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I hardly ever even mention that I am a writer, so bear with me here for a moment or ten while I actually mention it…..repeatedly….. Protected in His Arms is available now! In fact, it’s been in stores for a week or so, though it’s officially a December 2008 release. For those of you who don’t know how “category” romance works (category romance is a term referring to romance novels sold in “lines” or “categories” by Harlequin/Silhouette–I write for the Romantic Suspense line)–category romances are available in traditional “brick-and-mortar” stores the month of their release and, due to limited shelf space, are replaced the next month with new books and so on, so if you want to pick this up in a traditional store, go shopping now!

Romance novels do remain available for a longer period of time through online retailers, however. Links to online retailers are at the end of this post…. First, I want to tell you a little bit about this book.

As I developed the idea for my “Haven” series for the Silhouette Romantic Suspense line, I wanted to create a tiny town where an unusual event could trigger a wave of paranormal activity. What more fundamentally earth-shattering event is there than an earthquake? And what more perfect place could such a series be set but in the wild and preternaturally beautiful mountains of West Virginia ? First came Secrets Rising and A Hero’s Redemption. Two more went right into the works with Protected in His Arms, out now, and High-Stakes Homecoming coming next May.

Protected in His Arms takes Marysia O’Hurley, a secondary character brought to the fore from Secrets Rising, on a rollercoaster, clock-ticking ride to save a kidnapped child with the help of one wildly sexy and determined lawman. U.S. Marshal Gideon Brand knows a little girl could die without the help of the beautiful and genuine psychic. Trouble is, Marysia doesn’t believe she’s a psychic and pursuing the link between the tragic plane crash that took her husband’s life and a missing child is the last thing she wants to face…until the bullets start flying and she isn’t just Gideon’s only hope, he’s hers, too. Anything can happen in Haven….and quite often does…….

This book was a gigantic leap of faith for me (and, I must say, for my editor) as it included a plane crash, mafia hitmen, high level federal judges, U.S. Marshals, paranormal activity, and more, all set in the wilds of West Virginia. In the midst of writing this book, I was pretty sure I’d lost my mind. This was the last book I completed while still living at the old farmhouse, and I completed it from the last heat of summer 2007 to the bitter cold of that winter. I wrote it mostly sitting on my bed, freezing half to death, and interrupted 50 times a day by my beloved Georgia. I can so see myself sitting there on my bed at the old farmhouse staring up at Georgia, who was of course walking in without knocking, and her saying, “What are you doing?” And me saying, “Writing!!!” Which was never any deterrent to Georgia, LOL. This book was so complicated that at one point I wrote an entire dissertation-length explanation to myself of what was going on so I wouldn’t lose my train of thought every time Georgia walked in. But it was the most fun I’ve ever had with a book and I hope readers will find it wildly fun, too.

You can read more about Protected in His Arms and all the books in the “Haven” series by clicking here. While these books share a similar background and atmosphere, each book is stand-alone, so if you haven’t read the previous “Haven” books, feel free to jump right in with Protected in His Arms. As an aside, the “Haven” series is loosely set where I live, of course. The town of Haven is a cross between Walton and Spencer, WV–I wanted Haven to be smaller than Spencer, but larger than Walton, so I blended the two into a fictional place that was just right for my book, but many of the locations in the series are real locations around Walton and around our farm. Hopefully, though, there aren’t any mafia hitmen lurking here. But you never know……..

And if I haven’t told you enough about the book already, here is what blog reader Patty had to say about it in this topic thread on the forum:

“I got Suzanne’s book at the grocery store earlier this week. I finished it very early Thurs morning after putting the turkey in the oven. Wow. I love her writing style and I saw her humor in it everywhere. She’s so funny, but wow is this book HOT!”

(Thank you, Patty!)

Okay, that’s it, I’ll stop begging you to buy it now, LOL. If you live in the boonies, be careful out there–watch out for the mob!!!

You can buy Protected in His Arms from your armchair at numerous online retailers, so pick your favorite, but here are a few links to the book at some popular outlets:


Barnes and Noble


If you are totally not interested in this book thing, but are new here and want to know more about my life at the very cool (as in COLD!! LOL) old farmhouse, click here and scroll down to the “Old Farmhouse Tour” links and have some fun.


  1. TeresaH says:

    I’m going to have to hit Kmart and see if they have it. They usually have a better selection then Walmart.

  2. Becky says:

    Congratulations on your book making the shelf. I’ll be on the look out for it the next time I stop at Wal-Mart. Or if I have to go to the book store, so be it.
    I hope its a sell out!
    It would also be a good Christmas present for my daughter.

  3. Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife says:

    Congratulations on the new book. I was wondering how your kids felt about your books. I can imagine what my kids would do if I wrote a book with “steamy scenes” involving a wildly sexy lawman. HA HA…..It wouldn’t be pretty.

    I’m surprised at the short shelf life in the brick-and-mortar stores. You spent all that time writing and it’s only on the shelf one month?

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  4. Blaze says:

    You know..I always suspected there could be mafia hitmen lurkin in Spencer.
    That old guy with the coon hound always DID look shady 🙂

  5. Suzette says:

    I bought one of your older books on Amazon a while back. They sent me a notice when this one became available. Is that cool or what?

    I hope it’s wildly successful!

  6. Claudia W. says:

    How fun! I want to go out and get that book! This answers the question I had about not finding any books of yours a few months back. Yay! Now I can get one!

  7. Kacey says:

    I am going to have to brave some stores this week, so I’ll go look for it!

  8. Susanne says:

    Hi Suzanne,

    I bought this book on Friday, and read it on Sunday afternoon — in one sitting. It was soooooo good. Your pace, the intrigue, the romance, all there!!! I’m usually good at figuring out who the bad guy is, but you surprised me.

    I only bought the book because of this blog — I enjoy it so much — and thought, hmmmm, what kind of a book would she write. This is the first Silhouette Romantic Suspense I bought in years — and loved it.

    Oh — did I tell you I loved the book? LOL


  9. Robin G. says:

    Heh. I’m not a romance novel reader, but as it’s you, I’ll pick it up and see what I think 😉

  10. IowaCowgirl says:

    Congratulations!! Authoring is as major a feat as giving birth!! (I write indexes for nonfiction, so I’m “sort of” in the field!)

  11. Laney says:

    Hi Suzanne!
    I picked up my copy while shopping with my best friend for our Thanksgiving fare early last week. I saw it sitting there and screamed out “they have it!!!!!!!” while running, ready to knock down anyone who dared swoop in and grab a copy before me.
    I can hardly wait to read it!

  12. Lena says:

    Just ordered it from Amazon. Can’t wait.!

  13. Leah says:

    “Morning Over the Chicken House” is the most beautiful picture. I like the title too. It’s like you captured morning and night in one picture. It’s something so simple, yet so breathtaking.
    “Protected in His Arms” will be under my Christmas tree for me to open Christmas Morning,or maybe Christmas Eve if I cant wait! :love:

  14. Nancy in Atlanta says:

    Congratulations!! :bananadance: I need to find them all! I’m not “normally” a romance reader, either, but I love your humor and think your books would be tops. :catmeow:

  15. catslady says:

    It sounds wonderful, Suzanne! Hope Georgia got a part in the book lol.

  16. wolfprint says:

    Oh, I can so relate to being interrupted when working. I’m a work from home software engineer. So often someone will stop by or call “just to chat”. “Oh, I figured you were just checking e-mail” is their usual response when I politely tell them that I have to get back to work. 😉

    I’ve been meaning to try one of your books (I just LOVE your blog!). Thinking I will grab it to read on our mini-vacation the day after Christmas. I can’t wait!

  17. Estella says:

    I am picking this book up when I go to the city this afternoon.

  18. Donna says:

    I think your books sound very interesting and I certainly know about your HUMOR. LOL :mrgreen:

  19. Brandy says:

    I’ll be sure to look for this the next time I go to the store!

  20. Tori Lennox says:

    Woohoo!!! Now I know what to add to my shopping list. 🙂

  21. Patty says:

    I made it into a blog post. Wow! LOL :snoopy:

    It did occur to me when I read about the plane crash and all the tragedies in the book that it was pretty cutting edge. You don’t usually see a romance novel dealing with such touchy current events. And it brought to mind scenes that could be in a 007 movie.

    But I truly could not put it down anymore than I could get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of a car chase in the Bourne Ultimatum. LOL

    I hope we make your book sell out and your editors realize you’re the bestest writer they have and you totally deserve a LOT money!! :mrgreen:

  22. Magdalena Scott says:

    Suzanne, I pre-ordered this past weekend from Fictionwise, and downloaded PROTECTED IN HIS ARMS today. I know it will be great; the first two in the series certainly were. Thank you for all of your books. They make a difference.


  23. Sunnid755 says:

    wow I love your blog, I bet I’ll love your books too, can’t wait!!

  24. Rae says:

    I was pleasantly surprised last week when I found “Protected in His Arms” on Walmart’s shelves. I wasn’t expecting it so soon! I read it Saturday and it was wonderful! I have to say that there were several copies on the shelf here in Spencer, but when I went back 2 days later, only one was remaining, so I’m glad I bought mine early, as I’m sure that last copy has now been sold as well! Great work!

  25. Jake says:

    Oh…I’ve been reading your books in like…forever. Ha! And I also love your blog because lets be real here…You won’t write a book for me to read everyday. LOL!

    I’ve had PIHA in my greedy little hands for a while now. :yes:
    I always pre-order from eharlequin and was jumping up and down, wringing my hands and pacing until it arrived. :mrgreen:
    I loved it as much as the other two. Now I find i’m back to jumping up and down, wringing my hands and pacing until May for HSH. Oh well…I know it will be worth it. :thumbsup:

    Now lets talk about a few more PAX books? hmmm……

    Jake’s a Girl.

  26. beth says:

    I will have to run to Walmart today. I planned on picking it up last night at Kroger, but they only had the “Desire” line. I almost stomped my foot because I was so mad. 😉

    I did get to read Hero’s Redemption last week and loved it. Now I’m reading one of my Aunt Pat’s books that I missed…from ’92! ( :fryingpan:

  27. Susie says:

    Well Suzanne… I bought my copy yesterday at the grocery store, I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but I got it! I don’t normally read romance novels, but if it is written half as well as your website, I am sure I will love it! :thumbsup:

  28. minniestitches says:

    Hi Suzanne
    Went to the local Chapters Store today (in Canada) and picked up your book! I’m so excited,can hardly wait to start reading it! Too bad work gets in the way of the fun things!

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