Happy Halloween!


The New River through fall foliage near Hawks Nest State Park.

Happy Halloween!! What are you doing to celebrate? Me, first I’m terrifying myself by writing another 15 pages today. Oh, speaking of my Haven series…. The first Haven book is now officially titled Secrets Rising and will be a July 2007 release! I’m hoping to have a special Haven companion website up and running before the end of the year. My second Haven book, which I’m working on now, will be a November 2007 book and has a Christmas theme. These are supernatural, creepy books–so what’s not to love about a supernatural book with a Christmas theme, LOL.

As an aside in market news, and I’m sure this is old market news by now, my lovely and wonderful editor Jessica Alvarez has moved to the Steeple Hill division and I’m now working with the lovely and wonderful Tara Parsons!

And still speaking of business, anyone notice the new Silhouette Intimate Moments covers? The name of the line is morphing to Silhouette Romantic Suspense. For now, they are listing both names on the covers, Silhouette Intimate Moments and Romantic Suspense. As they transition, the Intimate Moments wording will drop off and it will say only Silhouette Romantic Suspense. The line will be fully transitioned within a few months. My Haven books will be released under the new Romantic Suspense logo. What do you think of the name change? Good, bad, indifferent?

And back to my original point–tonight, my daughter is going trick-or-treating with the cousins in beautiful downtown Walton. She started talking about how late she wanted to stay out trick-or-treating and my cousin said, uh, there are only two streets…..:roll:

Meanwhile, I am taking my teenagers to the movies! Yes, there is a special showing of a very campy, I’m sure, homemade slasher movie at the Robey tonight, a very cool, historic theater and the only theater in the entire county, believe it or not. My dad used to take his dates there–movie, popcorn and Coke for two = a quarter!


  1. Becki says:

    I’m turning into my parents!

    Last year, we had about ten legitimate trick-or-treaters come to our door. BUT, about 30 too-old kids come by, in jeans and t-shirts and carrying Wal-Mart sacks. Not going to do it this year.

    We are taking our daughter to a “Party at the Boo-seum”, then trick or treating on the historic Strand in Galveston.

    One thing about living in one of the oldest cities in Texas, lots of historic mansions that are haunted (at least during Halloween).

    Not too late a night, her school starts at 7:30. At least it is daylight now with the time change when she has to leave.

    As we say in Texas, Happy Halloween y’all! :bananadance:

  2. Susan says:

    I’m going to be reading in my room while dad takes care of the few trick-or-treaters we get. Like you I live in a rural area and there aren’t many streets.

    Have a good time at the movies with your teenagers!:bananadance:

  3. Cryna says:

    I get very few trick or treaters on my street, so I am going to curl up and read a good book in my room with a warm drink……….Most of the malls around here hold parties for the trick or treaters hoping to keept them off the streets and safe.

    Enjoy your movies.

    As for the SIM changes, I think it should be okay, I just wish they would go back to the six books a month instead of the four they now have.

  4. Lis says:

    I think I get door duty tonight which means freezing in the cold. Hoping though there isn’t a lot of kids and I get bribed with pizza 😀

  5. Fannie M Wiggins says:

    I don’t get any trick-or-treaters where I live, thank you Lord for favors.:yes: My family are all going to sponsered safe events. I think that idea is catching on in a lot of places. No more worries about what children are getting and the dangers they are exposed to.My son is on duty with EMS so the baby is going there for treats, not that a 3 month old needs treats. She is dressed as a duck, Too cute for words. Have a fun and safe Halloween and a big spooky Hug to all.:wave:

  6. Estella says:

    I live in a rural area with long driveways and no one has ever come to the house trick or treating.
    Gorgeous pics, Suzanne!

  7. Caro says:

    We get very few trick or treaters, enough so that we’re just going out for dinner and leaving the porch light off. Up side: no candy left over to consume. Down side: I miss seeing the kids in their costumes, especially the little ones.