I Want to Do Something for You


Click here to vote! (Following your directions and moving this to the top!)

You are the most wonderful people in the world.

If I don’t get the SAM-e job, being part of this process will have been more than worth it to have experienced the love that you have shown to me. I can’t repay it. I can’t thank you enough. I have been stunned, shocked, disbelieving, overwhelmed, and incredulous by your efforts on my behalf. I hate to ask you every day to vote. Sometimes I wish I’d never gotten into this! Not because I don’t want the job (I do), but because I feel as if it’s such a burden for you. One day, a friend emailed me and told me about this contest. In five minutes, without thinking it through, I filled out the form and I was in it.

And my life has not been the same since.

My goal with this website every day is to give to you. And from now until December 7, I have to ask for something from you. I want to do something for you. Here is what I’ve come up with and I’m open to suggestions of what more I can do for you. (Let me know if you have ideas!)

If you have posted about me on your blog or your forum, anything where I can provide you a link, please comment here on this post, tell me that you’ve posted about me, and leave the link to your blog or to your forum. I will put them all together in a post in the next few days and post your links! If you are here, then there are probably other people here who would enjoy your blogs and your forums. Let me share them.

I know many others of you have posted on your Twitters and Facebooks and other places or just emailed people or gone around your offices telling people to vote, and so I need to find another way to thank everyone. I’m going to run some book giveaways in my forum. Post there once per day and I’ll have a random drawing every day to give away a copy of one of my books. Even if you are a man and don’t actually want one of my romance novels, it would possibly make a nice Christmas gift for someone on your list. I will autograph the book and sign it to anyone you like. I’ll have a winner every day. (This is in addition to the Chickens in the Road calendar contest that is ongoing till Thanksgiving Day. See details below on that.)

Because I set my blog a day in advance, at night, to be sure my blog is waiting for you the next day no matter how early you get up, I will be posting a new book giveaway topic every day to include the link in the next day’s post. I will post the topic late at night, after making the random drawing from the previous topic.

Today’s book giveaway topic is here. I will note in each day’s topic what the title of the book is that I’m giving away.

You can read all about my books here.

By the way, you can also embed my video on your blog or post the link on your Facebook and Twitter.

Here’s the link to the video: Suzanne from Walton, WV. To embed the video on your blog, click the “embed” bar to the right of the video here.

And now for your daily public service announcement:

Click here to vote!

The vote watch is here if you can handle the nail-biting addiction.

The voting runs through December 7. These are early days yet and the competition is working it, so please stay with me!

And don’t forget–comment here for your first entry of the day for the 2010 Chickens in the Road Calendar giveaway. Then go here to make additional entries: The Chickens in the Road forum.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? All the contest details are here. (But remember to come back here to make your comment entry (on this post).



  1. Diane Jennings says:

    I voted! And I think I’ve read most if not all your romance books. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Julia says:

    It’s funny, you give us so much with your blog–interesting stories, beautiful pictures, recipes, a good perspective on life. SO when the contest came along and you asked us to vote for you, many of us were pleased to have an opportunity to give something back to you. But that has boomeranged and now you want to give us something because we gave you something because you gave us something.


  3. Betty says:


    I think this is the first time I’ve actually commented on your blog. I have been bad about reading the last few weeks, but I read about the job offer yesterday and immideatly voted. I think you would do a great job. You have a lovely site and are so much better about posting rutinely than I am.I find your stories about life on the farm very cheering. I’ve also gotten many ideas about how to spiff my blog up from you. I have a perminent link to it from mine because I do check back rutinely when my life is less hectick(how do you spell that?) ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hope you get the job!


  4. Patty says:

    Hey Suzanne, I just voted again!
    I have posted twice about you and the contest now. ๐Ÿ™‚ This is the latest one (I embedded the video). https://chaotictendancies.blogspot.com/2009/11/another-special-request.html That post also has a link to the first post I wrote about you in it as well. I don’t have many readers, but I did have a couple people tell me they voted for you when they saw my first post. ๐Ÿ™‚ Every vote helps!
    My blog isn’t exactly a country blog at all. It’s more of a “Here’s how chaotic my life can be on a daily basis and how I’m trying to fix that.” That’s one of the reasons I love your blog so much. You give me hope that is CAN be done. You seem to be constantly working on something, plus taking care of 3 kids and those animals and still find time to blog, cook, can, etc. You wear me out just reading about it! :bugeyed: I am really rooting for you to get this SAM-e job! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Andrea Atkinson says:

    I agree with Julia. I am voting for you every day because of what I have already received from you. I love your blog. I love your recipes. I adore the pictures of the animals. Like you said in your video…your living on a farm so that I don’t have to. I would love to, but I don’t want the work.

    All you need to do for me is keep blogging.

  6. MissWiniW says:

    One of your posts (When It Rains) is one of my favourite reads on the web, so it appears on a page on my blog (here: https://misswiniw.wordpress.com/fave-blogs/) I also have you in my links list ’cause you and your farm are awesome and I think you need to be shared with all! (I also like to randomly retweet you – teehee) XXX

  7. Laurie Collins says:

    Just realized that you can vote from your cell phone as well as your computer, giving Suzanne 2 well deserved votes per day from each of us-so if you are able, use both and let’s help Suzanne win this thing! She brings us so much and asks for nothing in return, amd it’s in the holiday spirit to give to others.

    Go Suzanne-let’s rock this thing! :snoopy:

  8. Patty says:

    Dear Suzanne. I am thankful for your blog. I log on and enjoy your gifts. Your blog has brought happiness and joy into my life. I do not have a blog and I often say that next to my daily talk with God that you are a life brightener in my day. Thank you for sharing your life with me. It has been a rough two years for me as my husband’s business failed and God called my mother home. I am so happy I linked onto your blog.
    My prayers are with you and your family this Thanksgiving. You are one talented lady! Thanks for being there for me
    LYL Patty N

  9. Becky says:

    I voted!!Everyone keep voting!!!

  10. Brenda S 'Okie in Colorado' says:

    I know it is a very busy time for everyone this week, but hopefully everyone will continue to vote. We gotta come through for Suzanne! All you Sugar Pie Farmhouse Sista’s that are visiting here, please vote.

  11. Marla says:

    I’m being a bit selfish when I vote for you…I want another good blog post to read each morning!!! :sun: One that is sunny and happy! :sun:

  12. trish robichaud says:

    good morning everyone. i am vote #6548 and proud of it! lol. my neighbor is having a yard sale today, i thought what a great chance it is to get some votes for suzanne.i didnt know about cell phone voting, can someone give me the info, i have alot of friends with cells. i dont have one, im so old school its pathetic. now note to self ( get a cell phone )maybe the jitterbug :dancingmonster: , anyway its the love of this site that keeps everyone coming back. suzanne you cast your bread upon the waters and now its coming back to you, have a great day everyone :shimmy:

  13. Cindy says:

    Like many of the others the chance to vote for you was a way to give back to you for the fun I have reading your daily posts. I don’t have a current blog of my own other than on SPARKPEOPLE but I have posted there about the contest and several of my readers have been voting. I vote daily from desktop and laptop and my 41 y/o married son has been voting from his desktop and laptop because he has been reading your blog, or well, drooling over the recipes he wants his wife to try (she’s not a computer person). :no: I have also sent out some emails with the voting links and have gotten some good response from them. The folks with Facebook and Twitter probably get out the most votes for you!!

    Wishing you all the best in this contest because you really are the best candidate for the job!

    Cindy in Indiana

  14. Kathleen in Michigan says:

    Julia said it better than I ever can. We love you!

  15. Natalie says:

    Good Morning, Suzanne,
    I enjoy visiting your blog, and have been voting for you too. I would love to win the calandar…I have the perfect place for it in my teacher planning center.
    I have your blog link on the sidebar of my blog, hoping that some of my followers will discover you too.
    Thanks for the great recipes. Happy weekend. ~Natalie

  16. lisa says:

    I vote twice every day and ask all my friends to vote as well.
    You are living the life I want to live, and you inspire me with your energy.
    Keep thinking positive… you’ll win this thing!

  17. WatkinsGal says:

    Yep, I have voted everyday…searched the Sam-e site…cannot find out how to vote via cell phone…do you have to have access to the web, or can you text??? I’m so techno-challenged!

    Suzanne, your blog and RECIPES are your payment for my votes! BTW…made your cranberry sauce yesterday…used just one bag of cranberries/adjusted recipe accordingly. I ate half of it…yum. Off to buy cranberries today to make enough to can!!!

  18. KnittySue says:

    Hi Suzanne, Though you don’t hear from me often I do vote for you and try to be sure I do it every day. I enjoy your blog with all it’s recipies and fun animals….you are a bright addition to my day. I will continue to vote and pray you get the job.

  19. Tracey In Paradise Pa. says:

    Good Morning Suzanne!!
    I do not have a blog but I have been spreading the word to family and friends. We have been voting voting and voting!! I so love your blog and wanted to say I am a early morning girl. I wake up at 4:00 to 5:00 everyday and so appreciate your new blog always up!
    Thank you, Thank you!! Nothing like waking up to all your friends!!
    Especially Clover!!
    Hugs, Granny Trace :snoopy:

  20. Leah says:

    Good Morning!Hope you have a great day and the voting goes well!

  21. ticka1 says:

    I vote for you twice a day once from home and once from work. I look forward to waking at 4:30 a.m. each morning and reading your blog posts. It always brightens my day and puts a smile on my face.

    Happy Thanskgiving!


  22. Sheila Z says:

    I vote everyday. It’s painless and I sure hope you get the writing gig. You deserve it and more people deserve a chance to enjoy a window into your fun days with the Giant Puppy, Clover and all their friends.

  23. CindyP says:

    I vote to THANK YOU!!! And I post to facebook to thank you! And I blog about you to thank you! That’s sort of a concensus here :happyflower:

    But if you insist…….. http://www.chippewacreek.blogspot.com ! I love visitors, too! LOL!!

  24. Celia says:

    I just voted from both my computers…would love to know how to vote via cell phone! :happyfeet: I don’t write much on my blog but just did an entry for ya, Suzanne. I sure wish we could get the count back up on top! :hissyfit: Here’s my blog post…https://sonshineantiques.blogspot.com/

  25. Nancy says:

    Hi Suzanne,

    Sometimes it’s difficult to understand what we do for others. Your blog is all we need. I’ve commented on this before, but I just can’t imagine starting my day without your blog. Heck, it would be like trying to start my day without coffee. I shudder at the mere thought!!!

    Okay, I’m heading off to vote. Coffee. Suzanne. Vote. Easy peasy.

    (And I’ll be making some Grandmother Bread this morning. MMmmmmm)


  26. NorthCountryGirl says:

    Good morning, Suzanne. As I stated in my comment last night, Phase 2 votes count only 20% towards winning while the judges decision on qualifications counts 80% as stated in the terms of the contest. The top vote getter may not necessarily win by votes alone. Also, under ABILITIES it mentioned considering testimonials from friends and family. I asked if it would be possible to send our own personal testimonials concerning your website and your ability to faithfully post it everyday directly to Sam-E. This would definitely show Sam-e that your bloggers feel you are more than capable to handle the Sam-e blogging job. Also, it would show the size and magnitude of the positive impact you and your website have on our lives! It’s worth a shot and I’m sure there are many out there who would gladly type a small testimonial to Sam-e on your behalf. If you can check with Sam-e and see if this is possible, the flood of testimonials would surely give you the edge. We want you to win!!!

  27. Rebecca says:

    Love the book give away idea. The thing is, every person I’ve ever told about your blog becomes immediately addicted to it. The pictures are wonderful and the writing is down to earth, funny, and the food always looks yummy. It is a vicarious thrill to leave the office and step into Clover’s world. All that and duck butt fluff too. What’s not to love?

  28. Diane says:

    I have voted everyday. I hope you win. I do it because I enjoy your blog and recipies and pictures of all your animals and the stories as well. You have teen agers I have one so I enjoy reading how another mom is dealing with this phase of their kids life as well. So all in all I think that is payment enough for me. ๐Ÿ™‚ But its so nice for you to think of us that way. HUGS. Good luck on the contest.

  29. Mary says:

    Well, I look so forward to your blog every morning since I discovered you a year ago. Yours is the only one I read ever. However, I had to look up LORI’S to see why she had so many votes this morning. She is actually giving away the chance of winning $100. gift cards every Friday!! That hardly seems legal although I haven’t read the rules. I just hope the judges can see through all this and realize the Talent that you are. We love you.

  30. Becky says:

    I’m with Julia!
    I couldn’t have said it better.
    I have a post about you and the competition as a sticky on my blog. So anyone who visits can read it and vote from there. I also post it on Facebook everyday.
    Good luck, Suzanne!!!

  31. jason says:

    Only thing I want is to see you win. This voting is driving me insane. I feel bad because I’m on vacation all next week and won’t be able to vote from work. I’ll be out of town but I’ll be sure my wife casts our votes from home each and every day. Wish this 2nd round looked more like the first…where you were able to pull away and stay there. Don’t give up on us though, we will do everything we can to get you out front!

  32. Carol Ann says:

    How lovely of you to do something back for your readers. It shows even more how much you deserve all the love and caring that you are manifesting. I have voted for you every day and recommended the voting link to all my friends. I see you are one of the top contenders. And, don’t worry, we’ll show those California girls (the two ahead of you are both from that big, beautiful state on the west coast) that a girl from Walton’s Mountain, WV, can get all the votes she needs. :airkiss:

  33. Doris Lindsey says:

    Suzanne..I don’t have a blog but I read yours every day..I seldom comment..I have sent an e-mail to everyone in my address book asking them to vote for you. I have also posted it on my Facebook page. I am rooting for you to win !!

  34. lishusm says:

    I *gasped* when I read “If I don’t get the Sam-e job”!! :hissyfit: That just can’t happen! Oh my!

    I don’t have a blog or anything. And I already receive everything from you that I could possibly want. Allowing us to peek into your life and your farm!

  35. Elaine says:

    I think you underestimate how much you actually do for your readers. They feel so blessed by you that they would jump through hoops to give you what you want. And really it is not like you are asking us to give a kidney or blood or anything it is two clicks of a mouse…who can’t do that. I know I have posted multiple times about your blog. I have posted on face book as well. Here is the link to the one I could remember. I am too lazy to search my entire site for all the links about you…not that you aren’t worth it. Here is the link to the first one I could find. http://www.heavenscentfarms.com/organizing/. Go get em girl!

  36. Judy@daily yarns says:

    Hi Suzanne,
    I love your blog and have chickens now because of you. I have posted and have a link on my sidebar. I hope you win…Good Luck.
    I’m not sure how to add the link but I posted at dailyyarnsnmore.com

  37. Mary says:

    Hi, I don’t understand how this works as I don’t even own a lap top computer, but I checked on Brigette to see how she was getting the votes. In the comments that were sent to her one of them states: “You can actually vote twice if you have a Firefox and Explorer laptop…once on Firefox and once on Explorer.” I don’t pretend to know what that is about, but I just thought I’d tattle. We are grateful to Suzanne for her hard work, generosity, and extreme talent and just want to give her a vote of thanks…well, many votes of thanks

    • NorthCountryGirl says:

      Mary is correct. I have Safari, Firefox, and Camino web browsers on my Mac. I tried voting on all three and each time it went through. I voted once for my daughter, once for my husband, and once for my granddaughter to make it legal. BUT, that is true. Each web browser shows up differently

  38. jules says:

    I enjoy your blog more than any other, I’m a country girl gone city & this blog is how I stay sane. Thank you for sharing!! Jules :cowsleep:

  39. Chic says:

    Good Morning! I’ve already got my vote in for the day…wish I had a cell phone that worked so I could put another in for you Suzanne! My husband votes every night and two of my sisters and my step mom all vote from Canada every day. My step mom wrote last night to let me know that she’ll vote every day till I tell her to stop…she’s 85 years old!!!! Yesterday my husband told me he was going to get some of the guys at work to vote for you too..he works at a huge aircraft manufacturing plant. He’s such a sweetheart. :hungry2: (pitchfork!)

  40. 5kathleen2 says:

    Oh Suzanne, so many contests, my head is spinning! Like everyone else being able to read your blog each morning is enough for me. (although one of your books would be a bonus! :lol:) I like the testimonial idea . I voted as usual. Happy weekend :hug:

  41. katherine says:

    Love reading your post every morning….and it’s so my pleasure to make voting each and every day a habit! No blog right now but posting it on facebook and twitter.

  42. Cecelia says:

    29Ya know… I don’t have to be bought to LOVE your blog. (re: the 100 dollar giftcards giveaways) I think if you do a giveaway it should be from the heart, something special to you, something you have enjoyed, etc.. But, that is me and I am just a simple ol’ country girl from WV… living in NC. LOL

    I blogged about you on Oct. 29 during the first round. I plan on embedding your video today and hopefully getting you a few more votes. You may just be my 500th post!! How cool would that be? I plan on doing a giveaway for my 500th post. I am an Active Duty Air Force Enlisted Spouse, so believe me it will not be a 100 gift card. HA

    Much luck to you, Suzanne… you so deserve this. :heart:


  43. Debnfla3 says:

    I just voted and it is now up to 6849!! I almost died when I saw that other girls total, way to close to our Suzannes!!!

    This is very nerve wrecking but I have never enjoyed being a part of a group like the people here. Thank you Suzanne for letting me be part of your wonderful group!


  44. Dianne says:

    You already give…….your ideas and those recipes! I made your Grandmother Bread with berries and Cinnamon rolls this weekend for the first time and my family loved it! I was amazed at how easy it was and my home smelled so good! From one farmgirl to another! Best wishes and God’s Blessings!

  45. Melinda says:

    I really want you to get the Sam-E job. I think you deserve it. You are dedicated to your readers, a fantastic role model and just a good person all the way around and those of us who read your blog learn so much from you. I have been voting my little keyboard off every day to try to do my part to help you get your goal. I don’t particularly care for the underhanded way some of the contestants are trying to win but I think either way……whether you get the job or not……you have learned that a lot of people you have never met think highly of you and your family and wish you well on your endeavors. I think you may have already won….people vote for you because they love what you stand for…they love what you do…they love you! And in this world of everyone looking out for themselves and barely having time to breathe people have stopped and taken the time to support you and made it a mission to see that you get that job…. it won’t pay the bills (this support and adoration) but in the end knowing you were loved and well thought of trumps the rest any day.
    We are on your side and giving it everything we have to see that you win…….if by some quirk you don’t……we will still all be here, on your side, watching for your posts and holding you and your family warmly in our hearts.
    (Sorry so long winded…I will get off my soapbox now :happyfeet: :happyfeet: :happyfeet: )

  46. Harbor Hon says:

    Hi Suzanne,
    Just posted about you on my blog. I love coming here every day to see what’s going on at the McMinn place. :sun: I will be praying that you get the gig at SAM-e too. xxoo


  47. Stacy says:

    You’re still in the lead. YAY!!!!

  48. Harbor Hon says:

    Hi Suzanne,
    Just completed a post about you, hope you like it. I commented, but it didn’t show up. Maybe a glitch in my computer, but I’ll post this one again. I’ll be praying that you get the gig as I know you’ll be very good at it. Love coming here, and you know Georgia is one of my favorite subjects. Good luck! xxoo :sun:

  49. Claudia says:

    I would love to see you win and it is fun to vote!

  50. remudamom says:

    Okay, I’m pretty klutzy with computers and have to be talked through everything, but I managed to get the link to your video on my blog and facebook. I couldn’t get the pic to show up but when you click it comes right on. Sorry, I’m an idiot. I hope you get the job, my sis’s company is in another deal like yours, and she really needs to put the food on the table for her little girls. I’m praying you both win. Visitors to my blog welcome!

  51. NorthCountryGirl says:

    I agree with Melinda. When it’s all said and done, the most important thing is you now know just how much you are loved and appreciated.

  52. Euni Moore says:

    I don’t know how you ladies were able to vote again on Firefox. I just tried and the site would not allow another vote. Would like to vote on all the browsers (and I would) ‘cuz if that chick on the west coast can give away $$$ then we should be able to vote on other sites. I reallly want you to win. You deserve it for all you do for those of us who follow you on a daily basis. Mamawolf

  53. Goldenval says:

    Hi Suzanne: I’m a long time reader and your blog starts my day off every day. I have posted a link to you and also your video on my blog. I’ve always had your link in my sidebar so I imagine most of my readers already know you but just in case any do not…..Now they can experience a link to Happiness. I’ve labeled this post C’mon, get HAPPY….after the old Partridge Family Song because that’s just what I think of whenever I visit. Good Luck and big hugs!

  54. Sandra says:

    Suzanne, thank you for your blog site. I recently canned cranberries and they look so pretty. I am making homemade vanilla to give as Christmas gifts. You have wonderful ideas and you keep them simple so people like me can create, too. You and your site are a joy on a daily basis.

  55. Andrea says:

    I keep voting. You are moving up in the number count.

  56. Mary says:

    :sheepjump: Suzanne–I’m pulling for you and will vote again from my son’s computer. I love to read but you don’t need to give anything away–just the joy I get from reading your blog and enjoying the pictures is enough (unless you want to throw a loaf of Grandmother’s bread in the giveaway)! Good luck.

  57. Heidi533 says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Your blog is the highlight of my morning. I come here to start my day. Sometimes I forget to start my coffee in my rush to get here to see what you will give us that day (I remember really fast though and go back to get it started). I love your blog and feel like you are a friend I look forward to spending a few minutes with every morning. Thank you for reminding me that I can share you in my blog as well. I posted about the contest and why I think my meager group of readers should join the cause for you. https://henhousediaries.blogspot.com/2009/11/please-help-my-friend.html

  58. Patty says:

    Good Morning from frosty Minnesota! Voted first thing this morning again and was thinking about how wonderful it is to see the support you’re getting for this! This is some really hard economic times for people and it’s nice to know that when someone has a chance to provide yet a little bit more for their family, people are willing to try and help make that happen! Yeah for everyone and their efforts!! Have a good day!

  59. Ms E says:

    Concur w/North Country Girl – please determine if we can send direct letters of support to Sam-E. You are a talented writer with a devoted following and they need to hear from that following! Where you post…we will follow.

  60. Bonnie says:

    Voted this morning. I am thinking postive that you will get this.
    I enjoy reading your blog first thing in the morning. I can’t tell you what it means to me to know you are there. It is like being able to visit your family that lives out of town every day.Good luck.

  61. Amy says:

    I think Susanne’s blog already brightens everyone’s day, or completes it if you read it late. (like me) She IS a good mood. Coming here and getting lost in her posts (seriously, how did I get to the Milking Party? lol). Susanne has taught me to find the extraordinary in the ordinary. And I think we all come here to see what she has turned up next that we would have either missed, or dismissed. You are living the life I want. I’m sure others would agree.

    I just found the blog a few days ago (searching for bourbon balls, yum) but now I’m addicted.
    And I what to visit the farm too. :smilerabbit: In the Dare Debbie Post, I offered to pay for a few nights as a boarder… and I was serious. My daughters spring break is in March and we are headed out of Florida to the country no matter what. :snoopy:

    I voted from my respective pc’s but the count is close. I read into the other two girls and they do not have the depth that Susanne has. Their efforts are all about the blog job, and you do not really get the sense that they are out there cheerfully writing because that’s what they love to do, the way Susanne does.

    I think Susanne has more to offer the good mood people then the other candidates do.

    Susanne, have you started writing a daily blog to represent what you will do for the good mood blog, show them exactly what you can do? You can put it in the side bar somewhere.

  62. Renita says:

    :sheepjump: I sure hope you are winning the contest. With your dedication, you deserve it

  63. Claudia W says:

    You say you want to do something for us! Suzanne…you do so much for us already! I love coming to see your posts everyday. You put a smile on my face and give me an attitude adjustment to start my days off in the right direction! (I’m sure there are many people who come in contact with me who appreciate what you do for them every day through me, by putting me in a good mood!)
    I appreciate the work you do to entertain and inform us, to teach us and guide us through some fun and tasty projects!
    You rock!
    I hope you find out if we can write little essays to the e-SAM people, so we can tell them ourselves how we feel about you! I don’t write very good, but I can certainly tell them how much I like you and appreciate you!

  64. Sandra says:

    I am new at this blogg stuff. I registered a week or so ago so I could access the forums. Now, I can’t access because I can’t remember my user name or password. I usually write that stuff down, but didn’t this time. I tried to re-register and I get a message that says the e-mail address is already registered, etc. What do I need to do???

  65. Laura Wright says:

    From a fellow romance writer, I believe your GRANDMOTHER BREAD recipe is the best “gift” you can give. For the first time in my life, I’ve successfully made bread- many, many times!! Please stop worrying about asking everyone to vote – we all want this for you!!

    Laura Wright

  66. AsTheNight says:

    OK – let me get this straight: someone is giving away money for votes? That must be against the rules. I’d report it if I had the details.

    Anyway…back to focus on the positive: voted again today 7090 votes.

    I don’t have a blog (I know, I’m the only person left in the USA without a cellphone and a blog), but I am a little Twitter (badword) and I set up a favorite Tweet, which means I’ll remember to tweet for you every day. Here’s today’s: https://twitter.com/AsTheNight/status/5920152004 .

    And while I don’t have a blog, I’m still trying to win that makeover for my kitchen, so if you want to include that link, it’s here: https://www.naturayourworld.com/en/view_entry.php?entry=kznqac6 . I understand if you don’t and if you take out this paragraph before you approve the post. I just figure I’d be a fool to not ask, right? And maybe one of your readers will win the $500 voter prize!

  67. kproctor says:

    :snoopy: Boy could I use a calendar since we moved and am still unpacking and don’t have a clue what the date is most days! Also voted again today and love your books too!

  68. Carol in WI says:

    #7111 vote here! :snoopy: Your the best Suzanne. You truly deserve to win cause you brighten everyone’s day. Your blog is the only one I consistently follow. :sun: CHICKENS IN THE ROAD IS LIKE AN INSTANT HAPPINESS FIX I need every morning!!! The day just would’nt be the same without you. I find myself often thinking about your posts during the day and how happy they make me feel. :happyflower: SAM-E SUZANNE MCMINN IS THE ONE YOU WANT FOR THE JOB!!

  69. Hannah says:

    YEAH!!! Kitty gravatars are back! 8) ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜ฎ :help: ๐Ÿ˜ฅ (sorry for my nagging.) I voted. I also looked at the vote watch, you’re neck’n’neck with someone called Lori. And no! You have not been a burden! I will do anything to get you this job!

  70. gagirl says:

    I agree with the posters above…I was directed to you by a friend, who just raved about how wonderful your blog was… so I checked it out. Now, I am addicted.

    You already pass the Good Mood every day in every post you right. In all things that I’ve read you always look to the positive, searching for even the tiniest bit of optimism in difficult times. Whether its something as simple as making the perfect loaf of bread (which some of us cannot do-ahem) or getting mere ounces of milk from a grumpy Clover ๐Ÿ™‚

    You do so much for your readers… voting for you is one simple way that we can do something for you ๐Ÿ™‚

  71. Carol in WI says:

    JUST CHECKED———-SUZANNE IS WINNING :shimmy: :shimmy: :shimmy:

  72. J.L.Smith says:

    Good Morning, please sign me up for Clovers calendar giveaway. Everyone “wins”, even if they don’t get drawn, because the kindness of this person has touched our hearts :heart: . Oh!! I’m also still voting for you at the sam-e site. That’s how I found you couple weeks ago. Someone posted a link about that and I’ve been reading your blog ever since. Now I’m a big fan too!! (((hugs)))Granny J

  73. auntbear says:

    …just want you to know that voting for you is NOT a burden ! Sheesh..2 clicks is easy and you deserve it for all you do to brighten my day. Thanks.

  74. Runningtrails says:

    I think you already give a lot and your posts are great!

  75. Gayle says:

    Still cannot sign on to the forum, for some reason does not accept my password.
    Love the blog. Have shared it with many.

  76. linda says:

    i vote for you everyday I enjoy reading all about your animals and your farm you are one of my favorite reads i hope you get the job

  77. wvhomecanner says:

    I look forward to reading everything on CITR every morning (afternoon, evening LOL) and can’t wait to read Suzanne’s Good Mood Daily Blog on Sam-e! If the folks at Sam-e TRULY want a down to earth experienced blogger who can bring the people to their site – Suzanne will be their choice, hands down! We need to keep voting and we need to let Sam-e know who the winner really is!


  78. Gayle says:

    I voted for you! I am new to all this voting and contests so I really don’t know to much about it. Trying to learn.

  79. Miss Becky says:

    hey folks, I really want Suzanne to win the blogging job. It isn’t winning at all if it means by “any means necessary”. If other contestants want to “buy votes” via their blogs, then that is their choice and I hope they don’t win. Whatever is written here in comments is viewed by other contestants and their fans. I believe that we all want to reflect favorably on our favorite contestant ~ Suzanne! I usually begin my day with Chickens In The Road, and Suzanne manages to put a smile on my face each time with the photos, the humorous writing, and the ordinary splendor! You go girl! :shimmy: :shimmy: :shimmy:

  80. Karen H. says:

    You are DEFINITELY correct — watching this vote count is ADDICTING (and nerve wracking)!!! Like so many others, I love your blog and it is also the only one I read each day. You so deserve this job and I think the judges/officials will see that. Good luck! I’ll keep voting!

  81. KimL says:

    Hi Suzanne! I’ve emailed all my friends and shared the link to vote on my FB page and praying that you win! :airkiss:

  82. Karen says:

    This may not be kosher, but apparently some of the other contestants are doing this, so…

    If you close your browser and go back to the voting page you can register another vote. FYI I’ve been voting twice a day.

    Good luck, Suzanne. No one deserves it more than you do.

  83. C says:

    Well, we’re voting/advertising for you becasue you ALREADY do something for us. Yes, we’ve plugged you…see

    We’re voting daily. (Under every different name!). I have faith we’re going to pull you through this, and we will be jubilant! C.

  84. Joely says:

    Go, Suzanne, Go! I posted about the contest here: Chickens in the Road and I’ll do another “thankful” post this week. If you twitter the link during the day, I always retweet it, assuming I see it!

  85. Kelly Walker says:

    Suzanne you do so much for us already giving us something uplifting to wake up to each morning. But thanks for giving our websites and blogs some extra promotion. I have a link on my blog to “Chickens in the Road” listing it as my favorite blog and well worth looking at. My blog is http://www.lifeofadailypainter.com . I’d love for others to see it. THanks-

  86. Vera says:

    I don’t often comment but read every day, and vote.
    Enjoy your blog very much.

  87. Cori R. says:

    All you had to do was ask. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve been voting every day and just posted on my blog (Kitchen Mouse: https://kitchenmouse.rozentali.com/) to hopefully send another few votes your way. Hope you win!!

  88. BuckeyeGirl says:

    There’s some really nice testamonials here for you Suzanne! :snuggle: I think you need to listen to them. We all want you to win so we can read TWO blogs from you every day!!!

    You’ve got some of the nicest people here all together to share the fun at Chickens in the Road, if that’s not a mood lifter, I don’t know WHAT is!! :purpleflower:

  89. Joy Bayus says:

    Voting for you is a pleasure for me since you lift my day every day by sharing all that you share. Yesterday I made the Caramel Pecan Pumpking Bread. Just couldn’t resist. It turned out so wonderful!! You inspire me to try new things. I’ve always loved to bake. Also, it was so good to hear your voice on your video. The video is great. Good luck and I’m praying for success!

  90. geena says:

    good luck! :fairy:

  91. Betty says:

    So love the pictures of Clover, she reminds me of a goat we had years ago we named Carmel. I can not believe that that someone else is so close to you in votes!! This can not happen!! Just put your link on my facebook page and my sister put your link on her facebook page and I put your video on my blog “Crazy Lady with Purple Fingers” and asked people to check out your blog and vote.

  92. catslady says:

    Lori and Bridget are making me nervous ๐Ÿ™

  93. Cindy says:

    I posted about the contest and a little about your journal on my own journal and Facebook yesterday. I said nice things and admonished my 3 loyal readers to vote for you. That entry is here: https://ceebow.wordpress.com/2009/11/20/ill-think-of-a-title-tomorrow/

    I love your journal and am happy to vote for you.

  94. jason says:

    I wonder if we could get this on the news? Like WCHS “Traveling WV” or one of their other segments? I’m sure it could fit in there somewhere…just trying to brainstorm. Get their viewing area behind you…that would generate a ton of votes. Just a thought….though probably a long shot.

  95. tea4too0 says:

    Suzanne, I must join in with most all the comments here and say, THANK YOU, for making my day a whole lot brighter. I am voting everyday and have my kids all voting too. They have been spreading the word also. So much good luck to you. Terry

  96. Andrea says:

    If that Lori girl is buying votes, then we need to make sure we vote her carcass right off there. Now that I know about the Firefox thing I will download it and vote twice.
    The comment you made Suzanne about your daughter asking for a coat, know what that feels like and that is why I am doing this. Don’t need anything in return. Will also be glad to give a testimonial if that is possible.

  97. jeepdriver says:

    You give to me everyday with your delightful posts so if you put the link up, I’ll go vote.

    But I’m starting to feel sorry for some of those folks with hardly any votes. Life can be hard.

  98. J says:

    There’s really no need to feel obligated because we vote and try to get others to vote. I know I’m saying it for all of us when I say that I enjoy your blog. How hard on us is it doing what we are doing for you. We appreciate what you are doing for you and your family. Many of us know what is to have hard times. Let us help where we can to show you how much we enjoy coming here.
    I just ramble and knock about, mostly with my memories and brainfarts, on my blog.

  99. Barbee' says:

    Hello Suzanne, :wave:
    I did post about you in my blog, “Barbee’s Blog”. I posted 4 times so here are all 4 links in chronological order, the most recent is the 4th one on the bottom. I guess you should choose which one you want to put in your list.
    Thank you for your thoughtfulness, but for sure, I won’t be stealing any of your readers. Wishing you the best in whatever happens! But, of course, we want more of you, so, here’s to winning: Cheers! :woof:

  100. Val says:

    I was reading the comments, from where I last wrote a note this am. And it is true, I can’t believe it, but a person CAN vote from various browsers. I mainly use Firefox, but also have Internet Explorer on my laptop, and I voted a second time using IE and it went through! I thought it recognized the IP address, what did I know! Spread the word!

  101. Phyllis Wilson says:

    I have been voting every day. Suzanne, you are SO gonna win this!!! No one deserves it more than you. A $100 would not come close to repaying what you do for your readers every day. No matter what the outcome you’ll always be a WINNER in our eyes.

    GOOD LUCK!!!!

  102. IowaCowgirl says:

    I don’t have time for a blog and have no inclination to twitter, tweet, cluck or meow, but I have put a plea to vote for Suzanne on any blog I may be reading at the moment. The one that I regularly check is mysistersfarmhouse.com and I have also commented on Mouthy Housewives, The Vintage Housewife, etc….

  103. Gini says:

    We love you, Suzanne!

  104. BuckeyeGirl says:

    Hey CeCe, I’m retired AF so my ears perked up at your post. :wave: You’re a dear to try to help the vote so much! We’re all pulling our best for her!

  105. Minna says:

    I voted! :snoopy:

  106. bethann says:

    Suzanne! I’ll keep voting for you! My day isn’t complete unless I’ve read the your blog…I especially like it with a cup of tea in the morning before my kids get up!

  107. Estella says:

    I just voted.
    You don’t have to do anything but keep this blog going, as far as I am concerned.
    I don’t post very often, but enjoy reading this everyday.

  108. Katie says:

    You are always so full of wonderful ideas. Thank you for your wonderful blog and allowing us to do for you as you do for us every time we stop by.

  109. Darlene says:

    I also saw the post giving away $100 a week and found it totally disgusting. I am so disgusted by it that if she should win I will stop buying their products. That’s how disgusted I am by this disgusting ploy. Can you tell I’m disgusted??

    I love your blog, Suzanne. I can’t wait to read it first thing in the morning. It always uplifts me and I’ve really needed that these last few years. And when you provide a link to your newspaper when you write for them is icing on the cake!

    Thanks for letting us know we can post the video. I had been wondering about that. I’ve got it on my site now.


    Geez, my list of thanks would be pages long so I’ll just stop here and say once again, THANKS for all you do for us.

  110. Linda says:

    Soon after I learned about your blog from my cousin I posted a link to “Chickens in the Road” on my blog. It’s my favorite country read. I admire your great photos and touching stories. You are welcome to take a look at my blog, “Life on the Guitner Road”. I raise Navajo-Churro sheep in south central PA.
    I don’t update daily but I’m sure glad you do.
    Wishing you a rich, satisfying life.
    I think you’re well on your way.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  111. IowaCowgirl says:

    Maybe someone could post some kind of article on http://www.blogher.com about the importance of this project and Suzanne’s links?? Would this be a good idea???

  112. lisa says:

    I just had to tell you that I’ve even got my 88 year old mother voting for you every day! This is HUGE because she positivly won’t try anything on the computer other than checking her e-mail and family blogs.
    You GO girl!

  113. lisa says:

    OH YAY! I’m glad I read the comments because now I can vote with two browsers!
    I invite all of you to come and visit Sassy Cat Hill
    Of special interest is my story of raising an orphaned baby beaver, click on Paddy, the baby beaver chronicles.

  114. EightPondFarm says:

    I hope you do not mind my saying this, but this is all getting rather complicated: contests and giveaways, posts to forums, giving back via more viral marketing. I understand that that is what they are looking for as “social marketers” or whatever those employers really are — but it is starting to feel a little icky.

    I am still going to vote everyday (at least once) and will always read your blog. But to be honest, if you do NOT get this gig, it is probably because you are a more genuine person than they are looking for. I hope you do not have to sacrifice that in order to get them to pay attention to your talent and passion. :sheep: :sheep:

    For the cell phone folks (I do not have one either), use your internet access from the phone to get to the website (same address as the computer one) and vote. Your phone is a different IP address than your computer so the vote should count.

  115. Mariah says:

    Hi Suzanne. I blogged about you here: https://catfeetstudio.blogspot.com/2009/11/blurb-for-my-favorite-blog.html My blog link is http://www.catfeetstudio.blogspot.com I used one of your buttons as a picture on the post. I hope that’s OK! It’s not a link, but I did link to you in the post itself. If you want me to change anything, please let me know! Thanks for your blog. I SO hope you win!!!!

  116. Bobbi says:

    Suzanne, I love to read your blog! You make everyday life seem so fun. I get so much satisfaction out of working around the house and making things with my own hands and it’s great to see a blog where someone else enjoys the same things. I really hope you win because you put a smile on my face just about every day. Also, my teenage sons love to look at your blog. Living in the woods would be like heaven to them (as opposed to the hot, dry desert). Thanks for brightening my day!

  117. vicki says:

    Hi Suzanne! We’ve been voting for you everyday – posted it to Facebook with reminders too! We also blogged about you and put a link at our blog http://www.stickhorsecowgirls.blogspot.com We are promoting you at every chance! Hope you win! V.

  118. Beth Brown says:

    Suzanne –
    You already give so much to us! Your blog has been an inspiration to me! If you hadn’t started your blog, my family would never have had the opportunity to taste grandmother bread which is now my standard bread. I’ve consulted your blog pictures for ideas on fencing and housing for my goats and chickens. Because of you, I’m saving up for a Great Pyrenees-ish dog for my goats. In the middle of the day – especially with my work struggles of late – your blog has provided a much needed break – and given me a smile.
    I have blogged about your periodically on my blog – oneoldgoat.blogspot.com and I have facebooked you so hopefully you will get the votes you need. Because you deserve it and I feel as if I’ve received so much!

    Beth aka oneoldgoat

  119. KATIA CRISTINA says:


  120. Butterbean says:

    Voted again for you. It only takes a few moments, and I really don’t mind. Thanks for all that you do, your blog is the first thing that I read on weekday mornings! Have enjoyed reading your what you have written.

  121. jason says:

    My wife is friends with Rick Lord’s (WCHS) girlfriend…don’t know if that’s enough to get a story…Suzanne would have to approve it before I even mentioned it to her. How about Jerry Waters ??..surely he has connections that could get something done.

  122. Christine says:

    Voted, blogged, Facebooked and got my DH to vote. He reads your blog as much as I do. I sure hope you win. Can’t think of a more deserving candidate. Good luck!

  123. Immigrant daughter says:

    suzanne we are pulliung for you. I have let everyone know to vote on my home page. www,immigrantdaughter.blobapot.com

  124. Mel Meister says:

    I voted! I’m sorry I don’t have a blog or facebook. But I am voting and supporting you!

  125. DebK says:

    My whole family is voting for you Suzanne.

  126. Angela says:

    Hey Suzanne!

    I blogged about it at https://wvtreasures.blogspot.com/2009/11/please-vote.html I’m not sure if it helped or not because I didn’t get any comments that day but I did get a lot of traffic on my blog that day. I really hope that you win! :snoopy: I vote for you everyday! I always look forward to reading your post and to seeing all of those great pictures that you take on your farm. I also love your recipes! :hungry:

    Angela :wave:

  127. Senta Sandberg says:

    I have been voting from my phone and my computer. You give to us every day with your post. You give us laughter,tears and stuff to warm our hearts and stomachs with. You are the reason we love to do this.

  128. Cathy J says:

    You are one of my biggest blessings! Thank you for all you do! Saying prayers for you!

  129. Gen says:

    Of course I posted about you! (https://mattandgengrady.blogspot.com/) Thanks so much for the info. on embedding the video, it was a pleasant inclusion in my post (and plea for folks to VOTE FOR YOU!).

  130. pam from ohio says:

    Suzanne 8024
    California gal 8034

    Lets keep it going. This is wayyyyyyy to close.

  131. Susan from Missouri says:

    Voted at home, work, and on my cell, but now I am going to use our other browsers to vote. I don’t need anything given to me for me to vote for you. I’ve posted on my FB, etc.

  132. JenniferB says:

    I so hope you get that job — your blog is fun, uplifting, instructional — all around fabulous!

  133. Arlene says:

    I have been very excited for you!! I emailed all my friends at work and have you on my blog!!! Your doing real well from what I see!!

    my blog: http://www.westvirginiagalandgardens.blogspot.com/
    The Secret Flower Garden

    ps: I live near Nora Roberts!! And I have a cat that I got from her 19 years a go. Unbelieveable, eh?

  134. Carmen Smith says:

    I would love to post about this on my blog and hope YOU WIN!!!!!!!!!!! waxedoutcreativelife.blogspot.com

  135. Christine says:

    Posted on a couple homesteading forums. Hope it helps.

  136. Kristen Porter says:

    Hi Suzanne!
    I’m posting about you tomorrow morning on my blog!

    My blog is:
    Everyday Travels ~ Enjoying the Journey Mile by Mile

    Vote for you every day on every computer!!
    Good luck!

  137. Helen says:

    Love your blog! Got the original info about the contest from Joanna (BooneDocksWilcox – https://boonedockswilcox.blogspot.com/2009/11/vote-for-suzanne-chickens-in-road.html) and am so glad I did! Just posted about the contest – https://thesuitelifeoflucyandethel.blogspot.com/2009/11/chickens-in-road.html .

    GOOD LUCK from NC!


  138. Dessa says:

    Hi Suzanne, my little blog is Heartsease Hollow

    I posted about Chickens in the Road on Saturday, November 14th. It is a post about cooking and cookbooks and I wanted to share what an invaluable resource I have found your blog to be for everything from from scratch recipes to caring for cast iron skillets (thank you for that post by the way–I found it very useful and informative) to caring for chickens and goats and all other sorts of barnyard animals.

  139. Deb says:

    I love your blog and have voted for you!

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