kiss and tell


The last silly surprise Valentine’s giveaway!!!! Play to win, or play just for fun. The prize: An autographed copy of my romantic comedy, Her Secret Stranger, and a six-pack of pink heart tealight candles.

How to play: Answer ANY or ALL of the five Valentine’s questions in this entry. You can answer however many of the questions you want (only answer each question one time, though), and you can put the answers in separate comments. Strategize to be the 100th comment!

Yes, I’m shooting for 100 comments! Hey, I get to play a game, too, don’t I? LOL. I’ve never had 100 comments in one entry before. I want to see if it’s humanly possible! (Or will the blog explode?) Each person can comment as many as five times (by answering the five different questions). The 100th *comment* will win. That way I don’t have to count! Any non-answer “chatty” comments (just running up the numbers!) will be deleted–not that I don’t love chat! I love and adore chat! But I CAN’T COUNT, PEOPLE! :hehe:

I expect this contest will take some time, perhaps all weekend. The contest won’t close till we reach the 100th comment. So, pop back and forth this weekend and answer one of the questions every time you comment, then if you’re playing to win the book and candles, watch the comment numbers and plot to nab #100!

And don’t forget that on Monday, the super prize winner of my medieval trilogy and other gifts will be announced! Now–on to the questions for this silly surprise giveaway:

1. What is your Valentine’s nickname ? (It says to put in your lover’s name, but you can put in your own.) IMPORTANT: remember to type in your name in all lower cases in the name generator program or it won’t work. I’m Mousie Snoggie-Ears!!

2. Are you a lover or a loner? Take the quiz and find out! I’m a lover! 🙂

3. What is your idea of the perfect Valentine’s Day? (Me–a babysitter and dinner out at a candelit seafood restaurant with my sweetie by my side. If we could be in Charleston, South Carolina on vacation, that would make it even better!)

4. What is your favorite romantic movie? (Me–An Affair to Remember, the 1957 version.)

5. Which naughty candy heart are you? NOTE: This quiz has a few “naughty” words in it. My candy heart is KISS ME!

Okay, play just for fun or play to win! 😀

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