So much for researching mermen. There are merman and mermaid folklore and legends galore. There are paranormal societies who study their potential existence. There’s merman/mermaid art , movies , and even a music group called the Mermen . There are strange people who dress up as mer-people.

But none of it will do me any good. My merman wasn’t born of mer-parents. He isn’t a *natural* merman. He is *engineered*. I can’t rely on centuries of legends about mermen to create my hero and inform my story, which is good because there are no doubt many cliches in there, but argh! Must. Make. It. All. Up. Which will be fun…..and scary!

I even checked for merman/mermaid romances, of which there are apparently few. Silhouette Romance did a sub-series called A Tale of the Sea in 2002 with mermen/mermaids. Big complaint in reviews was that the merman/mermaid aspect was brushed by in some of the books, so the reader was disappointed, didn’t get the merman/mermaid “fix” out of the books that they were looking for. (Note to Suzanne: no brushing by the merman thing.)

(Psst, the final surprise giveaway will be sometime today. I’ll be announcing a Valentine’s contest sometime next week.)

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