a super-positive outlook on life and inborn sense of optimism (even when laboring under difficult situations) to lead the way for us.

    You personify everything I’m talking about and if the powers-that-be at the SAM-e sight can’t see this, it’s a big, fat loss for them.

    Gotta go vote now. (If there were a way, I’d even think about being dishonest and stuffing the ballot box for you!)

  80. Cousin Sheryl says:

    WOW, Suzanne, you have surged into first place! :snoopy:

    All y’all blog-readers out there are so amazing! I am touched on Suzanne’s behalf because of your loyalty and support! :heart:

    As I have told y’all before, Suzanne is a hard-worker at everything she does. I have been a fascinated bystander now for 4 years. She makes me tired to just watch her in action.

    You go, girl!

    Love ya!

  81. Lisa says:

    Woo-hoo, Suzanne!! You’re in first place!!

    In case nobody told you, one of my other favorite bloggers, Robyn of fame has asked her readers to send their votes to you. I was already having a hard time choosing which of you to vote for, but now I can vote for you with a clear conscience. I’ll be voting every day till the contest ends.

    Congrats and GOOD LUCK!!

  82. Stephanie says:

    Hooray!!! You’re out ahead of the Brigette of CA. Finally!!! :snoopy:

  83. Betty says:

    Suzanne!! Do not feel bad about asking us to vote for you, your blog makes my day, it is a way I can say thank-you for all your great recipes…specially Grandmothers bread!! Love all your animals, specially Clover….(well maybe not mean Rooster)and I was one that was sad I did not live near you so I could have come to your party too. You would be so perfect for this job and you are going to get it!! Voting for you is the first thing I do every morning, am sad I can not vote more than once, have sent your blog link to friends and have been tempted to go door to door to vote off other peoples computers (can you do that?)

  84. Angelia May says:

    I voted, got my daughter to bookmark it and vote. I’m pulling for you!!!!

  85. Angelia May says:

    I also want to say you are the first site I go to when I am on my computer in the morning. I look forward to reading you blog. Thank you, again, so very much.

  86. Cindy says:

    Hi Suzanne,

    I just voted for you — you deserve this! I know how hard it is to write a blog!

  87. Cranberry says:

    DONE. I check your site (almost) every day, i get my “animals” fix!

  88. Dessa says:

    I for one appreciate the reminders. I plan to vote for you everyday and then, well, life gets in the way and I forget. So keep em coming I say!

  89. Linda says:

    Suzanne you have helped me through some hard times too and I know what it is like not to have money when you need it. You share your life with us and make us feel like family. I love your blog.Iread it every day. I know you are qualified for that job and want to do what I can to help you get it. So don’t feel bad about asking us to vote just look at it like you you are reminding some of us that are forgetful. Keep up the good work.

  90. Yvonne says:


    I have been voting every day but today has been emotional for me watching your votes climb and climb. I know that sounds corny, but watching your votes climb shows how much joy and inspiration you give to every single person voting. You have a gift of writing and I pray that you get this gig as you are so deserving of it. Good luck to you sweetie.

  91. Yvonne says:

    Forgot to add that when you get this gig, I hope it leads to many other doors of opportunity being opened to you.

  92. cgReno says:

    Doing my part to make it happen…….wishing you the best….my mornings always begin “Chickens in the Road”, and cant imagine a day without you!

  93. auntbear says:

    …you are already doing the job!My votes are to help you get paid for it.

  94. Chic says:

    Suzanne…I haven’t had a chance to read all the comments this morning…but I bet they’re all pretty much just like mine. PLEASE don’t appologize for asking us to vote…I bet each and every one of us do it because we LOVE your website and we LOVE that you share your life with us…the ups and the downs. We realize that there are certain things you must keep to yourself and we certainly understand. We LOVE starting our days with you and if there is any way we can help you to continue doing what you’re doing…well heck…we’re all for it!! My husband gets a kick out of me telling him about your post for the day and he loves the pictures that I show him and especially your recipes. GUESS WHAT…he likes hearing about your blog so much that this morning he took the information that I emailed him and voted for you from work!!! I love that man. :hungry2: (pitchfork!)

  95. Laura says:

    :cowsleep: I voted for you! Great blog, very encouraging, fun, and inspiring!


  96. Andrea says:

    Just voted, have been voting every day- it is the first thing I do. I really hope you win, and even more, you have all the prayers I can send Heavenward. :hug:

  97. Barbara says:

    Just voted again and posted you on my Facebook. I want you to know I really hope you get this gig. Your now being in first place after starting late should be a testament to what your blog means to so many of us.

  98. Sharee says:

    Do not ever doubt why we love you and your blog. Be overwhelmed, Be amazed but DO NOT DOUBT what is so SPECIAL ABOUT YOU. I read because it motivates me to be better, I read to be inspired to be frugal, to be honest, to be a MOM, and to be ME. Do Not Ever Doubt What You Have Done For Us and Continue To Do For US. No words can express our appreciation. Thank You and I have no doubt that you will win because you are destined to win and influence the world.

  99. mary says:

    :sun: Woman, you deserve this job!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve voted for you on every computer I can find!!! I’ll say a prayer for you too!!! Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :clover:

  100. Mariah says:

    Don’t even THINK about apologizing for asking for votes. That’s how this thing works, and I, for one, am more than happy to vote for you. I’d vote all day long if I could, but alas, they only allow one per day! We’re with you, and we will all be super duper excited for you if you get this job!

  101. Angie Seehafer says:

    We’re here for you Suzanne!! I will vote everyday!!

  102. Darlene says:

    Voted for you this am and you were #2. Then I put a post up with a link here.

    It’s afternoon and thought I would check and guess what…

    you are #1.

    Just had to drop in and let you know!!!

  103. Edward Bodnar says:

    I wish you the best of luck in getting the votes you need to win this.

  104. Michele says:

    I am proud to vote for you each day. Keep up the great writing and pics!! :shimmy:

  105. Bev @ The 3 Clutters says:

    You rock chickadee…remind me every day!

  106. Kathleen H says:

    Whoopee….1st Place :shimmy: I have voted everyday and will continue. I love your website…since I can’t have 40 acres and goats, chickens, etc. I get my fix with your crew.
    I have a good feeling about this, you deserve the job. :jackolantern:

  107. Melissa Marsh says:

    God bless you, Suzanne. You are an inspiration to SO many people, including me.

  108. katherine says:

    I can’t imagine starting a day without your blog….and have also been voting for you. Looking good!

  109. Sarah in Sanford says:

    You are such a daily inspiration to me. You deserve this so badly. Hope you win!!! Sarah in Sanford

  110. Cheryl in Sunny Cal (Calhoun Co.) says:

    You’re number one, you’re number one!!! :snoopy: I have voted faithfully and I have no doubt that you’re the gal for the job!!! Keeping you and yours in my prayers.

  111. Valerie says:

    8000 votes! Way to go Suzanne!! :snoopy:

  112. Sharri Cadigan says:

    I read your blog every morn when I get to work. Can’t wait to find out what is new for the day. Your recipes are awesome.
    I have voted everyday since you first asked, you ARE the ONE for the job! I see you are now in first place. Way to go Suzanne! Sharri

  113. Karen H. says:

    Woo Hoo! You go girl — you are number 1! Please keep reminding us to vote! It doesn’t even take 5 seconds, besides we all love you and your blog! You’d be perfect for this job!

  114. Camille says:

    What a nice site. I hope you get the job. Even though I am green with envy. The job sounds amazing. I will continue to vote for you every day.

  115. Debbie says:

    oh suzanne, i vote for you every day. I love you and don’t even know you personally. You blog has helped me in so many ways i can’t explain. You are the greatest, good luck to you!!!!

  116. Andrea Atkinson says:

    Your in first place right now.

    I would happily go back and vote several times a day if it was allowed. I have voted every day. I get requests to vote for things regularly. Usually I don’t. The reason why I have been voting for you is because I enjoy your writing and believe that you can do this job. I have been reading your blog for some time now and I really enjoy what you write. I also love your recipes and have used a few of them with much success. When I made your Over the top cinnamon streusel biscuits my husband told all his facebook friends how delicious they were.

    Good luck.

  117. Fran says:

    I have voted for you every day since you started this. I’m proud of you for asking for help. I have been where you are, with kids on free lunch. I know how hard it is to ask for help, but sometimes it is the only way to get out of the bottom of the barrel. I have been enveloped with love when I have asked for help and it has been a blessing. I have now seen all my kids graduate from college, one from grad school and all are living great lives on their own. I now have a good job that I can support myself with and sometimes be of help to my kids. It’s such a joy to be able to do things for them now when I couldn’t previously.
    I love reading your blog – I read every day if possible – and admire you tremendously. I think you should write a book about your life on the farm. Books like that are very popular. Include recipes, crafts,etc… just like you do on this blog. Or perhaps base a novel on your life. Go beyond Harlequin!!!
    I see that you are number one – Congradulations! I’ll keep voting!

  118. Cori R. says:

    I voted. Every day when I read your entries, I click the link. And I’m glad to see you’re #1 this afternoon. πŸ™‚

    I hope you get it, I really do. Good luck in the second round!

    Thank you for writing here as much as you do for I look forward to reading your stories every day.

  119. pam baker says:

    Do NOT apologize! All the good stuff you share with your readers–least we can do.

    I tried clearing my cookies, but it still knows I’ve already voted that day on that computer. Darn! I’ve added two votes a day (2 computers)each day. Wish I could do more. Your blog is such a joy in my day. Made Grandmother’s bread with the g-kids a couple of months ago. πŸ™‚

    Today I posted the link to my RWA chapter loop & to another small loop that has some ex-GEnie romex members. It’s only a few votes, but they’ve voted. πŸ™‚

    I have the old romex photo album & still have a pic of you sitting on a fireplace hearth with your kids when the youngest was a little baby. Time flies!

    Winging positive thoughts & prayers you get this job! pamb

  120. pam from ohio says:

    Hey Suzanne,
    I’ve voted 2x a day for you…once from my home computer, and once from my work computer. You’re well in the lead now, but I’ll keep voting to help keep you there! I was born in Beckley but raised in Ohio. I have so many fond memories of summers at my grandparents’ house in Seth…cooling off in the swimmin’ hole in the Coal River. My mom and aunts canned fruits & vegetables from their gardens every year. Gravy & biscuits is still my favorite breakfast, and I’ve passed the same traditions down to my kids and now my grandkids. Can’t wait til you get the job!

  121. catslady says:

    I can’t imagine that there is anyone that comes to your blog that wouldn’t be voting for you πŸ™‚ :snoopy: You are currently No. 1

  122. Lisa says:

    I start each work day with you and your critters. (I have a St. Bernard so I esp love the times when you share stories about Coco!)
    I have voted for you and will keep on doing so until the contest is over, but better still I am sending up a prayer for your success and happiness!
    Lisa from OOOOKlahoma!

  123. Maxie says:

    Always glad to vote for a fellow WV blogger!

  124. Melanie says:

    Suzanne, I read your blog every single day and I absolutely love it. The fact that you’ve sacrificed so much just to inform and entertain all of us is humbling, to say the least. I’ve voted every day. I hope you get this job because I can see what it means to you. Best of luck! We appreciate and admire you!

    Melanie in IL :wave:

  125. Mildred says:

    Hi Susanne

    Yours is the frist website I go to every morning. And as soon as I get there, I vote for you.
    Love all the animals on the farm.

    Hope you get the job so we will have two places to read your writings

    Granny fron Ohio

  126. carrie says:

    I have been reading this blog for probably about a year now. I read your blog almost everyday and vote for you everyday I do read (thanks for the reminders!). I was VERY happy to see today that you have jumped into 1st place, YAY!!
    I was born and raised in northern WV, Weirton to be exact. Graduated from WVU and moved 1200 miles away 9 years ago. WV will always be my home and I miss it so much it is a physical ache. I love all the pics of the beautiful mountains, the post about pepperoni rolls (no one outside of that area has a clue what a pepperoni roll is and they are totally missing out!) and the fact that when I read your blog, home doesn’t feel quite so far away. Good luck!! Lots of people are voting and praying that you get it!

  127. Shirley says:

    Looks like you are ahead and I’ve been voting every day, but honestly, Suzanne, if I had known about it and how much it paid, I’d have applied too.

    Here’s hoping since I can’t win, that I hope you do.

  128. BRENDA says:

    Hi, Just wanted to let you know how much I love your blog. I vote for you every day! Your blog brightens my day and has helped me learn to make bread πŸ™‚ keep up the good work and know we all love you and are praying you get this job.Thank you for brightening our days.

  129. anne says:

    I vote for you everyday.
    Sometimes twice a day or more .
    Does that count or can you only vote once.
    I love your blog!
    Start my day everyday with it after I check my emails.
    The best to you and your lovely children and your beloved pets
    and your farm animals!

  130. JOJO says:



  131. Yvonne says:

    I’m so excited,Suzanne! It blows me away the amount of votes you have! Goes to show you that we all love you and your blog. I want you to win, you deserve it ’cause your the best candidate in my opinion. And I am also greatful for the reminder each day to vote, don’t feel bad about it. GO SUZANNE! YOUR AWESOME!

  132. Sallie says:

    Hi, I found you by way of WV Chic blog and I voted for you not because you asked but because you deserve the vate and I’ll try to get in and vote everyday. I greatly admire what you are doing. Believe it or not I almost moved to WV some years ago and believe me if the chance ever comes around again I will be there. It is a breath od fresh air to visit your blog and imagine being away from the city and the crime. Thank you for reviving my dream..
    Blessed Be

  133. Lynette says:

    You’re #1….You’re #1

    I have been voting for you every day. Glad to see you made it to the top! I will keep voting to keep you at the top!

    Love your blog – I read it every day!

    Keep up the good work!

  134. Pamela-Atl. says:

    So glad to see you at the top. I’ve been voting for you every day. Love your blog. My prayers are with you.

  135. Jo says:

    Let’s not give up. Let’s show ’em how much we love Suzanne and shoot her votes through the stratosphere! :shimmy:

  136. Tracey In Paradise Pa. says:

    I have voted for you everyday..Because I lost my sis to colon cancer several months ago.Before that we spent a year and a half together trying to beat that monster. I cry almost everyday missing her and my simple joys. You, your blog and family have given me back smiles and joy. Have inspired me to cook ,bake and love my critters again. To see beauty again in everyday. You have blessed me and I pray you are in return blessed richly. I look forward to your blog everyday with my cup of coffee. You so deserve the job!!
    Much Love!!

  137. Kelly says:

    I am a quiet but faithful daily reader Suzanne. I love your blog and want you to know that I have voted from every computer I could get to today and will continue to do so until this contest is over! You deserve this sweetie (what an amazing hard worker you are- you are inspiring to me)!

    Just checked and found you standing in first place! WooHoo!

    Everyone- please keep voting!


  138. Dawn says:

    I’m doing my part to help you get this job! :shimmy: Love your blog! :hug:

  139. TXLady says:

    Hey Suzanne…I am proud to say that I’m pestering everyone I know to vote for you…and they are more than willing…hang in there ..we are all working hard for you.

  140. Jean says:

    You are a winner!
    There is no turning back now!!!

  141. Camille says:

    Suzanne; You are my “go to” blog site everyday for my daily fix of “feel good”…and that’s the absolute truth. You’re a great writer and make me laugh out loud and on some days, made me shed some tears too…and isn’t that exactly what it’s all about? I’m in the bunkers with ya hun. This yankee gal is voting every day for you and spreading the word for others to do the same. Hang in there. It’s all gonna work out great!

  142. wvsky says:

    There are 144 comments before this one. I’m not going to wade through all of them to see if anyone answered your question “you dont know why we do it”. It’s simple: We’re selfish. We love to read what you write and we want you to be able to continue to entertain us. If that means a small amount of work on our part, it’s no sacrifice for what we will get in return in the future. After that, we simply want you to have something to show for all your hard work. After that, we hope that you’ll be able to have the things you and your family needs well into the future, long after the 6 months is up.

  143. Linda in San Diego says:

    :woof: I vote everyday and today asked friends at work to throw vote too. I was happy to do it. I read your posts when I get up each morning.
    :heart: This afternoon, when I logged into Facebook I see that my second cousin once removed was asking me to vote for you! Wonderful don’t you think!

  144. Susan says:

    You WILL get this job. Don’t worry!

  145. Destiny D says:

    Voting and hoping…

    Thank you for sharing your heart and allowing us the privilege to give back to you.

  146. Mittened Paw says:

    You go girl! If someone already said it, I’ll say it again: you go girl! I read your blog everyday, most of the time in the morning before work with a good cup of coffee in hand. I vote for you every day! I believe in you and what you are doing and so do a lot of other women. This year I have canned and baked and made laundry detergent because of you and your website. You have inspired this former West Virginia girl now living in suburbia to want to be a frugal farm girl just like you. I hope you get the job! You definitely deserve it!

  147. Mikey says:

    Rock on girl! We’re pulling for you! Happy to vote, as many times as it takes. Keepin our fingers crossed for you. Can you feel the LOVE??!!!

  148. Debbie in PA says:

    It’s my pleasure to vote for you, for all the wonderful things you write about and for the joy you bring to others. For the fantastic pictures you include with your stories! I have been a reader for about a year and a half now, and look forward to each day.

  149. Jodie in Texas says:

    Wow this is the MOST comments ever! THANK YOU Suzanne for all that you do on the website. You deserve the job. And any $ from the advertising over paying for the website. I’ll try to remember to click on some of the ads. I didn’t know that you had quit writing romance novels. You’ll have some disappointed fans, but you are so much more than a romance writer. You should write book(s) about your creatures great and small. Kids books, adult books… We’ll buy them and tell our friends. You’re also a good photographer. Do you ever read She and her husband make their living off the website advertising.

  150. sandy says:

    I voted and I really hope you win. Can one vote as much as they want? I will make that site on my daily rounds if that will help. I have so enjoyed your blog, writings, photos, etc. You deserve to win.

  151. Angelia May says:

    Just voted for today (Friday) before going to bed πŸ™‚

  152. mommaofmany says:

    I’ve voted for the last four days (since I read about it) and shared a couple of times on my facebook. I saw tonight that you are in the lead. Hooray!!

  153. Harbor Hon says:

    I vote here and I vote at work, that way you get two votes a day from me. Good luck, sweet girl, hope you get the job. You deserve it for making us all feel good everyday. xxoo

  154. Sharon Gosney says:

    I just wanted to say that you shouldn’t feel bad about asking us to vote for you (just keep putting the link there). You do something for all of us everyday, and I(and many of your readers) would like to do something in return for you. I was also a single mother at one point in my life (like so many other of your readers)and we know that it sure can be a struggle. So isn’t that what friends do… each other out.

  155. Gail says:

    Two votes a day coming from my household! I just KNOW you are going to win !

  156. SarahMom2FourBoys says:

    I really hope that you can understand how positively you effect the lives of people that have never met you. You are so great I’ve convinced people that don’t even read blogs to read yours! I had abdominal surgery today and I care so much for your family and your ability to share your life that I made sure that I still got on here to voted for you again, and make sure I post the button on my facebook daily, random friends of mine have no found this blog and loved it so much THEY are posting buttons on their pages and reading. All your work is well worth it when you sit back and see all the love you get from all over the globe. Right now you have a 3,000+ lead and I know you will keep it you are the very best option. Also is there an e-mail that we can use to contact the people who will be making the job choice? I think it would be nice to write to them and show them that you are a great choice because you already do this daily. You already deliever smiles and you already have so many people that will follow you anywhere to read your uplifting words! They have be provided with the best choice on the internet, I know they will recognize that, and Happy Halloween in a couple hours! :heart:

  157. Rachel says:

    Being in training w/ out internet access I haven’t been able to read as much as I have wanted lately. I do pull up your site on my iPhone when time permits. I am happy to vote for you but please please post another reminder, maybe through FB as well, when you get into the next round of voting!
    Good luck!!! :heart:

  158. Leslie says:

    I love your blog. I vote everyday. Being a parent is a hard job. Being a single parent is so much harder.
    Watching your video and looking at your pictures, it could be called FarmVille in real life. (if you’ve found time to look at that).
    Your doing a great job, and I’m voting every day.

  159. peg says:

    What a fabulous life! I’m envious! Good luck with the contest and someone has to win, why shouldnt it be you?

  160. Kathie Truitt says:

    Sweetheart, it’s done!!!! A friend of mine just turned me on to your blog – TODAY! I love it. I’m a fellow blogger, and have a book coming out this spring. I don’t claim to be a great writer, but I AM a great storyteller. I have wonderful editors that make me ‘read’ better than I really am. I understand your passion.

    Good luck! You are in my prayers and I’ll be adding you to my blog roll! I’m also going to write a short post about you!! Maybe others will vote.

  161. Trainwreck says:

    Well Hello, I will add a vote for you. Times are very difficult for too many people. It is sad times we are going through right now. It is only through friendship that sometimes we can get through our days. Because friendship doesn’t cost anthing more than a small piece of your heart. It is easy to give to those in need. I wish you and your family all the blessings you need. Happy Thanksgiving. May you get the job and rest your mind and ease your hardships. Thoughts and prayers sent your way.


  162. Jacqueline says:

    Hi Suzanne! Your article above speaks volume of yourself, choked me to tears, yet moved me to admire your resoluteness, strength and warmth. I’m from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and was introduced here by Barbara Crocker. You can definitely count on my 2 votes daily from Firefox and Safari. Really hope you will get the job that you deserve and may all your dreams come true.
    God bless you and your family.

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