I Can Handle This One

adopt your own virtual pet!

A pet I can take care of when I’m on deadline! I wanted to put her in the sidebar and keep her around, but she’s too wide and made it go wonky. :hissyfit: Isn’t she cute, though?

Later–having way too much fun. Here’s a playmate for Teaberry.

adopt your own virtual pet!

You can take a treat out of the bag and she’ll jump up and eat it!


  1. Katie says:

    Teaberry! Does he shuffle? (Did I just date myself?):rotfl:

  2. Shannon says:

    I just spent five minutes scratching her ears and getting her to stand up.

    I really have to go edit now. *ggg*

    She’s adorable!

  3. Melissa says:

    I have a virtual pet too Suz. A Siamese cat who eats, plays, sleeps and lets me brush him. And, he also plays with the pointer which is a real trip. He sits on my desktop. Teaberry’s very cute! :thumbsup:

  4. Melissa says:

    :shocked: I didn’t know I could play with Teaberry myself. She was playing with my pointer!

  5. Kelly says:

    Oh, I just scratched her belly and nose. So cute!

  6. Teresa says:

    How cute! I want one too.

  7. R. Marie says:

    She just meowed at me(or was it a growl)?
    Nice kitty! So cute.:smile:

  8. Jill says:

    Well that was a fun diversion tactic!

  9. Mary says:

    How does she get along with Sir Buttercup?

  10. kacey says:

    LOL. She follows my cursor around and swats at it. What a cool time waster! 😆

  11. Cheyenne McCray says:

    LOL My new little puppy Susar is sure taking some time out of my writing schedule. At least the boys will be home for the summer now so they can take turns watching her.

  12. Carol says:

    LOL, Katie. That was my first thought!
    She is soooo cute! I love the way she plays with us! :bananadance:

  13. Suzanne says:

    Isn’t she fun? I could play with her all day. I want to put her in my sidebar so I can play with her again but I can’t figure out how to make her fit!:wall:

  14. Tori says:

    They’re darling!!! But I can’t get Boopsie to eat the treat. S/he just barks. :mrgreen:

  15. Tori says:

    Hey, did you know Teaberry purrs???

  16. Suzanne says:

    Tori, you have to let go of the treat, I think. Or that’s what I do, then boopsie takes it!

  17. Gina says:

    I tried to figure the sidebar issue, but the only way to put the pet in your blog is to use the livejournal code and then click on it to open another webpage to play with your pet. You can make the pet smaller to fit in your sidebar by fixing the width and height in the code. I tried it and that worked, I but took it down.

  18. Teresa H says:

    The pets are soooo cute and fun to play with too!:bananadance:

  19. Melissa Marsh says:

    Ooh, these are so adorable.