in between week


Life in between PAX 2 and PAX 3. Post-PAX 2 includes, of course, the ritual Cleaning Of The Office. Throwing out the piles and piles of printed chapters, marked-up and dog-eared, that have nearly overtaken my house. Putting away all the research material pertaining to that book. Filing away everything I need to keep in a neat folder. Getting the characters out of my head.

Pre-PAX 3 includes ordering new research materials–need books on shipwrecks, undersea exploration, deep-sea diving, treasure hunting. Checking out websites while I’m waiting for the books to arrive. Figuring out WHO Cade Brock is and why he’s a merman and HOW he’s a merman. Figuring out why marine archeologist Sienna Parker hates him and why he needs her help. Imagining ways to start the book.

Wallowing in the euphoria that one book is finished, mailed, and that I’m not THAT scared of the new one. Yet.

Catching up on assorted stuff I forgot to do while I was finishing PAX 2. Like pay bills. I had a dream last night that I had $1.34 in the checking account. This is not true, or if it is, I don’t want to know because the last time that happened someone had stolen my debit card number and robbed me blind.

Today I’m advancing to baking cookies. Must pretend to be a fabulous mother before I get sucked in to PAX 3 and turn into a crazy person.

Do I have the sweetest boys or what? I didn’t tell them I mailed my book this week but when they get home from school and see the cookies, they’ll know. They’re already starting to wonder what’s up with the clean bathrooms.

mycuteboys (8k image)

Okay, they aren’t actually that sweet. Here’s what they really looked like right before I threatened them in order to get the “sweet” picture.

fightingboys (7k image)

Yesterday I sent in a list of title suggestions for PAX 2. My fave was “Agent of Darkness”–but I have no idea what they’ll pick. Anyone got any suggestions? Think sexy, dangerous, paranormal, ancient supernatural stones, terrorists. Hero’s superpower: ability to see into the mind of evil. If you suggest a title and my editor picks it, I’ll send you an autographed copy when the book comes out!

Now to figure out what today’s surprise giveaway question will be…….

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