Holiday Free Book Friday #5: The Merman!


Yes, you guessed it. I got my author copies of Deep Blue early! And I’m in the mood to celebrate! For the final Holiday Free Book Friday, there will be FIVE winners who will each receive an autographed EARLY copy of Deep Blue!!

Time to play Three-Word Story! How it works: I start the story with three words. Follow up with three words at a time of your own to continue the story! Participate as often as you like Friday, Saturday and Sunday but not twice in a row. In the case of simultaneous comments, just pick which one to follow up and go on with the story. Winners will be chosen by comment number drawing (based on the total comment numbers on Monday morning) and the more often you play, the more chances you have to win! Winners will be announced in Monday’s blog! :yes:

And now, the Three-Word Story (let’s make it a merman story, of course!):

The merman tied……….. (Get your minds out of the gutter! He’s probably just tying his shoes…. I don’t know. You tell me!)


  1. Kim says:

    The merman tied

    the smallest imaginable

  2. Cheryl S. says:

    knot in the

  3. Cindi says:

    whole wide ocean

  4. Carol says:

    because he wanted

  5. Estella says:

    in a blue

  6. Carol says:

    sky dark as

  7. Melissa says:

    his piercing eyes

  8. Carol says:

    he saw a

  9. Cheryl S. says:

    ship on the

  10. Beth says:

    horizon. Too bad …

  11. Carol says:

    far distant horizon

  12. Melissa says:

    while carrying a

  13. Shari C says:

    he should look

  14. Sue C says:

    in the book

  15. Shari C says:

    while trying to

  16. Sue C says:

    mend the hole

  17. Carol says:

    in his gloves

  18. Marcy says:

    In the ocean

  19. Sue C says:

    or he might

  20. Jennifer says:

    lose his concentration

  21. Sue C says:

    just when he

  22. Melissa says:

    saw a gigantic

  23. Sue C says:

    trident and followed

  24. Angie says:

    the dancing tuna

  25. Sue C says:

    to the ocean’s

  26. Cheryl S. says:

    perimeter, he spied

  27. Sue C says:

    another glimpse of

  28. Jennifer Yates says:

    a great big

  29. Jennifer Yates says:

    tiny yellow dog

  30. Cheryl S. says:

    at the helm

  31. Stacey115 says:

    who stood near

  32. Jennifer Yates says:

    a pretty woman

  33. Fannie M Wiggins says:

    blonde secret agent

  34. catslady says:

    a gorgeous mermaid

  35. Jennifer Yates says:

    with big, beautiful

  36. catslady says:

    blue eyes and

  37. Jennifer Yates says:

    luscious red lips.

  38. Sue C says:

    tear stained cheeks

  39. Fannie M Wiggins says:

    unaware she’s being

  40. Jennifer Yates says:

    also adorned her

  41. catslady says:

    watched from afar

  42. Sue C says:

    she struggles to

  43. Jennifer Yates says:

    come to grips

  44. Sue C says:

    with being tied

  45. catslady says:

    and also gagged

  46. Jennifer Yates says:

    by a pirate.

  47. catslady says:

    with blue eyes

  48. Sue C says:

    who hasn’t seen

  49. Jennifer Yates says:

    After his shock

  50. catslady says:

    he decides to

  51. Jennifer Yates says:

    approach the barge

  52. Laurie says:

    take advantage of

  53. Angie says:

    trident in hand

  54. Jennifer Yates says:

    his defenses are

  55. Laurie says:

    armed and dangerous

  56. Laurie says:

    seizes the mermaid

  57. Jennifer Yates says:

    and dives into

  58. Angie says:

    the deep blue

  59. Jennifer Yates says:

    sea. She struggles

  60. Angie says:

    to no avail

  61. Maureen says:

    is suddenly struck

  62. Jennifer Yates says:

    kisses her to

  63. Laurie says:

    overwhelm her senses

  64. Jennifer Yates says:

    She stops struggling

  65. Stacey115 says:

    and falls in …

  66. Angie says:

    love. Suddenly she

  67. Jennifer Yates says:

    remembers the pirate

  68. Sue C says:

    but, gagged she

  69. Jennifer Yates says:

    worry that he

  70. catslady says:

    will find them

  71. Sue C says:

    catch them with

  72. Jennifer Yates says:

    a fishing net

  73. Angie says:

    then she remembers

  74. Alyssa says:

    he’s kissing her

  75. Jennifer Yates says:

    and the merman

  76. catslady says:

    reminds her that

  77. Alyssa says:

    it’s lovin’ time.

  78. catslady says:

    and she responds

  79. Jennifer Yates says:

    rather violently. She

  80. catslady says:

    pulls away quickly

  81. Shari C says:

    she is safe

  82. Jennifer Yates says:

    The merman is

  83. catslady says:

    none too happy

  84. Alyssa says:

    ready for action.

  85. Cindi says:

    and rather confused

  86. catslady says:

    yes or no?

  87. Jennifer Yates says:

    Who is she?

  88. Cindi says:

    She looks familiar

  89. catslady says:

    and what about

  90. Jennifer Yates says:

    Have we met?

  91. catslady says:

    those blue eyes?

  92. Jennifer Yates says:

    They reach safety

  93. catslady says:

    so they thought,

  94. Jennifer Yates says:

    as he releases

  95. catslady says:

    his amorous hold

  96. Jennifer Yates says:

    and unties the

  97. catslady says:

    attached to the

  98. Jennifer Yates says:

    around her hands.

  99. catslady says:

    she immediately tries

  100. Angie says:

    tiny yellow dog

  101. catslady says:

    a magical dog

  102. Alyssa says:

    (At this rate, the mercouple is not going to get any water nookie.)

    It casts a

  103. catslady says:

    roflmao (how’s this)

    sexual spell that

  104. Alyssa says:

    makes them want

    (LOL! I love it!)

  105. catslady says:

    to never stop

  106. Alyssa says:

    kissing and touching

  107. Jennifer Yates says:

    swimming in the

    (LOL!!!! this is fun)

  108. catslady says:

    depth of blue

  109. Jennifer Yates says:

    intense desire. Suddenly,

  110. catslady says:

    without warning, she

  111. Alyssa says:

    thought about contraception

  112. Jennifer Yates says:


    “Don’t worry.” he

  113. catslady says:

    but promptly forgot

  114. Jennifer Yates says:

    sly grin. We

  115. catslady says:

    shouldn’t worry about

  116. Alyssa says:

    don’t need any.

  117. catslady says:

    besides, a merchild

  118. Angie says:

    the salt water

  119. Shari C says:

    acts as protection

  120. Jennifer Yates says:

    She laughed at

  121. catslady says:

    her silly nerves

  122. Jennifer Yates says:

    by the face

  123. catslady says:

    and passionately said

  124. Angie says:

    thats one big

  125. Shari C says:

    sexy bad smile

  126. Jennifer Yates says:

    Meanwhile, the dog

  127. catslady says:

    a combined wish

  128. Jennifer Yates says:

    the mercouple thought

  129. catslady says:

    long and hard

  130. Jennifer Yates says:

    wish for a

  131. catslady says:

    postpone the wish

  132. catslady says:

    agreed upon their

  133. Jennifer Yates says:

    desired outcome. Suddenly,

  134. catslady says:

    and tragically they

  135. Shari C says:

    suddenly saw a

  136. Jennifer Yates says:

    giant fishing net

  137. Shari C says:

    dropping over them

  138. catslady says:

    which already contained

  139. Sue C says:

    a treasure chest

  140. Shari C says:

    magical bright colored

  141. Jennifer Yates says:

    The pirate must

  142. Sue C says:

    be really strong

  143. Angie says:

    really want them

  144. Alyssa says:

    but luckily, they

  145. Jennifer Yates says:

    swim away before

  146. catslady says:

    temptation lures them

  147. Sue C says:

    The pirate chased

  148. Jennifer Yates says:

    on his barge

  149. catslady says:

    closely behind them

  150. Sue C says:

    The merman grabbed

  151. catslady says:

    the magical dog

  152. Sue C says:

    and let go

  153. Jennifer Yates says:

    of the mermaid

  154. Jennifer Yates says:

    said, “Let me…

  155. catslady says:

    make the wish

  156. Jennifer Yates says:

    The mermaid said,

  157. Sue C says:

    I wish for

  158. catslady says:

    the pirate’s imprisonment

  159. Jennifer Yates says:

    Then the pirate

  160. Sue C says:

    With a blinding

  161. Jennifer Yates says:

    flash of light

  162. catslady says:

    flash of light

  163. Sue C says:

    diappeared into the

  164. Jennifer Yates says:

    treasure chest. Then

  165. Angie says:

    the merman turned

  166. Sue C says:

    King Neptune emerged

  167. catslady says:

    watery depths and

  168. Jennifer Yates says:

    said thank you

  169. catslady says:

    that pirate preyed

  170. Sue C says:

    for ridding the

  171. Jennifer Yates says:

    sea of that

  172. catslady says:

    my daughter was

  173. Sue C says:

    turned into a

  174. Jennifer Yates says:

    giant crab with


  175. catslady says:

    huge blue claws

  176. Jennifer Yates says:

    then she became

  177. catslady says:

    a menace to

  178. Jennifer Yates says:

    our tiny dog

  179. Sue C says:

    so reclusive she

  180. catslady says:

    disappeared until now.

  181. Jennifer Yates says:

    She’s the dog!

  182. Sue C says:

    She can magic

  183. catslady says:

    for others only

  184. Sue C says:

    and will never

  185. Jennifer Yates says:

    The Merman said

  186. catslady says:

    transfor back unless

  187. catslady says:

    (that was transform)

  188. Jennifer Yates says:

    the pirate disappears

  189. Sue C says:

    unless, unless, unless…

    (I’m in the UK so I’m off to bed now.

  190. catslady says:

    and/or mercouples mate

  191. Jennifer Yates says:

    Wow, the mermaid

  192. catslady says:

    blushed with pleasure

  193. Jennifer Yates says:

    Were you watching?

  194. catslady says:

    Yes, anticipating that

  195. Jennifer Yates says:

    you would mate

  196. catslady says:

    saving my child,

  197. Jennifer Yates says:

    Too bad you

    (this is getting addicting…lol)

  198. catslady says:

    stopped but now

    (good thing i have to go out later lol)

  199. Stacey115 says:

    it’s time for

  200. catslady says:

    the continuation of

  201. Cheryl S. says:

    my secret mission

  202. catslady says:

    which immediately means

  203. catslady says:

    together the two

  204. Alyssa says:

    found an underwater

  205. Jennifer Yates says:

    cave and went

  206. Shari C says:

    but, then suddenly

  207. Jennifer Yates says:

    the dog barked :rotfl:

  208. Shari C says:

    calling attention to…

  209. Jennifer Yates says:

    another merman who

  210. Shari C says:

    has his eyes

  211. Jennifer Yates says:

    fixated on the

  212. Mary says:

    many replies she

  213. Cheryl S. says:

    silently forms before

  214. Jennifer Yates says:

    fainting to the

  215. Jeanette Jackson says:

    touch of his

  216. Jennifer Yates says:

    long slender fingers.

  217. Cheryl S. says:

    As he approaches

  218. AJ says:

    The other merman

  219. ruby55 says:

    she opens her

  220. Jennifer Yates says:

    big eyes and

  221. AJ says:

    licks her bottom

  222. Jennifer Yates says:

    lip. “Where are…

  223. Fannie M Wiggins says:

    :rotfl:(how many stories are going on here?)
    very very slowly

  224. AJ says:

    we?” The merman

  225. catslady says:

    we going to

  226. Jennifer says:

    strokes her coconuts

  227. catslady says:

    approaches her slowly

  228. Jennifer Yates says:

    Then suddenly there

  229. Jennifer says:

    is a crabbypatty

  230. catslady says:

    i’m seeing things

  231. Kim says:

    Is it really

  232. catslady says:

    what i think?

  233. Jennifer says:

    a waiter with

  234. Kim says:

    a very big

  235. Jennifer says:

    tray of wet

  236. Jennifer Yates says:

    tray of appetizers

    (LOL…I think our story took a turn:rotfl: )

  237. Kim says:

    including one yummy

  238. catslady says:

    i’m just halluciating.

  239. Jennifer says:

    cupcake, so he

  240. Jennifer Yates says:

    snaps his fingers

  241. Kim says:

    could lick it

  242. Jennifer says:

    and make wishes

  243. Jennifer Yates says:

    that reality would

  244. Kim says:

    for her to

  245. Jennifer says:

    fade away and

  246. Kim says:

    never come back

  247. Jennifer Yates says:

    Meanwhile, the mermaid

  248. catslady says:

    and the merman

  249. Jennifer Yates says:

    could not decide

  250. catslady says:

    whether or not

  251. Kim says:

    to escape away

  252. Jennifer Yates says:

    and leave the

  253. catslady says:

    mysterious cave and

  254. Jennifer Yates says:

    merman stranger behind.

  255. catslady says:

    but scared of

  256. Kim says:

    what would happen

  257. Jennifer Yates says:

    what might happen

  258. catslady says:

    kept her hesitating

  259. Jennifer Yates says:

    She knew that

  260. catslady says:

    it was unsafe

  261. Sue C says:

    she loved the

  262. Jennifer Yates says:

    handsome merman, but

  263. Sue C says:

    she didn’t want

  264. catslady says:

    was that enough

  265. Kim says:

    to see his

  266. Sue C says:

    was she ready

  267. catslady says:

    and was he

  268. Sue C says:

    really in love

  269. catslady says:

    and willing to

  270. Sue C says:

    create a merbaby

  271. Kim says:

    and live the

  272. catslady says:

    the mercouple life.

  273. Sue C says:

    The magic spell

  274. catslady says:

    brought them together

  275. Kim says:

    and will always

  276. Sue C says:

    without magic would

  277. Jennifer Yates says:

    make her wonder

  278. catslady says:

    did he really

  279. Sue C says:

    love her? How

  280. Jennifer Yates says:

    could she know

  281. Sue C says:

    would the dog/crab/princess

  282. catslady says:

    bless their joining

  283. Sue C says:

    unmagic the spell

  284. catslady says:

    but the pirate

  285. Sue C says:

    would return. Dilemma.

  286. catslady says:

    Times running out.

  287. Sue C says:

    Merman remembers tying

  288. TeresaH says:

    something, but what?

  289. LindaT says:

    It’s panic time!

  290. Sue C says:

    The knot reminded

  291. Fannie M Wiggins says:

    Then he remembers

  292. Sue C says:

    the black book

  293. Laurie says:

    where is it?

  294. Cheryl S. says:

    He left it

  295. Melissa says:

    on a seashell

  296. Cheryl S. says:

    along with his

  297. Jennifer Yates says:

    handy underwater phone

  298. Melissa says:

    covered in pink

  299. Kim says:

    plastic to protect

  300. catslady says:

    it from spells

  301. Kim says:

    useful to the

  302. catslady says:

    merman and mermaid

  303. Kim says:

    in case they

  304. catslady says:

    needed to save

  305. Kim says:

    themselves from the

  306. catslady says:

    dangerously mean, evil

  307. Kim says:

    red haired lady

  308. catslady says:

    desiring the merman

  309. Cheryl S. says:

    and his powers.

  310. catslady says:

    It was time

  311. Sue C says:

    He sees the

  312. catslady says:

    the chance to

  313. Maureen says:

    escape to his

  314. Sue C says:

    seashell at the

  315. catslady says:

    bottom of the

  316. Sue C says:

    cold, dark ocean

  317. Laurie says:

    beautiful azure sea

  318. Sue C says:

    where danger lurks

  319. Laurie says:

    inside a cave

  320. catslady says:

    our merman can

  321. Sue C says:

    be in deadly

  322. catslady says:

    peril from the

  323. Sue C says:

    red-haired lady

  324. Laurie says:

    quick, deadly assailant

  325. Sue C says:

    Risking Neptune’s wrath

  326. catslady says:

    but definant always.

  327. catslady says:

    (that was defiant)

  328. Sue C says:

    He leaves the

  329. Laurie says:

    hard shell shelter

  330. catslady says:

    with his precious

  331. Jennifer Yates says:

    mermaid on his

  332. AJ says:

    (ignore the prev. post)

    big strapping back

  333. catslady says:

    the journey started.

  334. AJ says:

    Over tall hills

  335. Angie says:

    The mercouple swam

  336. AJ says:

    into the depths

  337. AJ says:

    through crystal waters

  338. catslady says:

    whirling swirl of

  339. Shari C says:

    grey shadowy shapes

  340. Alyssa says:

    that separated them

  341. Shari C says:

    further and further

  342. Alyssa says:

    until they couldn’t

  343. Sue C says:

    hear each other’s

  344. catslady says:

    cries of despair

  345. Sue C says:

    only the sound

  346. catslady says:

    uses a spell

  347. Sue C says:

    that lights up

  348. Alyssa says:

    that immediately reunites

  349. Sue C says:

    them and scares

  350. Alyssa says:

    other sea creatures

  351. catslady says:

    and evil beasties

  352. Sue C says:

    and grey shadows

  353. catslady says:

    and glowing spheres

  354. Sue C says:

    “the book,” he

  355. catslady says:

    must have the

  356. catslady says:

    and secret notations

  357. Sue C says:

    and diagrams and

    (Just seen in the New Year in the UK. Happy New Year!)

  358. Shari C says:

    strange unknown symbols

  359. AJ says:

    printed in blood

  360. Shari C says:

    that will lead

  361. TeresaH says:

    cave beneath the

  362. Laurie says:

    hard rock ledge

  363. Maureen says:

    where he will

  364. Sue C says:

    containing treasure beyond

  365. Cheryl S. says:

    renew his strength

  366. Sue C says:

    so that he

  367. Shari C says:

    can continue his

  368. Sue C says:

    quest. Shadows crowded

  369. Shari C says:

    the walls where

  370. Sue C says:

    the opening narrowed

  371. Shari C says:

    and he needed

  372. Sue C says:

    cold darkness to

  373. Cheryl S. says:

    mask the sounds

  374. Sue C says:

    of magic unleashed

  375. Shari C says:

    upon all the

  376. Melissa says:

    creatures of the

  377. Kim says:

    deep blue sea.

  378. Shari C says:

    Mysterious things started

  379. Cheryl S. says:

    from the moment

  380. Jennifer Yates says:

    to happen. What

  381. catslady says:

    wonderous sights and

  382. AJ says:

    beauties he beheld

  383. Melissa says:

    but he heard

  384. Cheryl S. says:

    unfamiliar and unnerving

  385. AJ says:

    moans coming from

  386. Alyssa says:

    beyond the horizon

  387. Shari C says:

    where unknown perils

  388. Alyssa says:

    immediately threatened him

  389. Kim says:

    and made him

  390. Cheryl S. says:

    Our merman prepared

  391. Alyssa says:

    to defend himself

  392. Shari C says:

    to defend and

  393. Shari C says:

    necessary to escape

  394. Alyssa says:

    But then something

  395. Shari C says:

    exciting and wondrous

  396. Alyssa says:

    occurred, and it

  397. Shari C says:

    moved him to

  398. Fannie M Wiggins says:

    was his true

  399. Fannie M Wiggins says:

    ignore previous post.
    hunt for the

  400. Shari C says:

    magical and powerful

  401. AJ says:

    stone of love

  402. Sue C says:

    that he wanted

  403. Sue C says:

    need to prove

  404. Shari C says:

    his constant and

  405. Sue C says:

    enduring love for

  406. Shari C says:

    his sweet and

  407. Sue C says:

    beautiful mermaid. He

  408. Cheryl S. says:

    placed his hand

  409. Shari C says:

    gently on her

  410. Jennifer says:

    left foot and

  411. Shari C says:

    tickles her toe.

  412. Kim says:

    Then moved to

  413. Shari C says:

    grasp her ankle

  414. ruby55 says:

    and kiss her

  415. Jeanette Jackson says:

    milky white calf

  416. ruby55 says:

    that began to

  417. Cheryl S. says:

    to grasp her

  418. Shari C says:

    full curvy hip

  419. ruby55 says:

    Suddenly, she cried

  420. Cheryl S. says:

    out with passionate

  421. catslady says:

    cries of extasy.

  422. Eve says:

    Chicken of the Sea.

    (okay – four words – couldn’t help it – I got the book last week – it’s on my bedstand now)

  423. catslady says:

    lol Eve.

    The End (maybe).

  424. Laurie says:


  425. Fannie M Wiggins says:

    That’s so true

  426. Cheryl S. says:

    Wait, there’s more! :rotfl:

  427. Kim says:

    He hasn’t finished

  428. Sue C says:

    proving his love

  429. Cheryl S. says:

    and eternal commitment

  430. Sue C says:

    to her before

  431. Melissa says:

    he found Suz! And, read her book about him. OK, so that’s more than 3 words but I just had to say it. 😀

  432. Sue C says:

    LOL Melissa

    After reading Suz’s

  433. Cheryl S. says:

    exceptionally accurate portrayal

  434. Fannie M Wiggins says:

    Found Suz more

  435. Sue C says:

    attractive. Unheroically he

  436. Fannie M Wiggins says:

    chose Suz instead

  437. Cheryl S. says:

    submitted to his

  438. Kim says:

    deepest desires and

  439. Cheryl S. says:

    pledged his life

  440. Sue C says:

    as a hero

  441. Kim says:

    to help her

  442. Sue C says:

    dive into the

  443. Cheryl S. says:

    undersea world that

  444. Fannie M Wiggins says:

    would change her

  445. Melissa says:

    underwear to blue.

  446. Fannie M Wiggins says:

    then change her

  447. Sue C says:

    so that she

  448. Cheryl S. says:

    could cope with

  449. Suzanne says:

    I’m here! I’ll be right back with the numbers! They’re being selected for me now!:bananadance: