He’s Got A Few Good Years Left…..Maybe


My Butterboo is FOUR! And he may not live much longer if he keeps sitting on my laptop keyboard like this.:evil:

Drawn from the players who guessed four years old, the winner is: Nicole! Click the Contact button to send me your address for an advance autographed copy of Deep Blue!



  1. Jennifer Yates says:

    Congrats Nicole!

    And Suzanne, don’t you just love how cats try to get our attention?!?! LOL…I once had a cat spray my computer, so be glad that all he is doing is sitting on it. Your Butterboo is adorable though!!!

  2. kacey says:

    cute, cute, cute…but why do our kitties think our laptops are like their personal play toy??? :wall:

  3. catslady says:

    Congratulations Nicole.

    I have 5 cats so there is always one doing something they shouldn’t be lol.

    I got my copy of Deep Blue today from being one of the ones to win the story contest. Thank you so much. I’m going to keep the book on my desk so I can keep looking into those blue eyes.:yes:

  4. Caro says:

    Congrats, Nicole.

    So fat, so sassy — Butterboo knows he’s no danger. I mean, just look at that face! “You know you love me…”

  5. Nicole says:

    Yay! My new kitty is supposed to be around 4. And he may not live much longer, either. Little snot.

  6. Mary says:

    I think he looks much younger…is there a face lift involved. I’m having a contest that involves chocolate and free books.

  7. Danica says:

    Suzanne, I think it would be prudent to remind that sweet little guy that his name is awfully close to butterball, and he’d fit real nice in a roasting pan. πŸ™‚

  8. TeresaH says:

    Congrats Nicole!

  9. Sue C says:

    The merman made it safely to English shores today. Thanks, Suzanne. Guess what I’m doing this afternoon?

    Congrats, Nicole!

  10. Melissa says:


    Butterboo is such a regal fellow. That tail curled so elegantly around the paws. πŸ˜€

    :thumbsup: Congrats, Nicole.

  11. Sue C says:

    LOL, Melissa!

  12. Sonja says:

    Hahaaa, he looks like he’s daring you to shove him off. My sister’s cat did that the other day. He jumped up on the table while we were eating and just laid down. She smacked him and he didn’t even flinch. He was like, “yeah whatever, stupid.” Cats are so funny.

  13. Melissa says:

    Doesn’t he look regal, Sue? His body says “yes!” but his eyes say “get that $%#@^& camera out of my face!” πŸ˜†

    I so adore cats…:heart:

    :hissyfit: How am I going to get rid of this tail? The merman said he was coming my way. πŸ˜₯

  14. Eve says:

    Congratulations Nicole – I just finished reading Deep Blue last night and it is great! (In fact, it’s the pick of the week on my website).

    I was typing away the other night when I realized that there was purring coming from my keyboard tray, so I reached back and encountered a furry head. Having a lot of cats I wasn’t worried about it being anything else, so I tugged – and yep, Neely Shae came out. Oh bother!

  15. Ashley says:

    Mine don’t camp on keyboards (or at least, not MY keyboard), just on top of the computer itself.. I’m waiting for the WHIRRR * MRROW! of a cat getting its fur caught in the fan..

  16. Sasha says:

    I can’t believe how orgnized your desk is!!. I’m so jealous! LOL

  17. Angela Giles Klocke says:

    My orange kitty would never think of sitting on my keyboard. Oh wait, I’m confusing him with the dog, who really never would do anything like that πŸ˜‰

  18. Mechele Armstrong says:

    Congrats. And lol what a cute kitty.

  19. Nicole says:

    I emailed you Suzanne, hope you got it this time!

  20. Jennifer Yates says:

    You know, I am just not having much luck with this Free Book Friday thing…I am bad at those tough questions you ask!

  21. Melissa says:

    :yes: I agree with Jennifer. And, I’m tired of flopping around my living room with this tail! 😑

  22. Jennifer Yates says:

    LOL Melissa! :rotfl:

  23. ruby55 says:

    Boohoo! Missed another contest. πŸ™

    But I’m back now from our family holiday/reunion. Everybody except me took a lot of pictures. My digital camera is still lost somewhere in moving-land. I hope it surfaces soon.

    We’re supposed to have a temp of around 50F today. However, the wind has been quite strong the last couple of days so that it seemed quite a bit cooler. We had January weather in December and have early Dec. or late March weather right now. What a mixed-up world!:???:

  24. Teresa says:

    Oh but he’s so cute!!

  25. Suzanne says:

    I’m worried about Melissa’s tail!

    Hmmm. I do call him Butterball sometimes…..