Thing #42957 Not To Do While You’re Holding My Laptop


My husband decided I had laptop lint. At first he said, you need to take it to a professional to be cleaned. Yeah, right, like I can give up my laptop for five minutes much less a few days. Then while I was off making focaccia, he suddenly decided, why hire a professional? He has an air compressor, doesn’t he? Next thing I know he’s walking off to the garage WITH MY LAPTOP. Don’t worry, dear, I’m just going to use the air gun on it. THE AIR GUN? I don’t even know what an air gun is but GET IT AWAY FROM MY BABY! Too late!!!! But–whew. Apparently my laptop still works and it is de-lint-ified. In fact, it’s actually running better but don’t tell him that. Just so you know, don’t use words like gun when you’re carrying my laptop in your hands. It FREAKS ME OUT!


  1. kacey says:

    oh my GOSH, I would have just taken your dh out and shot him instead! No one messes with my laptop and lives! :shocked:

  2. Katie says:

    Ack! Men!! Glad your baby is back, safe, sound, and lint free!

  3. mary beth says:

    Glad it survived.

  4. gena showalter says:

    Does your dh realize how close he came to death? 🙂

  5. Jill says:

    Well don’t tell him it worked or he might want a favor in return … :rotfl:

  6. Michelle says:

    OMG. Heads would roll!! :fryingpan:

  7. Mary says:

    How funny. I think I’ll try this.

  8. Kelly says:

    I’m the same way with my husband. He says he’s going to FIX something, but somehow that puts the almighty fear in me! And then I just want to do this to him: :fryingpan:


  9. Jan says:

    :rotfl: Why do men think they’re born Mr. Fix-its for everything???

  10. Mary Stella says:

    At least he didn’t try to pressure-wash it, too! :shocked:

  11. Crystal* says:

    The road to laptop hell is paved with good intentions. So glad this one worked. I freak :hissyfit: when someone, ANYONE, plays around with my computer.
    No touching. :no:
    And everything is right with the world.

  12. Amy K. says:

    I was so worried your story was going to have a bad ending. Thank goodness it didn’t! :bananadance:

    I get the shakes if my husband sits down to fix something for 5 minutes! Seriously.

  13. Tori says:

    I’ve probably got laptop lint, too, but there’s no way I’d let anybody use an air compressor on it! :shocked: Yikes!

  14. Alyssa says:

    That picture is scary! (I don’t even want to think about how much lint has accumulated in my computer. Yikes.


  15. Sasha says:

    In my mind, it was like an episode of Home Improvement. 😆

  16. Meril says:

    I am in fact going to do that in a few hours. I found an article on laptop overheating that explains how to get the gunk out of laptop fans.

  17. Melissa Marsh says:

    Glad your laptop is working better than before! I, too, was worried I would be reading a less than good ending! 😯

  18. Steph T. says:

    I freak when my husband tries to use my laptop, never mind take it apart. :mrgreen:

  19. Lynn says:

    That sounds exactly like something my husband would do. Glad you came out ahead! :yes:

  20. Danica says:

    It sounds like a lot of us have husbands cut from the same mold. EeeeeK!!

  21. The Man says:

    The lint collects on the fins of the heat sink and prevents the heat in the processor from dissapating. Your laptop protects itself by shutting down, but sooner or later it will shutdown and not restart. When I blew air in the outlet vent of dw machine a large cloud of dust came out. Now her machine does not overheat and shut itself off.:thumbsup:

  22. Margery Scott says:

    Yikes!!! I don’t know if I have laptop lint, but if I do, it’s staying right where it is.

  23. The Man says:

    You absolutely have “laptop lint”. The principle is exactly like your home air conditioner. If you’ve ever seen your filters changed you will note that they are usually filthy, but what they do is catch the ‘lint’ out of your home air, as it is circulated throughout your house. Your laptop doesn’t have a filter so the lint is collected on the heat sink fins, degrading its ability to dissapate heat.
    You can create a ‘filter’ by taking nylon hose (use one that you have a run in) and tape it over the suction side of your fan. The nylon hose if fine enough to collect dust before it gets in your computer, yet it will not prevent the air flow your computer needs. When it looks dingy clean it or change it.