I Have A Butterboo…..What About You?


The envelope please…. ::rip:: Yesterday’s winner of a PAX mug: Comment #62–Amelia! (Email me!)

Today, something new up for grabs! A PAX League tote bag perfect for book wookies to carry around their latest haul of romance novels! One side of the bag has my “Romance with an Edge of Danger” tagline and the other side of the bag has the “We Save the World So You Don’t Have To” PAX logo. More on that in a minute………

So I was at the vet’s office for two hours yesterday. This vet always makes me wait. I need to get a new vet. When we went to Ocracoke Island last week, this vet (who has been our regular vet since we moved here last year) was full for boarding so we took Blue and Blossom, our two Australian Shepherds, to another vet for boarding. Turns out they were due for shots so the new vet said if we boarded them there, we had to let them give them their annual physicals and shots while they were there. That was fine since I’d intended to have the regular vet take care of that while they were in boarding if they’d had room there. When I went to pick the dogs up (who were slobberingly grateful to see me after thinking they’d been abandoned) I met the new vet. She was really nice. I liked her a lot except for the part where she kept insisting my dogs were fat. (They don’t look fat to me!!!! Do they look fat to you???)

I angsted a bit over who to take the cat to for his checkup, also due, but decided to take Buttercup back to the regular vet who did, after all, save his life six months ago when my supposedly fat dogs took a bite out of him and left him clinging to a log over the swollen creek in our backyard. Then he left me hanging for two hours. I keep thinking I should dump this vet. I mean, I would wait two hours on a regular basis for my beloved gynecologist back in Texas who had delivered my babies, but I’m waiting two hours for a VET now??? Then I’m finally paying this humongous bill at the checkout (after two hours) and the receptionist is asking me, “How is Blue and Blossom? I love your dogs! They are so sweet! When are we going to see them again?” What, am I going to this vet because I like the receptionist???

Our vet in Texas was so mean. And yet I kept going to him. What is my problem with vets? I have turned down representation from well-known literary agents because I didn’t think they were right for me and I can’t dump a vet??? I think I need my head examined. (Does anyone want to write a Dear John letter to my vet for me? And could you send flowers to the receptionist at the same time??)

Okay, today’s contest!!!! Tell me about your pets!! I have a very cranky cat named Buttercup. He is so bad that when I take him to the vet, the vet calls in two assistants and puts a muzzle on him. I love this cat to death. He is my buddy. He follows me around the house and sleeps at my feet and sprawls over my laptop whenever I’m not looking. I call him my Butterboo and my Butterbaby and other things that make my husband’s eyes roll. We also have two dogs, Blue and Blossom. They are both blue merle Australian Shepherds. They’re a brother/sister pair one litter apart and they can chase grown men onto the tops of their pickup trucks. If they could just catch someone, they would lick them to death. (This does not include the cat, of course, who they would like to EAT.)

Today, my 14-year-old son will do the drawing from all comments posted! So, for a PAX tote bag, introduce me to your pets (or your childhood pets, or the pet you would have if you could have a pet)! :heart:

(Note: the “Extravasuzannza” of fun and prizes to celebrate the release of The Beast Within (ON STORE SHELVES TODAY!) continues every day through July 8th! More to come!)


  1. Melissa says:

    Purrrrrrrr Suz,
    My name is Damian. I am an applehead, chocolate point, male Siamese who owns Melissa. I’m the love of her life! And, she can have no other cats but me! She’s the love of my life too.

    Meeeeeeeoooooooutahere! D =^.^=

  2. Maureen says:

    We have an 11 year old Black Lab/Shepherd mix. She is a big dog that doesn’t know she’s a big dog so is forever trying to get into places that she can’t fit into. She is very protective, pushing in front of me when the doorbell rings. Halloween is always interesting because she wants to be in front of me when I’m opening the door to give out the candy. When I tell her what a good girl she is she cries and leans against me to be pet.

    I don’t think your dogs are fat at all. Good luck with your vet.

  3. Cheryl S. says:

    No pets right now cause my daughter is allergic to both cats and dogs. She is working on me to get a fish. I’ve told her that will happen when she learns to pick up after herself . . . she may be leaving for college before that comes about. ๐Ÿ˜†
    When she was born and I first brought her home from the hospital, my parents had a miniature poodle named Peppy. Whenever she started crying, Peppy would stand on his hind legs and look into the bassinet like he was checking on her. He’s gone now. ๐Ÿ™ But he was a much-loved part of our family.

  4. Leanna says:

    We have a shihtzu, a lasa apso, a yellow lab, and two cats. Our lab thinks she’s a lap dog. If I give any attention to any of the others, she’s right there demanding her own, tail wagging and thwacking everything in sight. We rescued one of our cats off the highway. She’d been hit and had a concussion and wounded leg. Ended up losing the leg. But she gets around great with 3. 5 days after being hit, and I was scrambling around trying to find her a home (my husband and I are allergic to cats), she had kittens. Born 10 days early (according to the vet). One died the same day. ๐Ÿ™ Another lived two days. ๐Ÿ™ The third we named Miracle. She didn’t have ANY hair. Couldn’t keep her body temperature. Most kittens don’t survive if born more than 5 days early. She had to stay next to momma cat, but momma was a loon with the concussion and didn’t know what to do. Mom had no milk to give (her milk came in at 9 weeks, after I’d weaned Miracle off her kitty formula). I had to feed this kitten with a dropper every hour the first week (all night long too!) and every 2 hours the second, etc… She definitely has cat-ittude. She is definitely my 5 yod’s cat. She will only purr for my daughter. Another ‘miracle’ of this cat. My hubby and I aren’t allergic to her.

  5. Trace says:

    The Beast Within is on store shelves?! YAY! I’m going to get it today!!

    Oh, and I am a tortishell cat named Layla. I lie beside my mommy while she writes. I’ve been beside her for every story she’s written for 14 years. I insist on licking coffee from her fingers because I like my morning coffee, too. As well as mint chocolate chip icecream, olives and cheese. I am gorgeous. Everybody knows it. And I scare the dog and refuse to let her pass me on the stairs. I have a much more ferocious personality than she does even though she’s a rottweiler. :mrgreen:

  6. Amelia says:

    First, thank your son for picking the number to let me be the lucky winner of one of your delightful mugs. A great way to start the day!
    As for animals, we have three. We have a 14 year old Schnauzer named Holly. She is just like a member of the family and goes almost everywhere with us. She is not as energetic as she once was, but she does still have moments of dancing around the house.
    Have two lovable cats, a brother and sister named Porky and Spanky. They loved to be rubbed and will stand at your feet and raise up begging for your hand to touch them, which we always do. They love the dog and continuously rub her. The dog would just as soon be left alone. She will stop and walk a different way, just to avoid going past the cats.

  7. Margery Scott says:

    Waaaaaah!!! I can’t play today, since I don’t have any pets :hissyfit:

  8. Joely says:

    We’ve had really bad luck with dogs and our three monsters. The last small indoor dog we adopted from the shelter bit Lizzie in the face when she was about 20 months old. She’ still scared of dogs, but to help her get over her fear, we adopted an older poodle mix through my SIL’s vet clinic where she works. So far, Pepper has been working out pretty well, and Lizzie loves him, although she does get worried when he starts barking or jumping at her.

  9. Rene says:

    I only have one pet: Mad Max. Max is a California Desert Tortoise. He doesn’t do much. I can’t remember how long I’ve had him, but it is at least 20 years. He’s named after a Mel Gibson character and my Mel obsession was in high school. I’ve had tortoises on an off from probably 30 years, but Max is the only one I’ve managed to keep for a consistent time. Its because he’s lazy. He’s deaf (most tortoises are). He has a taste for the most expensive plants in the yard. He follows us around the yard hoping we will give smething he actually likes to eat.

    He’s not really a fun pet. He doesn’t bark, doesn’t want to be petted, doesn’t fetch. But he’s easy. And curious. I think he is around 42 years old. Chances are he will outlive me.

  10. Nicole says:

    Erm….I have to say I kinda agree with the vet. They do look kinda fat. *g* Though I wouldn’t notice except that my parents sent me pics of their two australian shepherds.

    And…I thought Australian Shepherds didn’t have tails? Or at least stubby ones.

    But your dogs are so cute!

  11. Nicole says:

    Never mind about the tail, they’re just fluffy. lol

    I love pets, but we haven’t gotten one yet in our apartment.

  12. Michelle says:

    We used to have fish, but we got rid of them. Actually, they had issues (reproductive ones). They kept going at it like bunnies until I thought our tank was going to explode with all the little fishies. I couldn’t stand cleaning the tank every week, so I donated them to a local pet store. I felt like that was the most humane way to close down the aquarium. :guitar:

  13. Lindsay says:

    Count me in! The cat that owns us actually belongs to a family 2 streets down (though we thought he was a stray). Orange, white & big of heart, he’s become our best friend. He’s out on the deck right now, sound asleep. Now that we know he has a home of his own, we don’t take him to the vet anymore. (!) We’d love to keep him, but…

    And YO! to TBW release – awesome!

  14. Suzanne says:

    Mel, my cat won’t allow me to have other cats, either! We had another cat but lost her, then we had gotten a new kitten but sadly she had a disease and died. Buttercup didn’t speak to me (wouldn’t sleep in my bed and hissed whenever I tried to pet him) the entire time we had the kitten. I’ve been afraid to try to get another kitten since then!

    Maureen, you Lab/Shepherd mix sounds so sweet! I love Labs!!!

    My daughter wants a miniature poodle, Cheryl! My grandmother always had miniature poodles so I have a soft spot for them.

    Leanna, I love the story of Miracle!

    Trace, I used to have a tortoiseshell cat! I want a calico now so badly…but Buttercup would kill me if I got one, I think.

    Amelia, I love the names Porky and Spanky, LOL!!

    Margery, you can play! Tell me about the pet you WOULD have if you could have a pet!

  15. Suzanne says:

    Ack, Joely, that’s scary about the dog biting your daughter! I’m glad you found a dog that works better with children now.

    Rene, that is so cool about a tortoise as a pet! I would love to see a picture of that!

  16. Suzanne says:

    Nicole, oh no, so they do look fatter than your parents’ Aussies? Ack!!! And no, they don’t have tails (they are docked). It does look like they do in the pictures, but that’s the big old fur hanging off their haunches that just looks like that in the photos when they’re sitting.

  17. Suzanne says:

    Michelle, we’ve tried several times to have fish but they always end up dying and that is so depressing, I finally gave up!! Good idea on taking yours to the pet store.

    Lindsay, LOL on taking your neighbor’s cat to the vet because you thought he was a stray! I bet your neighbors wish you’d keep doing that! Don’t you just love orange kitties? My first cat was an orange cat.

  18. Stacey115 says:

    I always had a pet in my life. To date I have three favorite. One cat, who later died of lukemia, loved to taunt my husband. The cat was all black and use to sit on the top step, going up stairs, leaving him eye level with whomever walked by. To me, he would pat my face to say hi. My husband said his eyes would glow red, his claws would come out and attack him, hissing the whole while. Usually at three o’kay in the morning when he was not quite awake. It scared the be-jesus out of him. *snickers*.
    My second cat sit by me constantly. He hears my car come in the drive way, jumps to the window to double check it is me, then waits by the door for me. This same cat sleeps on my hair at night to keep me company. And every time I turn on the computer, he is at my side. He loves the cursor. And when the screen saver goes on, watch out. He stares for hours, first at the screen then behind it to find out what’s going on. He will fall asleep with one paw on the screen, the other behind.
    I think I am running out of room, but my last is a husky dog I fell in love with. She was afraid of men and would follow me everywhere, even sleep by the door to keep guard over me. She would walk me to my car every morning. And every evening wait until I open the car door and escort me to the house. She died three years ago and to this day I still wear his dog tags on my key chains. The neighbors poisoned him with antifreeze when he wandered in their yard. *No one would admit to it! I, to this day, never spoke with them again. With no proof, the police could do nothing.
    I love all types of animals, but the three above are my favorites.

  19. Robyn says:

    I’m so happy you asked about our ‘baby’, Samson. He is a 10 yr. old male Apricot Toy poodle and weighs under 10 lbs. His other names are Sammy Jo, Sammons, Badyboys(long a), Feedypies, Badydolls-you name it. We love him to pieces. He does many tricks like dancing, walking in the park, playing dead, saying please, shake-a-paw and roll over. He is very protective of his Mom(me). He loves human food and when given potato chips and I trick him and don’t dip he spits it out or even sniffs and won’t take it.
    Thanks for asking about the love of our lives.:razz:

  20. trish says:

    OMG!! Pets? We have pets. I’ll start with the lone dog. A blonde lab named Sammy. She showed up one day about 3 years ago at the barn. It took two weeks for my kids to coax her to the house, two more weeks before she would let me touch her and four months before she would let my hubby near her. She had been abused and dumped (or ran away). She’s such a smart dog. And very protective of the kids. She goes everywhere with them. When they are inside the neighbor’s house she paces from door to door whining until they come out. We love our Sammy-dog! (And she drinks fetid water from the pond rather than the fresh water we put out every morning :rolleyes:)

    The princess, and supreme ruler of our house is a mixture of either calico or tortiseshell (I can’t decide) and grey tabby. Her name is Sassy. I found her on the railroad tracks one Sunday morning. She was suffering a terrible upper respiratory infection/cold and her little nose and eyes were runnning and her face was all swollen up. Poor baby. I brought her home and took her to the vet the very next day. I call her “The Sassimus” or “Miss Priss”. She’s spoiled rotten, barely tolerates us humans in her house, gets me up in the middle of the night every night to feed her, then curls up by my side to sleep the rest of the night away. When the kids are in school, she follows me from room to room. It’s really inconsiderate of me to make her get up that often, when she’s trying to sleep. When the kids are home in the summer, she finds a cozy, quiet place away from them to sleep the day away.

    Smudge is a calico who lives outside, sleeps in the doghouse with Sammy and is a wonderful mouse and/or mole catcher. My SIL rescued her from the middle of the road somewhere and brought her to us. She spends her free time hunting and exploring the nearby woods. When she’s feeling sleepy she will crawl up in your lap and suckle your knuckle, like a baby.

    And finally, Jewels, the cat we couldn’t get rid of. Another animal who wandered up. She had obviously been loved by someone at some point. She’s very friendly and loves attention. She has taken over my husband’s shop and doesn’t like to share it with any other animals. She has finally convince them to stay out so she doesn’t have to run away anymore and come home weeks later half-starved to death. I have a feeling she’s an old cat, though I can’t tell for sure.

    I won’t go into all the neighborhood animals who visit everyday. That would take up too much room!

  21. Kelly says:

    LOL! Hilarious post, Suzanne!

    Okay, our pet is Fred, a water turtle. Some might think it strange to get attached to a turtle…and well, it is.

    But what’s someone to do when the little guy starts swim against the tank everytime he sees and you to tell you he’s hungry? Stretching out his neck for me to drop his some food? He’s happier to see more than my own hubby sometimes. ๐Ÿ˜€

  22. Biddy says:

    Dylan arrived in my life when I was 8. He was a blue burmese but thought he was human. He grew to be a small sleek silver bundle of stupidity. But he was our bundle of stupidity. He travelled with us when we moved to the US and when we moved to Norway. Ok so he had to go to quaratine twice but he had that place wrapped round his little paw.
    He was the only person I was homesick for when I was at boarding school.
    In 2001 he left us after 21 years, we planted a buddleia bush to attract the butterflies he used to try and catch. Every Christmas we raise a toast to him. *wipes eyes* Man it still gets me teary.
    These days the family is ruled by my sister’s border collie and whippet cross, Bella. She is a rescue dog from the famous Battersea Dogs Home. She is also known as The Bella Bean, The Beanster, Monkey or Princess Little S*** (she is the aplha bitch)

  23. Mร ili says:

    Childhood: three dachshunds – Paddywack, Logan [after Logan’s Run], and Lazy Jane; Lazy Jane gave birth to twelve puppies, all were named after titles of The Beatles’s songs, we kept three – Lizzy, Eleanor and Sgt. Pepper; a German shepherd – Matty, a soft-hearted bastard that followed my brother Ally wherever he went; a doberman – Susannah, a happy-go-lucky sweetheart and a wimp; a bull terrier that my brother witnessed a tourist abandoned in one of our fields and we named him Michael, he was a sweetie with those huge sad eyes and he *loved* mint ice cream.

    We had a few cats as well: Smudge, Debbie, Baal, Amanda, Jimi, and Longrange [a kitten we found in a Glasgow street].

    I had a budgie Romy, but one day I found feathers scattered around my bedroom floor. I still don’t know what happened as we didn’t have any cats at the time. I also had a mouse, but to my shame, I can’t remember his name.

    In Newcastle where I attended uni, I was in a pub when I overheard a student wandered around, asking if anyone wants to buy her cat. A sleazy bloke was interested, but I didn’t like the look of him, so I dived in and talked the student into going back to her place to pick up her cat Blackie that had his tongue permanently sticking out. I renamed him Rainbow and quickly discovered that he was a mean-streaked cat that had no qualms clawing anyone to let them know that he was pissed off. But he also had a soft heart and was a great alarm clock. When an alarm rang off that didn’t wake me up, he sat on my face. He used to love sleeping under my quilt. I really loved him.

    Today: three cats – Freak of Nature because when he was 11 weeks old, he was already the size of a young adult cat, he was HUGE. Kane is a flirt who’d whore himself for a head stroke or food. Raffles is a thief because he steals anything that he can carry in his mouth to his various hidden spots.

    And an Irish wolf hound, Berlin whom I named after Eddie Berlin, the hero of Theresa Weir’s COOL SHADE. He’s a sad bastard, I have to say. Very kind, sweet and great with kids, but my God, he’s so dim-witted. My cats know this and ruthlessly take advantage of it. My husband and I have to rescue Berlin every day. He also likes to sprawl against front door to wait for the post to come through the letter box. He doesn’t do anything but lie there and wait until letters fall on top of him. He’d get up, sniff at them and amble away to his favourite sleeping spot in the living room. He does this every morning. If there wasn’t any post, he’d lie there all day if we didn’t drag him across the floor to get the door open. Weirdo. :yes:

  24. Mร ili says:

    Oops. That was a bit long. Sorry.

  25. Danica says:

    Do children count? They’re animals. :mrgreen:

    I have a miniature schnauzer, he’s black, so everyone thinks he’s a scottie. His name is Grant, but we also call him LiLi. I plan on someday getting a Westie and naming him Sherman. My menagerie will be complete when we buy a ranch and I can have an outdoor cat, who will be named Lee.

  26. Emily says:

    When I was about a year old, my mom took me to the shelter to get a cat. We were walking up and down the rows of kittys and the worker warned us there was a particularly nasty one.
    Well, the nasty cat apparently liked me (or she just wanted out) because as I walked by, she stuck her paw out and clawed my sweater and wouldn’t let go.

    Her name was Frisky. She lived for 20 years and for all that time, she didn’t really like anyone but me.
    She was kind of a nasty cat. She’d hiss and sratch at anyone not me and she didn’t really play or come when called or anything (although she did love to play with fresh green beans).

    When I went away to college she tolerated my mom but still had a major attitude.

  27. Suzanne says:

    Stacey, that is so sad about your husky! I’m so sorry. Something similar happened to a dog we had when I was a little girl.

    Robyn, I love apricot toy poodles! My grandmother had a white one named Prissy, then after that one died she got an apricot one….and named it Prissy! Now my sister has a dog named Prissy and my daughter wants to name her dog (when we get another one) Prissy!

    Trish, isn’t Jewels the one I saw pictured on your blog not too long ago? You are so good about rescuing pets! We found our Buttercup in a tree. There’s something special when our pets find us rather than the other way around.

    Kelly, we had a pet water turtle when I was a little girl and then one day my sister and I left the turtle bowl outside (I’m sure it was my sister’s fault not mine ๐Ÿ‘ฟ ) and the turtle died. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

    Biddy, aw, Dylan sounds like a beautiful cat! I love Burmese cats.

    Maili, don’t be sorry! I loved hearing about all your pets. I wish I could see Berlin when those letters fall on him, LOL! I’m so envious of all your cats, and everyone who has more than one. If Buttercup wouldn’t be mean to me about it, I’d have more. I’m going to end up as one of those old ladies with 50 cats….

  28. Suzanne says:

    Danica, LOL on the Civil War dogs!

    Emily, that’s kind of like Buttercup. He is just so cranky and he won’t have anything to do with anyone but me. But he’s my sweetie. :yes:

  29. Melissa Marsh says:

    I have two wonderful dogs named Tiny Bear and Charlie. Tiny is actually NOT tiny at all – he is a St. Bernard/Wolf/Husky mix. Huge dog. But he is SUCH a big baby. He cowers when it thunders. But he’s loveable and just downright fun to be around.
    My dog, Charlie (or Charlie Brown) is a black Border Collie/Retriever mix. I can’t believe what he’s been through. Parvo as a pup, hit by a car and bruised his lungs, hit by another car (yes, he likes to chase cars when he gets out of the yard) and nearly died. He broke his pelvis and couldn’t go to the bathroom by himself. I took care of him for about a month, tirelessly dragging him out of the garage on his little inflatable raft and into the sunny backyard. I never gave up on him, even when the flies swarmed over his wounds and filled them with their nasty little eggs. (I know – this is really gross, but I actually dug maggots out of my dog). I’ll never forget the day I saw him struggle to his feet and wander over to the corner of the yard, lift his leg, and pee. :bananadance: I know that sounds weird, but the vet had told us that if he didn’t get the capability back to go to the bathroom by himself, we needed to think about putting him to sleep. NO WAY was I giving up on my baby.
    He’s my shadow – he goes everywhere I go – even to the point of laying outside the bathroom door. ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. Mary says:

    I have a cat named Bumper and she needs that bag. I showed it to her and she went ape! She is bugging me right now, walking over the keyboard, harrassing me about that Pax bag. She’s really cute, orange with white front. She a good cat, never runs off and always goes in her catbox. I think she should win the bag. Go, Bumpy, Go.

  31. Laurie says:

    When I was in 2nd grade our dog “MAC” got hit by a car so my parens bought a replacement Sandy Mac anyway we were quite attacched went everywhere together. Then when I went to college when I turned 18 we were seperated for the first time Sandy died that night at the foot of my bed.

  32. Alyssa says:

    I don’t have any pets. If I could, I would have a cat because I think they are beautiful and they can entertain themselves when I’m at work. But I’m allergic to them.

    For a few years, I had a beautiful blue beta fish named Zhaan, after a character in Farscape. It eventually died, which made me horribly sad. No pets since then.

  33. TammyC says:

    I have 2 dogs and a fish at the moment. I have a female Huskey named Sierra and a male Pit Bull named Koda. Koda is the biggest baby I have ever seen!! He sleeps in the bed with his head on the pillow and his body under the covers. When he gets scared which is alot… he curls up in a ball under the covers. Koda also loves to swim in our pool and has his own raft that he likes to lay on and just float around while he naps. Sierra is sweet to everyone and everything except Koda! She is always beating him up for some reason or another. The good thing is that he usually just rolls over onto his back and lets her bite on him a while and then its over. She only has a couple quirks like picking thru her dog food and only eating the red pieces while Koda comes along and eats the rest. She also hates Koda sleeping on her which he loves to do since she is so soft and furry!
    I understand what you mean buy the fat dog issue! My Vet said Koda needed to loose weight twice now but, I think he’s fine! He only weighs 90 and he’s solid muscle. I hate that now we don’t just have to watch our weight but, our animals too. :hissyfit:
    I have a ton of coons that I feed and one that I can feed by hand plus, anything else that comes thru our yard gets food and water.

  34. ruby55 says:

    Boohoo! My only pets are my two leopard “would-be-cheetah” beanie-babies sitting on top of my monitor. I don’t have a pet. I guess the only real pets I ever had personally were some goldfish. However, we had family pets when we were at home: hamsters, a turtle, a guinea pig; a budgie and cat we took over from friends who returned to Germany to live; and last, but not least, our Alsatian, Ivanhoe. :wigglebrow:

    He was my favorite. He was a beatiful honey color. Whenever he went in the car, he’d sit very proudly, like a prince, by one window on the rear seat. We could see people swivelling to look back at him when we passed them or pointing to him when we stood beside them at a red light. He was hyper and got so excited to see one of us when he or she hadn’t been home for a while that he’d piddle on our feet as soon as we came in. Well, they say a baby’s first gift to its loved one ones is piddling or pooping so why not a dog’s favorite gift upon seeing its loved ones? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ :love:

    When my family moved from Winnipeg, MB to London, ON, my mother broke her ankle while she was packing. On the trip here she was still clumsy with her leg in a cast and accidentally stepped on Ivanhoe’s tail. He bit my mother. Since he was always such a baby about his shots, both he and my mother got rabies shots that day at some vet’s (well, I guess my mother went to a doctor unless vets give rabies shots to people as well) along the north shore of Lake Superior. He wasn’t angry, just lashed out in his pain.

    To make a long story a bit shorter: He was tied up in our front lawn at the new house when the toddler from across the street threw an apple to Ivanhoe and then wanted to get it back. What was Ivanhoe’s was Ivanhoe’s and he bit the little boy–not hard–but enough to make my parents worry about all the other young kids that were around there at the time. We weren’t allowed to have front fences and having one in the back wasn’t allowed for us either because we were beside a creek and the city didn’t want us to spoil the view. So my parents decided to find a home for him outside the city. They found a very nice woman who was used to dogs and gave Ivanhoe to her. I was :shocked: when I heard in a letter. However, he was so unhappy without us and snapped at almost everyone except the woman, that she finally decided to put him down. At first I couldn’t imagine not ever seeing him again (I was in Germany at the time). Now I just think back at the time we had with him with fondness. :heart:

  35. Jennifer says:

    Oh my, I’m worried about how to keep this short. We have downsized and have one dog now. Chloe is a black and white Australian shepherd who thinks everyone and everything should be her friend. We left her with a neighbor once when we went on vacation. She made herself so ill that she had to be taken to the vet. Now we have to take her everywhere with us. It’s really hard to find hotels that accept dogs.

    I’ve had everything, horses, crabs(hermit and African), dogs, cats, rats, mice, hamsters, tarantulas, and several snakes.

    I still miss Edward, my first rat. I would often let him run around because he was so intelligent and fun to play with. He made up several of his own games. With us he would hide under furniture and jump out on our feet when we walked by. With the dog he would hide under a pillow on the couch and run out to touch her on the nose and then run back. When it was time to put him up I would just call him and he would come. Once my husband and I were on the edge of our seats watching a movie. My husband suddenly leapt up into the air and threw his hand down to his inner thigh to umm protect himself and he said “Get….this….rat!” Edward had climbed up his pantleg as a little joke.:rotfl:

    I was cleaning my babies (tarantulas) tanks one day. I usually did this on my own as no-one else liked my babies. I was running out of time and needed help and decided to make someone help. My husband was lounging on the couch so I placed a three inch wide tarantula on his stomach. He gasped and stared down at it and began talking, “Okay, don’t walk up any further. You can stay right there. Don’t move.” He had that little conversation until I was done cleaning. Yes, we’re still married. Why’d you ask.:lol:

    Recently my husband and I became foster parents for cats through the humane society. We take in one cat at a time who has behavior difficulties that may hinder them from being adopted and we work with them for a while and then bring them back. It is very rewarding.

    I’m stopping here. I could easily triple this post with more stories. I love the subject. Sorry so long.:oops:

  36. Juanita Stender says:

    Hurray for cat people:thumbsup:I have three. I am so busy that I do not have the time for a dog – they are so needy:no:I just love cats and their attitudes:twisted:I call my boys – the three musketeers. First is an all black male named Shadow but not because of his color. He would follow my husband around like a dog. Then comes Nipper. He is all white and has a foot fetish:whip:He likes to nip at my toes when I am barefoot or in sandals. Last but certainly not least is Spats. He looks like he is wearing a pair of spats because he is black and white. He is just like his mother who we named Tuxedo because she looked like she was wearing one. He is a lover:heart:Putty in my hands. We had up to a dozen cats at one time but that didn’t go over too well with the neighbors so we had to reduce the family.:sad: I do not have any children so these guys are my babies:!:

  37. Suzanne says:

    Melissa, that is such a sweet story about Charlie! One of our ducks was wounded one time (yes, my pet, my Pink Pony)and I had to take maggots out of her wound while she was recovering, so I know how that is! Love is picking maggots out of your pet, LOL!

    Aw, Laurie, that’s so sad! I guess when she died she wanted to be as close to you as she could.

    Mary, Bumper sounds so cute!

  38. Suzanne says:

    Alyssa, if I ever get fish again, I want to get a beta fish. They’re so pretty!

    Tammy, that’s funny about your Husky beating up your Pit Bull!!!!

    Sigrun, aw, that is so sad about Ivanhoe, but I’m so glad you can remember the good times. Alsatians are beautiful dogs!!!

    Jennifer, Australian Shepherds are hard to travel with because they’re so big and bouncy! We’re going to travel with ours this fall because the beach house we’re renting allows dogs, so that’s going to be an adventure.

    Juanita, I’m with you, I think some people don’t like cats because of their attitudes, but that’s what I love about them!

  39. Juanita Stender says:

    I got to thinking about what pet I would love to have if I could and I wish I could have a pet dragon!:shocked:I think it would be so cool to have your very own dragon to watch over you. You could fly around on it and save fuel. Enviromentally considerate.:razz:It would definately scare off any muggers.:cool:Also could start your campfires without having to rub together two sticks!:yes: Some drawbacks could be finding enough food for it – that would keep it from getting too fat like the dogs. LOL. And finding enough room for it as it grows. Oh no I would have less room for my books.:hissyfit:Nix the dragon idea.:fryingpan:

  40. Peggie says:

    We have a dog Eddie. (his pic is on my blog) A cat Smudge and the cat who came with our house.
    When we moved here the owner of the “the cat” tried to take him with her to her new home across town but he just wouldn’t stay. The first time it took him a week to get back, the second three days and the third a day and a half.
    So we kept him. He’s getting old now and I expect he’ll be with us till he passes on.

  41. Saundra M says:

    I have two male cats, Rowdy and Dino. They are my kids now that my own children are grown and moved far away. And like most brothers (same litter), they are totally alike and totally opposite at the same time. They look nothing alike. Rowdy is a gray and brown tabby, while Dino is mostly white with a few tabby spots. Their personalities are adorable. Rowdy is the lovey one, likes to be cuddles a lot, while Dino would rather be looking out the window wishing for the freedom he cannot have.
    I love my cats and think everyone should have at least one cat in their life!
    And, no, your dogs are not too fat.. Have an awesome day, Saundra

  42. Jillian Beane says:

    I have a crazy cat named JD (i’m conviced that he was named after Jack Daniels). I got him when he was 3 (he wasn’t treated so well at his last home). I swear he thinks he is a dog. I’ve never before seen a cat who like water, but this one (to my utter surprise) joined me in the shower one day, just standing under the stream and looking up at me as if to say “whatcha doin’?” He carries toys around the house in his mouth like a dog, and growls louder than most of the larger dogs I have come across (he’s a cranky kitty, too). He’s part tabby cat and is solid grey with PINK (yes, pink) fur that looks like eye liner around his eyes… it’s so cute.:hyper:

  43. Amy K. says:

    We have two cats. Oscar is all black, and 100% mine. He and the husband have this testosterone-driven ongoing battle. Oscar waits for me to take him to the basement for bed every night (they have to sleep downstairs because of our allergies.) And he follows me around everywhere, sleeps on my desk, etc. Sounds as devoted as Buttercup. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Gabby is a small tabby who was abandoned in the foothills of Albuquerque as a baby and she has some issues. She’s afraid of everything, including our two kids. But when they’re gone and she comes out, she is the sweetest little love slut you’ll ever meet. And such a cutie.

    The two animals cuddle at night, but they don’t like anyone to know about that. :hyper:

  44. Estella Kissell says:

    There is not enough room on this website to tell about my pets. I have 3 dogs, 2 Pekingese and a Yorkshire Terrier. I have 9 cats–all Heinz 57.I have had the dogs for about 14 years. The cats are strays we took in and had spayed and neutered. they range in age from 16 years to 7 years of age. Talk about Vet bills–we spend more on them then we do on ourselves—but I would not get rid of a single one of them!

  45. BJ Deese says:

    My goodness…your blog sure is hoppin’!

    I have 2 new rabbits (not named yet). One is white and one is black. I have a beautiful white cat named Cat (daughter wouldn’t let me call it anything else), and a black Lab named Shadow.

  46. Marcy says:

    We have an orange tabby named Curry. He’s my kittyboy. We adopted him from the animal shelter because he just looked like he needed us the most. We got him a year before our first son was born so he’s my oldest. LOL

    He’s also the original fraidy cat. If you look that up in the dictionary, Curry’s picture will be there. He hides under the bed if anyone comes to the door. If my sister and BIL spend the night, he’ll rub up against my sister’s leg and purr when she’s using the bathroom during the night and all will be fine until she speaks. *gg* That’s when he realizes he’s made a dreadful mistake and turns into ‘flat cat.’ :mrgreen:

    He loves to be rubbed and chase his tail. He’s even caught it and bitten it for a painful shock, but that doesn’t stop him from trying to catch it again.

    He’s pretty, but obviously didn’t stand in the intelligence line long enough. ๐Ÿ’ก

  47. Jeanette Jackson says:

    I have a miniture dachshund named Barkley, who is at this moment licking my legs…he likes summer because of the shorts..he can get at bare skin easier.
    He is my baby..hmmm sound familiar anyone?

  48. Anna Lucia says:

    Ahhhh. It took me about ten minutes to decide which cat, past and present, I should tell you about.

    So let me introduce you to Piggy.

    Piggy is The Evil Death That Stalks The Night. She is death on four paws to anything remotely small and squeaky.

    She hunts with such a single-minded purposefulness that she loses about half her body weight in summer, because she’s more interested in take-out than eating at home…. She moves faster than I can think, and only ever brings home mice or birds still alive if she’s training up another cat.

    Piggy is such an efficient killer that if one of the other cats brings in something half dead, I will get Piggy to finish the job because she can do it quicker and neater than I can. I kid you not.

    Black, sleek, and glossy, Piggy has a sister called Pippi who’s identical to everyone else and completely different to us…. “What do you mean? Can’t you see Piggy has bigger eyes and Pippi is more fluffy? What do you mean you can’t see the difference in the angle of their ears, are you blind?”

    We keep out cats locked in at night, which doesn’t always work. Piggy’s hunting day starts at about 4.30am, when she likes to sit on my chest, purr at my nose and dribble on my chin. If I should be stupid enough to open one eye, even just a slit, she will take that as tacit permission to proceed to the next stage, which is the accurate and excrutiating application of a single white claw to the most sensitve portion of exposed flesh…

    But we love her. :mrgreen:

  49. Suzanne says:

    Juanita, that is hilarious about the dragon! I read that out loud to my daughter and she thought it was so funny!:lol:

    Peggie, that’s so neat about the cat who wouldn’t move!! LOL!

    Saundra, I love those names, Rowdy and Dino! My dogs are siblings, too, and I think they share an extra bond because of that.

    Jillian, wow, I wish I could see the cat with the pink fur!

    Amy, Oscar does sound like my Buttercup. I have to admit, I like it like that he only likes me!:twisted:

    Estella, you are so sweet to take in so many strays and take such good care of them. I would love to do that but my husband would kill me! ๐Ÿ˜ฏ But I want to! That sounds wonderful!!

    BJ, my sister used to have a dog named Dog, LOL!!

    Marcy, that is cute about flat cat!

  50. Suzanne says:

    Jeanette, yes, they are all our babies! I’m loving hearing everyone’s stories. I love miniature dachschunds. My daughter is torn over the toy poodle she started out wanting, a miniature dachschund, or a “dorkie” which is a mix of a dachschund and a Yorkie. Doesn’t that sound cute?

    Anna, aw, Pippi and Piggy are so cute! LOL on Piggy training up other cats! We try to keep Buttercup in at night, too, but sometimes he outwits me and I can’t get him in! I worry all night when he does that to me!

  51. Gina says:

    I have two cats. Bobo is the oldest at nine and a half years old. He was a gift from my brother. I had wanted a pet for the longest time. When my dad and I went to go visit him almost ten years, they had a litter of kittens just ready to go with no one to go too. So I snagged the most quiet of the bunch. He is also the most skittish. No idea why.

    The newest addition is JJ. He’s about 5 months old now. I got him back in March. He’s adorable, but full of energy.

    They are both my babies though. I love them to death.

  52. TeresaH says:

    I don’t think your dogs look fat, Suzanne, they look healthy and beautiful!

    I have two dogs. First a border collie named Ringo. He got his name because when he was a puppy he had a perfect white ring on his ear. His idea of playing with my other dog is to sit on him! He is a very smart dog and you can tell him a particular item of his to go get and where to go look and he does! He is also the dog I have that tiptoes to get near our birds. My other dog is Bear, he is a german shephard mix and is also very smart. Except, thank goodness, he hasn’t figured out that he can jump higher than the fence we have up! He is the dog that can open a door that is closed. He figured out somehow how to turn the doorknob when he was young. In the winter when we move their pen to the back door and let them stay in the back porch (we switch doors to one with a doggie door for outside) we have to make sure to lock the door that leads inside the house or he’ll open when he’s ready to come in! Dogs are smart.

    Ok, next we have 8 cockatiels. Those are the birds Ringo tiptoes to get near.
    The two that get to stay out all the time aren’t a bit afraid of the dogs. They love me. LOL They insist on being in whatever room I am in and if I leave the room without them they come find me. The one male bird, Coco, even tries to follow me out the door! It makes it hard sometime when I am trying to leave. He’ll get mad and attack my SO when he keeps chasing him off me so we can go somewhere. It’s really funny to see. The female who stays out, Pacer, is so tame and trusting of me, she lets me do anything to her without biting me. The only time she bites, actually she pinches!, me is when I’m eating something and don’t give her a bite! She never draws blood or leaves marks though. Anything we eat, they think they have to at least try a bite of. Her favorite foods are mashed potatoes, ice cream, and raw pecans. We let the other birds out too, but not as often. Pacer and Coco are out 99% of the time. They even like to take showers with me sometimes! I wouldn’t have thought it until we had them, but they all have their very distinct personalities, and are very intelligent birds!

    ok, I bragged enough about my 4-legged and feathered babies. ๐Ÿ˜†

  53. Kate says:

    I have a 65 lb street pup from the pound named soozee (boys decided on spelling). When we got her she had kennel cough and weighed less than 25. I thought she must have grey hound in her.

    The vet informs me that she’s got the nastiest breeds going: german shepherd, chow, pit bull, and rottweiler. And she’s a sweetheart. Kids can climb around on her and grab her tongue and she just looks like a martyr and wags her tail.

  54. Teresa says:

    I loved the pictures. Our vet is pretty good. No complaints.

    But about my babies. We have three kitties. One cranky old lady cat. Her name is Opus and she owns . . . everything. It’s her way always. We will even sit on the floor so we don’t disturb her. But she is like 18 years old. That’s human years. She was my husband’s before we met, but now she wants me more than him. But don’t tell him that.

    Our other two babies are brother and sister kitties. Chili and Pepper. Our Chilipeppers. Chili is a solid black cat. He’s big and stout and the biggest whinest mama’s boy you’d ever see in your life. But we’ve been told that that is a common trait in solid black cats. Who knew? We’re especially protective of him around Halloween. Pepper is a black and white fluff. But what she lacks in size she makes up for in absolute adorable. Her whiskers wrap around her head they’re so long, and she does this Lassie thing where she’ll run into a room and stop in her tracks look at us for a second then run back out. If we don’t follow immediately she’ll run back in and do it all over again. The kids are 5 years old so they keep old lady on her toes most days.

  55. Elizabeth says:

    Our dog was named Zoe and she was a beagle mix. What I remember most is that her nose and her desperation to follow scents would make taking her for walks workouts rather than relaxing jaunts.

  56. Gladys Paradowski says:

    Our last dog was an Australian Shepherd and he was the best behaved dog we have ever had. Alas, he became old and ill and we had to have him put to sleep. It was like losing a family member. It took us two years to even decide to get another dog. Hubby got a yellow lab. He is the most rowdy, destructive dog we have ever had. He has destroyed our backyard and you take you life into your own hands entering same. But he has the most adorable face and your heart just melts to look at him. We love him like crazy. I have been told that it takes three years for a lab to settle down and ours was only one year old April 22. Maybe some day I will again have flower beds and grass in the backyard.

  57. Sharon Barker says:

    Pets! When my children were growing up(they are all out of the home now), we had lots of pets including, dogs (several, rat, cats, rabbit and anything that didn’t have a home. The last pet I had was an 150 gallon aquarium with last of tropical fish but could no longer care for it so a friend took it (and the fish). The pets brought lots of joy to our lives.

  58. Lynn Daniels says:

    Pets? We’ve got two dogs. Or, I should say that two dogs have us. Jake is solid black 9yo Shepherd/Chow mix we adopted from animal control when my daughter was almost two. Prince is, we think, some sort of Spaniel mix. He adopted us a couple years ago.

    I grew up with a solid white Shepherd/Husky mix named Snow. I still miss him.

  59. Janet says:

    I have a ten pound iguana named Buddy. He’s the boss around here. Routine is his life, everything has to be done at the same time, every day, otherwise the rest of us are in trouble. Buddy is a vegetarian but he likes bean burritos from Taco Bell as a special treat (although he would like them for dinner every night). He loves to lie in the sun in the afternoons and to be held and cuddled in the evenings.

  60. Danni says:

    Hey Suzanne! I have 2 dogs right now, a brit spaniel who we inherited when my folks moved. She is loving as all get out but dumber than dirt!! Her name is Razzamataz, and we call her Razzie (except for my son, who calls her DO-OG in his angry voice!).

    I also have a little mutt we got from the pound April 27th. She’s 4 months old and getting into the lanky goofy stage. Koda follows us around like we hung the moon. She’s adorable. I have both their pics up on puppywars.com ๐Ÿ˜ณ

  61. Mechele Armstrong says:

    What fun reading! Great topic.

    My first baby, a mutt named Sheba. We rescued her from the SPCA, where she’d been brought with her puppies at 11 months old. She came into the little room and immediately sucked up to the DH who is not a dog person. Smart dog, she knew who she had to win over.

    She’s spoiled rotton, loves people, hates all other animals. Wants to be an only pet. Likes the kidlets once she decided they were people. If there is anything on the floor, she will lay on it rather than lay on bare carpet or hard wood. She loves soft stuff.

    Three years ago, she had a cancerous growith on one of her front legs. So she had to have it removed. She was around 10 years old, we worried how she would do. She does wonderful on three legs. She DIGS in our yard. She’s always been a digger since we got her. The Dh said with her surgery well at least she won’t dig any more. LOL fooled him.

  62. Suzanne says:

    Gina, kittens are so much fun! Enjoy JJ!

    TeresaH–that’s so funny about your birds taking showers with you! That cracks me up about Bear opening doors.

    Kate, soozee sounds so sweet!!!

    Teresa, ack, I bet you do have to be careful with Chili around Halloween. I wouldn’t have thought of that.

    Elizabeth, aw, Beagles are so cute!

    Gladys, I hope your new Lab baby settles down! I bet he does. You had an Aussie! They’re fun, aren’t they?

    Sharon, a fish aquarium is harder to take care of to me than a big dog, so I can relate!

    Lynn, oh, Spaniels are so adorable!

    Janet, LOL on the iguana who likes Taco Bell!!! One of the elementary schools where we used to live had a pet iguana that wandered around the school. It was really cute.

    Danni–Koda is so cute!!!!

    Mechele, oh, poor Sheba with her three legs, but LOL that she can still dig!!

  63. Jennifer says:

    Gee and I left out the iguanas and small lizards and the chickens I had when I was in middle school. The chickens were Japanese silkies with soft feathered feet. They laid small blue and green eggs. They were very tame and one liked to sit on top of my head when I went for walks. :blahblah:

  64. MaryBeth Isaac says:

    thanks for the contest. I love the pics! We have a dog, a black lab-border collie mix that has been with us for 10 years. She looks like the dog on the Simpson’s and is a big part of our family. :bananadance: