Get Caught Reading….Me!


So I’ve been posting contests all week from other people–now a contest from me! This contest idea was inspired by my friend Debbie who sent me this photo of her reading The Beast Within at Wolf Rock on a recent vacation. So, here’s the scoop for the “Get Caught Reading Suzanne” contest. Send me a photo of you reading one of my books for my upcoming “Get Caught Reading Suzanne” page on my website! (Make sure the cover of the book is visible, and let me know which book of mine you’re holding in the picture.) You can send the photo by email, or snail mail if you don’t have a digital camera and I’ll scan it (click the Contact button on the menu for info on sending me a photo via snail mail). Everyone who sends me a photo that is received by the end of the month will be in the drawing for a PAX totebag. Plus: *every* entrant by the contest deadline will automatically receive an autographed copy of my sexy contemp, Operation: Baby. Totebag winner will be announced in the blog on September 1st.

And get creative with those pics! I dare you! :guitar:

And in general link whoring, I’m planning a new page on my site for links of people who link to me. If you link to me, post here to let me know so I can add you to my page! If you don’t link to me–WHY NOT? You could add one! It makes me feel pretty!!!:heart:

And hey, there’s a new poll in my sidebar!!! Check it out!


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