Guessing Games!


Guessing games! I’m going to give away some of the books tumbling out of my bookshelves. How do you get them? Ha! You have to GUESS the authors!! I’ll give clues that gradually narrow down the authors’ identities until if I HAVE TO I’ll even post the URL to their websites, LOL. The first person to identify an author wins TWO books by that author. (And yes, you can play for as many of the books as you want to!) These are recent books by well-known, best-selling romance authors. If I said their names, you’d recognize them right away. But I’m not going to say their names. 😈 There will be six guessing game entries posted–each starts with one clue and further clues will be added regularly until each identity is unmasked! Guess as often as you like because every wrong guess helps narrow down who it is NOT!

ONE GUESS PER COMMENT! But you may guess as many times as you like!


  1. Jill says:

    I don’t wanna play, my closets are too full …

  2. Joan Woods says:

    Ny guess is Nora Roberts:?:

  3. Joan Woods says:

    My guess is Nora Roberts:?:

  4. Suzanne says:

    Be sure to make your guesses in the Guessing Game entry for the game you are entering!

  5. Joan Woods says:

    Kathryn Smith