I have a phone and I know how to use it


My hunk of burning love has been working late ALL WEEK. That means I’ve been cooking dinner every night. Last night my daughter noted that I was cooking dinner again. (Yes, this is odd enough that my children notice it.) I said, “Yes, I am, and I’m TIRED OF IT.” (Just call me the Happy Chef .) She said, “Don’t most women do the cooking?” (What ARE they teaching her in school???)

I whipped around. “NO. Most women do NOT do the cooking.” (Okay, that’s probably a lie, but I write fiction for a living, so I get to do that at will.) “Men can cook. And they should!” (I don’t have a rationale for this, but it works for me.)

She puffed her chest out and said, “When I get married, my husband is going to do the cooking just like Daddy! Or else!”

I hope the boy she marries isn’t going to the same school that she is.

Tonight, my husband is working late again and I’m teaching her how women order pizza.

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