mug me, baby


Win a PAX mug (value: $11.99) from my shop ! How to play: post a note on the shoutbox on the Bonus Features page of my PAX site answering this (shameless!) question–What is your favorite thing about the PAX League website? The winner will be drawn randomly from the first 10 notes posted with today’s date! (Notes posted on 09.03.2005.) Winner’s name will be announced in an update to this entry later today. 🙂

UPDATE: (Sorry I didn’t do this last night…. I fell asleep. That’s what happens when your cat wakes you up at 3 a.m. every day!) The winner of the PAX mug is….. Katie! Katie, use the email button on the menu to the left to send me your address!

And don’t forget–an autographed copy of Her Man to Remember will be given away this weekend chosen randomly from commenters in my blog this week! 😀

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