Not That Simple


:bananadance:#1! Morgan picked comment #1 as the winner–Shari, send me your pick from my contemporary backlist and your address!

The upstairs bathroom still has no toilet. You know, a bathroom looks so much bigger without a toilet. Just a big empty spot there. We got a new toilet then discovered it didn’t fit so it had to go back. Turns out the plumbing in the upstairs bathroom is non-standard. Can’t just buy any toilet. Nope. Must special order a non-standard toilet from Timbuktu for approximately $4,892. No problem….. In the meantime, the old toilet is in the front yard. It looks real good there. Yeah…… Meanwhile, the children are using the downstairs hall bathroom. Or the woods, I don’t care. After all, they are the ones who destroyed their toilet as in SHATTERED IT TO PIECES. Well, I do care about one thing.

“Can we use your bathroom?” they asked.



  1. Fannie M Wiggins says:

    Congratulations to Shari on being #1. Way to go girl. Sounds as if there is a lot of variety in this great bunch. I got my floors shampooed and my tree up so I wasn’t a total couch potato. Have a great week-end every one and God bless. Hugs.:heart:

  2. Melissa says:

    Congrats Shari!

    :hissyfit: I missed free book Friday cause you hadn’t posted when I came in and I forgot to come back. I blame it on Turkey OD.

    Suz, you need an outhouse. ๐Ÿ˜†

  3. Mechele Armstrong says:

    Congrats! LOL I’m still wondering how they broke it. And yes….NO.

  4. Shari C says:

    Wow! So thrilled to find my number was chosen…Thanks, Morgan. I know what you mean when you talk about prices for new appliances or items for a bathroom or kitchen. Over the last three years at various times (and as money permitted) we have remodeled our bathroom and kitchen. Boy!!! Talk about sticker shock! Almost thought they were quoting us prices for a complete new house. I must admit, however, that I love my new rooms and my new kitchen is so great for making those holiday meals as I have so much more room and great new appliances that work the way they are supposed to…kind of tells you how old my stuff was…might have been able to label them as ‘antique’. Hope everyone is having a terrific week-end and has some of those wonderful left-overs from their Thanksgiving meal to enjoy.

  5. Carol says:

    Congratulations Shari!

    I would love to know how the they SHATTERED IT TO PIECES! :shocked:

  6. Michelle says:

    Oooh, an outhouse! There’s a thought. All those who shatter the toilet must use the woods….hmmm..:yuck:

  7. Caro says:

    I’d say “no” too.

    I still want to know how they did this.

  8. Suzanne says:

    Well, believe it or not, breaking the toilet involved a candle….

  9. catslady says:

    Congrats Shari!

    candle…did it light a cherry bomb:shocked:

    A $5,000 toilet :no:

  10. Amy K. says:

    Oh you have to spill it on the toilet story! Inquiring minds and all….

  11. Angie says:

    I can certainly relate on the toilet breaking incident. This scenario involved my son, the high school boys locker room stall, another boy and a steel rod that was supposed to be bolted to the wall to hold rolls of toilet paper paper. Did you know that when steel rods are tossed like javelins, they have the capability of shattering the bowl of an industrial size locker room toilet? I have the polaroids to prove it, courtesy of the assistant principal. Outside of 3 days of out of school suspension, we haven’t found out what that little incident is going to cost us yet. :wall:

  12. Ruby55 says:

    Boy, that must be some story–with a candle?

    Congrats, Shari!

    Morgan, you’re such a sweetie. I can I butter you up to choose my comment or whatever next time? :love:

  13. Jennifer says:

    Was that a Roman candle?:shock: I know I said I didn’t want to know yesterday, but now I’m curious. How did it happen?

  14. Eve says:

    Congratulations Shari! I too want to know what happened – we won’t tell anyone, honest.:yes:

  15. mary beth says:

    {{{Suzanne}}} on the non-standard toilet. A candle, huh? Scary.

  16. Mary Stella says:

    Sounds like a Clue: The kids broke the toilet in the bathroom using a candle!

    On another note, I just noted your Google ads are for wholesale plumbing products. LOL

  17. Sonja (from HCRW) says:

    I really want to hear this toilet-shattering story. And I think you should plant something in the toilet in your front yard. Then you don’t have to worry about throwing it away! ๐Ÿ˜€

  18. Mary says:

    Your toilet is in the front yard and it looks really good there!? You’ve been spending too much time in the south.

  19. TeresaH says:

    Congrats Shari!

  20. Suzanne says:

    Okay, you know those candles that come in the glass jars? There was a really big one in their bathroom. It hadn’t been used, so it was still really heavy since it had a full candle inside the glass jar. Someone….WE DON’T KNOW WHO, OF COURSE, SINCE NO ONE IS CONFESSING…..dropped the glass jar candle into the toilet, shattering the porcelain bowl. (Really, who knew it was so easy to break a toilet to pieces?) It gets worse. Then the next someone went into the bathroom and did their business AS IF NOTHING WAS WRONG WITH THE TOILET…… Then all three stood back and said, It wasn’t me….. Can I just say that I was pleased to have nothing to do with the cleanup and removal of the shattered toilet?:shocked:

  21. Eve says:

    Really, I’m with you – who would believe that a toilet could be that fragile.

  22. Jennifer Yates says:

    LOL…I can’t believe that! :rotfl:

  23. Danica says:

    Oh Suzanne, that is priceless!

    But the toilet in the front yard? Somehow I expected that to fit more into a “holler” story. ๐Ÿ™‚ Or a story that happened at my house.

  24. Marcy says:

    Oh my! ๐Ÿ˜† I knew there was a reason I’m not into candles. LOL

    Congrats, Shari! :thumbsup:

  25. Mary says:

    A friend of mine’s child shattered their toilet with a baseball bat!

  26. Mik says:

    LOL Suzanne. Sorry to hear your toilet woes and here’s hoping you get a new one VERY soon.