look, cows!


My daughter is HORSE CRAZY.

horse4 (14k image)

horse3 (18k image)

I don’t know where she gets this because I have ridden a horse exactly one time in my life and I was scared of it. My daughter keeps asking me when =I= am going to take horseback riding lessons. Uh, never? She thinks it’s amusing that I’m afraid of horses. This is how much I know about horses: when we were first married, my husband was in the Navy and was being stationed at a Navy training base in Idaho. Yes, our government has a Navy training base in a land-locked state. We drove by some farms and I said, look, cows. My husband said, Suzanne, those are horses. For twenty years I’ve been listening to: Look, cows, every time we drive by horses.

Of course, later when he was stationed in Charleston, South Carolina (which actually DOES make sense for a Navy base) and he was on submarine duty, he came home from his first patrol and told me about the viewing room in the sub with windows where you could watch the fish. He waited until I was going around telling my family all about this cool viewing room before he told me: THERE IS NO VIEWING ROOM!

I’m really gullible. If you have some swampland in Florida for sale, I’m your girl.

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