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Isn’t this a beautiful picture?

beachgirl (10k image)

It was taken in Florida when my daughter was three. It’s a photo I can look at forever because it just makes me happy. I’m having a photoblog installed by Web Divas in the next couple of weeks. (You can see the link is already up in my sidebar, but the photoblog isn’t yet installed.) I gave them this photograph to use in the design. I love the idea of a photoblog–it’s like a blog, but only for photographs, and you can categorize them. For example, this year when I take pictures at RWA, I can put up an RWA category and display them in my photoblog. I can create a category for each of my kids, holidays, vacations, pets, etc. It’s a great format for organizing and displaying digital photos. Is that fun or what? Okay, so I’m weird.

If you didn’t stop by yesterday afternoon, be sure to check out the new things on my site! Let me know what you think of my all-new Bio page. Oh–and someone asked yesterday after looking at my new Bio–where is the “now” photograph of me?? There’s a recent photograph of me on the main page of my site. That photograph was taken in 2003 in New York City in my natural habitat: a bar.

Or you can see me here drinking a purple cow martini. Or here drinking a Fruity F*cker.

Why am I always drinking in photographs? 😎

More new things to come on my site this week, including PAX!

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