Free Book Friday: Mystery Chick With A Gun!


WHO is she? What show is she on? That’s what I wanna know!!! So, one day I was down below the Golden Gate Bridge and I’m taking photos of the bridge and I notice these people…. Weird guy in a beret who thinks he is SO COOL but he’s not, LOL. More people. All taking pictures of this Very Strange Woman with tattoos on her back and a GUN. Okay, so I’m thinking these are NOT tourists!!! Nor mere models. This has all the hallmarks of a TV show promo shoot. Yes, I tried asking questions, but they wouldn’t answer me! HOW RUDE. (Yes, I was in Full House city so I have to talk like the Full House girls.)


…after picture….

…with the gun, then without the gun….

….then like she was bending over her car trunk….

….looking at a dead body!!! Here’s what I know.

1) The show is set in San Francisco because they clearly wanted the Golden Gate Bridge as the backdrop for this photo shoot.

2) She uses a gun, so it’s some type of detective show, possibly amateur considering her insane wardrobe.

3) She has tattoos and wears slinky black dresses and ridiculous high heels and huge sunglasses to chase the bad guys.

4) She drives a red Ferrari.

So who is she and what TV show is she from? The first person to tell me the correct answer wins their autographed pick from my backlist OR if no one gives me the correct answer (that can be verified via googling) then a random commenter will be chosen so go ahead and comment even if you don’t know! But hey, find out, cuz if you’re first then you win for sure and BESIDES and I want to KNOW!!:mrgreen: Winner announced on Monday, and more trip pics coming all next week!!


  1. Margery says:

    It looks a little like Marilu Henner, but a close-up shot would have been better for those of us who are blind 😛

  2. Suzanne says:

    She’s too young to be Marilu Henner. I couldn’t get closer. They already thought I was a stalker. :shocked:

  3. Becki says:

    Disney Channel’s “That’s So Raven” is also set in San Fran, but she’s no Raven. Any hair or make up people? Were they actually letting her drive the car?

  4. Tori Lennox says:

    I hate to say it, but I’ve got to admit defeat. I have NO clue who or what this is. And it pisses me off. *g*

  5. Minna says:

    I have no idea,either.

  6. TeresaH says:

    The only current show I can think of in San Fran is Monk…but that’s probably not it…

  7. Melissa says:

    Looks like an advertisement for Ferrari.

  8. ruby55 says:

    It could be a new show but what do we know about those. Aren’t most of them still “secret”? And I’m not up on TV at all seeing that I don’t even have mine connected and haven’t had for the last 10 months.

    I’m with you, Suzanne. I’d want to know, too. In fact I do want to know.

    Or could it be a movie for which they’re shooting stills?

  9. Jennifer Y. says:

    Hmmm…not sure…are you sure it was for a tv show and not just for a magazine layout or something.

  10. Caro says:

    I think it’s for a magazine layout — for one thing, it looks like the kooky sunglasses never come off. If you were shooting promos for a tv show or movie, you’d want to see the face.

    I’d lay odds it’s fashion editorial, not an add for Ferrari. For one thing, they’re featuring the model, not the car. Also, look at the pose they’ve got her in for the shots with the trunk open — that raised leg is very posed. There’s a definite “strike a pose” vibe to these, whereas TV promos usually have some semblance of life. (Just saw a great one for Season 2 of Bones that featured the cast on mortuary slabs! Booth has scary striped socks. :mrgreen:)

  11. Estella Kissell says:

    Don’t have a clue!

  12. Carol says:

    The first show I thought of was Monk, too, but I have no idea who the actress is.

  13. Angie says:

    I gotta agree…I think it is not a TV show. Its kinda cheap looking, dontcha think? Especially after seeing those lucite “do-me” shoes….. :wigglebrow:
    I know! It is the cover of a lurid true crime magazine or cheap paperback.
    Young wife offs rich, ancient husband and drives the sports car to the bay to dump the old geezer…. 😯

  14. Marcy says:

    I haven’t a clue either. LOL

  15. Lia says:

    Well…the only new show I could find casting in San Fran was a game show called set for life. I don’t know if that’s what it’s for or not, but that’s my guess.

  16. Maureen says:

    I have no idea but they should have told you. They were rude.

  17. Cheryl S. says:

    There’s a spy thriller by Regency Enterprises and 20th Century Fox starring Nicole Kidman in the works. But that doesn’t look like Nicole Kidman, does it? This is a hard one, Suzanne.

  18. Marty says:

    She kind of looks like she’s climbing *into* the trunk, lol. No clue, but curious! IMDB here I come…

  19. Jacqui D. says:

    I have to say I think it looks like it could be the cover of an Intrique – with the multi-poses you could make a collage of the pics and have a sellar cover…and I just dig those ‘if I ever put them on my feet I’d kill myself’ shoes. Totally suits the hair, clothes, tattoos and shades. Let us know if you ever figure it out.


  20. Fannie M Wiggins says:

    Are we going to see this on the cover of one of your new books? I googled it and it could be one of the Reality Shows coming this fall. Maybe One Ocean View? I am as stumped as everyone else but will keep trying to come with an answer before the week-end is over. Hugs everyone. Have a great day.:yes:

  21. catslady says:

    I’m afraid I don’t know either but I also don’t think it’s a movie only because why would she be getting into the trunk on purpose. Maybe a commercial or ad. Maybe we’ll never know – egads.

  22. Lis says:

    I’ve got no idea. The only show I remember being in San Fran was Nash Bridges and that went off the air a few years ago. Hmm… it does look like she’s about to go in the trunk in that one shot though, maybe its a movie in pre-production? Taking shots (wardrobe, location, yadda yadda) to see what works and what won’t? (hair, clothes, yadda yadda, I remember seeing some of Colin Farrell in Vice before they decided to overhaul his complete look)

  23. cheri says:

    It’s porn, precious! The shoes and the back tattoos and the dress are a sure giveaway! Plus, that’s a really good reason they didn’t want to talk to you.

    On your behalf, I circulated the pic at Adam & Eve, where the photo was analyzed using the latest Slut Detection Technology and was subject to intensive scans by the Porn Queen Identification System. Plus a couple of really horny frat guys looked closely at it. (These are highly trained professionals, so don’t try this at home.)

    The conclusion: heck if we know who she is, but the movie’ll be out in no more than three weeks, tops. And it ain’t Paris Hilton.