We’re starting to get some rain around here. Unfortunately, the garden’s already suffered from the dry weather throughout June. The corn’s tasselling, but as my cousin’s mother says, it’s nothing to brag about….

I’ve been reading a book called Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. (Link to the book at Amazon can be found in the lower sidebar here.) It’s actually an autobiographical book, but it’s written with a novelist’s flair. It’s about a year in her life in which she spent four months in Italy studying pleasure, four months in India studying devotion, and four months in Indonesia seeking a balance between the two. She sets out on this journey because she’s wallowing in her problems and is looking for a way to solve the restless anxiety of her mind. Really, I didn’t think anyone could wallow better than me when I have a problem, but this woman is a pro and she’s SO funny about it–and also surprisingly insightful.

What about you? What are you reading lately?

Winner of an autographed copy of The Summit by Kat Martin–comment #11, Angie T! (Email me with your address!) Today’s prize–an autographed copy of In Plain Sight by Tara Taylor Quinn. (And don’t forget the big giveaway-palooza on Friday!)


  1. Susan says:

    Our garden is suffering just like yours. 😥

    I’m reading “Give Me Fever” by Karen Anders and enjoying it. :shimmy:

  2. Tammy G. says:

    So far this month I’ve been reading Johanna Lindsey’s Malory series. I’m just starting the 7th book, Captive of My Desires by Johanna Lindsey. When I finish this book I think I will look in my shelves for a different author, I like to read different authors. But when I’m reading a series, if I happen to have all the books I like to start with #1 and go thru to the end which I am doing with this series. It is really good. I started this series toward the end of last month. :purr:

  3. Bonnie Ferguson says:

    I recently finished reading Demon Moon by Meljean Brook. It was excellent! :bananadance:

  4. leanne says:

    I finally got in the mail and read all 3 of your PAX series, which was awesome. :snoopy: Then yesterday I just finished Nora’s High Noon, which was fantastic!!!! Babysitting this week so won’t have a lot of time to do much reading, but I did get a couple chapters in on Kelly St. John’s Ghosts and Roses, the 2nd in her The Sexth Sense trilogy, and so far they are really good. Your garden looks great, esp. the hot peppers, which would be good in fried potatoes. YUM!!! :hungry: Hope everyone has a fabulous day!!!!! :shimmy: :cattail:

    LeAnne :butterfly:

  5. Minna says:

    I just read again Maggie Shayne’s Miranda’s Viking.

  6. alissa says:

    I just finished reading Addled by Joann Hart. Love your beautiful garden.

  7. ellie says:

    Reading A Thousand Bones by P.J. Parrish. Great pics which are special.

  8. Maureen says:

    I am reading Untamed Cowboy by Pam Crooks.

  9. pearl says:

    I am reading The Sense of Paper by Taylor Holden. Your garden looks great.

  10. sharon says:

    I Love gardens with vegetables and yours looks stunning. I am reading Slipknot by Linda Greenlaw.

  11. Stefanie says:

    For the moment I’m not reading. I feels really weird to say that, since normally I’m always reading something! :fryingpan:

  12. Karen B says:

    :flying: Just finished #4 in Kate Collins’
    Flower Shop Mystery Series – 1 left to go!

    Doing the rain dance here in MN :snoopy: :shimmy: :snoopy: :shimmy: :snoopy:

  13. anne says:

    I am reading and love Any Bitter Thing by Monica Wood. Your pics are simply lovely.

  14. RobynL says:

    Your garden looks great to me but I’m not there to see close up.
    I’m reading Adopting Alyssa by Denise Patrick and loving it.

  15. catslady says:

    I’ve been catching up on books that have been lent to me. Finished “The Measure of a Man” which is a spiritual autobiography by Sidney Poitier and I thought it was very good. I’m current reading “Everville” by Clive Barker – another good one and if you like Stephen King, you’ll like this. Looks like I’ll need a good romance next lol.

    The only thing I grew this year was onions but they’re doing wonderfully and for now I’m not allowed to eat them – that sucks lol.

  16. Phyllis Lamken says:

    I am reading Julie Kenners’s Demon Are Forever. I am no zooming through it as usual with the Demon series because I just don’t have any reading time. Between work, house work, packing, and painting, I have no time.

    We are in the middle of a terrible drought in the intermountain west. Fortunately, we are still getting our irrigation water.

  17. Nicole Reising says:

    Hi Suzanne! I’m not going to go back to each posting…thought I could cover them all here 😎 WOW! It sure looks like fun! And I can relate to the thought of ‘ah, home…’ :treehugger:

    We finally got rain two days ago… things were starting to get desperate but… it was with a really bad storm. I’m not a farmer but live in farmer country. Crops that were going to be record making… all seeds up and 6-7 feet high(corn) by the fourth of July—totally wiped out. 😥 Its been heartbreaking. On the other hand it was awesome to see all the wonderful goodness in people…everyone came out and helped neighbors dig out neighbors. THAT WAS TOO COOL!

    Hope you guys get rain soon, but a gentle rain.


  18. Ellen says:

    I just love your pictures!

    I just finished two regencies – Julia Quinn’s “The Secret Diary of Miranda Cheever” and Suzanne Enoch’s latest “Sins of a Duke.” Both quite good.

    Next, I’m reading “Teacher Man” by Frank McCourt – for a reading group. I think I’ll suggest “Eat, Pray, Love” for the next group meeting, based on your recommendation. :yes:

  19. Brandy says:

    I’m reading Feels Like Family by Sherryl Woods. As for your garden, you make me wish I had a green thumb! The flowers are gorgeous.
    Hope you’re having a fabulous day!

  20. Marie says:

    I’m reading Something Wonderful by Judith McNaught.

  21. diane says:

    I would love to have a garden that would be edible. I tried but it is a lot of hard work. Great pics. I am reading Water Like a Stone by Deborah Crombie.

  22. Kim says:

    Your garden photos are stunning, Suzanne. And your sunflower! Gorgeous! Mine aren’t near ready to bloom yet, here “way up north” in Ontario. And they might not survive Nicki, my 9-month old fur kid (cat), who seems to think all the plants are his for jumping on, lying on, eating, and otherwise destroying. Annie (my 7 year old kitty and second adoptee) never got into the garden, even though I adopted her when she was less than a year. And my first adoptee, “angel” Chumley, who was about 2.5 when I adopted him, behaved himself as only a gentleman kitty could. But Nicki is a little mischief-maker!

    What am I reading? I’m in-between books right now. Very recently finished your “Secrets Rising,” Caridad Pineiro’s “Death Calls,” and Aimee Thurlo’s “Council of Fire.” Non-fiction reading is “Archaeology” magazine. I have so many books to read, both fiction and non-fiction, that I doubt I’ll ever get them all read.

    BTW, congrats to Angie T. for winning today! Hurrah!


  23. Marty says:

    I’m reading Michelle Styles new historical, and trying to finish up a book about the history of the Catholic Church.

  24. Dru says:

    Wow, your flowers look beautiful.

    I just finished High Noon by Nora Roberts and now I’m reading Short Change by Patricia Smiley.

    Include me in the drawing.

  25. Angie T says:

    Actually I am halfway through Secrets Rising by….oh, what’s her name again???? :hellokitty:
    Totally enjoying it!

    You have pics of two of my fave flowers..sunflowers and zinnias! :butterfly:

    And thanks so much for the book, Suzanne! Email is on the way!

  26. Kimmy says:

    Congrats Angie T. I just read The Duke’s Indescretion by Adele Ashworth.

  27. Crystal B. says:

    Love your garden pics. I am reading Susan Stephens’ The Spanish Billionaire’s Mistress.

  28. Alice Audrey says:

    I’m reading Jill’s Smart and Sexy with your Secrets Rising right behind it. I’d have read them in reverse order but for the flip of a coin. They both jumped over a J.D. Robb book in the TBR pile.