Reality TV, Anyone?


Weekend dreamin’….. Would you go on a reality TV show? I’m curious, so I’m taking a poll. Tell me!

Would you be willing to eat bugs and take scary risks like on Survivor or Fear Factor?

Would you be willing to stress yourself and your relationship to the max travelling all over the world in Amazing Race?

Would you be willing to have surgery on Extreme Makeover?

Would you be willing to live in another house with another family for a week like on Wife Swap?

Would you be willing to work your fingers to the bone and turn your house over to strangers like on Trading Spaces?

Would you be willing to be confined to a house with a bunch of other people in a house and lie and fight like on Big Brother?

And how much would money impact your decision? Would you do a reality show if there was no guarantee of money unless you won? Would you do a reality TV show if there was an upfront compensation guaranteed?

Me and reality TV–I applied to Survivor about four years ago. I applied to Amazing Race with another writer, Mia Ryan. I also applied to While You Were Out. I was never picked for any of those shows. However, I love reality TV and wouldn’t close the door for future opportunities if something cropped up. And you??

For Survivor, you have to send in a videotape. I did the Top 10 reasons they should pick me for Survivor. My favorite line from the tape I sent in to Survivor: Reason # 5 they should pick me for Survivor–I’m a romance writer so I can tell Really Long Stories About Sex around the Survivor campfire…..

The next Survivor starts September 15th!! Survivor Guatemala is set amid Mayan ruins. Watch it with me and discuss it here!! We could play “Fantasy Survivor” with points and prizes for picking castoffs! If enough people are interested, I’ll set it up here–so speak up if you would watch and play!


  1. Mary says:

    I probably would go on a reality tv show if I didn’t have to eat anything gross.

  2. Eve says:

    Right now, living in a 45 year old house that needs a lot of work, I’d have to say “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”, except there really isn’t anywhere to put mom for a week that wouldn’t be detrimental to her health (sigh). And if I were 20 years younger and not soooo shy, “American Idol” so that I could stand there and have Simon rip me to shreds (what was I thinking?).

  3. Leanna says:

    Nope. No way. Not this gal. No, thank you. Did I say, no? And yes, that’s my final answer. :no:

  4. Suzanne says:

    Leanna, so was that a no?:mrgreen:

  5. Peggy says:

    If I could sing I would definitely do Canadian Idol. And definitely any home improvement show, count me in. Free plastic surgery…sure, why not!

    I couldn’t do Survivor because I enjoy eating too much. Rice just won’t do it for me. But love the show, will tune in with ya Suzanne.

  6. Melissa says:

    Not for all the tea in China!

    But, I’ll watch Survivor Guatemala and play. :guitar:

  7. StDebb says:

    No. Not ever. Not under any circumstances. Not me. Never, ever!

    But I do love to watch them.


  8. Joely says:

    I love watching the shows, but I’d never go on. Count me in as a Survivor fanatic!!

  9. MartyK says:

    I’d do any of the home improvement/renovation shows, but not anything where I might grow underarm hair or eat bugs or bungee jump. I might have children one day.

  10. Cheryl S. says:

    Cast another vote for “not in this lifetime” πŸ˜† Sometimes I can’t even deal with my reality :hissyfit: so there’s no way I could deal with someone else’s idea of reality.

  11. Sandy Jones says:

    I would do the surgery in Extreme Makeover in a heartbeat! Also Trading Spaces. I love survivor and will watch it with you. I even have to tape it and American Idol for my son who works those nights.

  12. Danni says:

    There are a few reality shows I’d get into. Decorating ones, and ones where the contestants win by their skills, not their backstabbing (big brother, OUT, The Cut IN).

    I also liked Hell’s Kitchen. It was pretty darn good. And by the way, I was ROFL all day at your son’s information to the princess about how whining gets you candy. VERY CLEVER BOY!! :thumbsup:

  13. Peggie says:

    I love love love reality TV. I am loving big brother so much this year and I never miss amazing race or survivor.
    I would play but I’m not allowed. I’m Canadian. I emailed to find out why that is but they amazing race people didn’t respond and that was two years ago.:thumbsdown:
    I think they should have picked you. a little sex talk around the camp fire would sure spice things up.:wink:

  14. Ashley says:

    My friend and I talked about applying to Trading Spaces, though we never did. We also decided we’d make a good team for the Amazing Race. But with young kids, no way any of it’s happening. πŸ˜‰

    fyi – right now I”m finding “Rule of four” a slow read.

  15. Robyn says:

    Count me in for your survivor chat.
    I love watching these shows but would not even consider going on one of them. I’m a scardy cat-can’t swim so Survivor would be out; gag at a hair in my food so Fear Factor and Survivor are out-you get the picture!
    I’m also Canadian so…
    You shoule hear me screaming obscenities at the Big Brother contestants – I don’t know why I watch because I get so infuriated with them but love watching anyways.:wall:

  16. Cherlyn says:

    I was going to say no. But I thought about it. I’d do it with certain restrictions, because I love challenges. I’m a pretty picky eater, so I wouldn’t eat anything strange or something you couldn’t find on the menu of the average American restaurant. And I wouldn’t want a camera following me around 24/7. But I guess, that’s what makes it reality TV, right? 😐

  17. Darla Dixon says:

    I think you would be great on Survivor!
    I don’t need to be a reality show though, I have enough ‘reality’ around here!

  18. Suzanne says:

    Oh, yay! I’m so glad some of you are interested in playing some Fantasy Survivor. I was thinking we’d make predictions, earn points, and at the end, whoever has the most points will win some goody package I’ll put together–PAX mug, PAX t-shirt, PAX totebag–and runners-up will win autographed books. Sound good? You won’t even have to eat any bugs. :no:

    When the show starts, I’ll set it up as a thread on my message board where we can post castoff predictions.

  19. ValMarie says:

    I really wanted to be on the Amazing Race. I was all set too apply after the first season came out, but, at that time, I was too young. Maybe my husband and I should apply… πŸ˜‰

    I might be able to get into the whole Survivor Guatemala thing. I’m not normally a big tv person though, so maybe I’ll just watch the madness on the forums. πŸ™‚

    Oh, I tried to give boopsie, your virtual dog, and I couldn’t figure out how to actually get him to take it. The poor thing just watched me move the bone all over the screen. I feel like I’ve been torturing him.

  20. Suzanne says:

    ValMarie, to give Boopsie the bone, you pick the bone out of the puppy treats bag then move it somewhere *over* Boopsie’s head, tap once on the bone to let go, and Boopsie will jump up and grab it!:rotfl:

  21. Michelle says:

    I would do Survivor and American Idol except I’m too old for the second. :loser: And I’m not sure about eating bugs. Probably not!

  22. Kelly says:

    I LOVE reality TV shows, but I always think about all the crap the players have to go through, and I always say I could never do it. Mainly I couldn’t leave my kids for months!

  23. Katie says:

    How much do they pay?? I’d do about (not the about) anything for large amounts of green stuff. :mrgreen:
    Yes, I can be bought.

  24. Tori says:

    I love Survivor and Amazing Race, but there’s no way I’d want be on them. No way, no how. Or any other reality TV show, for that matter. At least none of the ones that are on now. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is a maybe, but I doubt we qualify. :mrgreen:

  25. Amy K. says:

    Um, no. I think I’m just a reclusive grouch who doesn’t want any discomfort. 😯

  26. melissa marsh says:

    There is NO WAY I would go on reality t.v. I love my privacy too much and no amount of money would persuade me. I hate camping, so Survivor would definitely be out. Fear Factor is just plain ridiculous to me – money isn’t THAT important!!!

  27. Lis says:

    Couldn’t do survivor – not that good of a swimmer, besides 39 days outside? Uh uh. :rotfl: Big Brother’s more my speed. Or Extreme Makeover: home edition. They could finally put walls up around my ‘office’ and make my bedroom livable! hehe Amazing Race would be cool too, but I don’t know, they’re getting a little fear factor/survivor near the end of the race now when they make somebody eat or drink an insane amount of something weird!

  28. Danica says:

    I don’t think I could handle it… to have no privacy, no time to myself, and have to deal with a buncha mean ole backstabbers… I don’t think I’d have the strength. I’d end up slaughtering them all. Literally, I’m afraid.

  29. Estella Kissell says:

    No, no, no, no!!!!! I have never watched a reality show and am not going to start now.:no:

  30. Trish says:

    I’m up for the Fantasy Survivor. I think that would be fun, a place to talk about all the nit-witted things they do. But I couldn’t be on it because I can’t swim a lick. Love Extreme Makeover: Home Edition — makes me cry every time.

  31. Emma S says:

    Count me in the NO WAY camp. I mean isn’t most of the fun of watching reality TV making fun of people (or is that just me ’cause I’m a bad person)? I wouldn’t put myself in that situation for any amount of $$.

  32. Eve says:

    If I could bring a toilet and running water I might do Survivor, otherwise I’m with Amy on a lot of it – too grouchy to be uncomfortable.:yes:

  33. Jordan says:

    I’d have to go with Extreme Makeover and I really don’t like doctors.:shock:

  34. Rene says:

    Nope, never, nada…unless it was “Wifeswap” and I got to live with Hugh Jackman for a week. None of the other ones interest me.

  35. Gina says:

    I love watching reality shows. Not all of them, but some do. not a big BB, Survivor or Makeover fan, but I love the competion type ones, and Real World has been a long time favorite as well. I’ve started recapping and reviewing some of the shows as well, but as much as I love them I never want to be one! I’ll leave that to others, so I can talk about it!

  36. Vonda says:

    NO sirree! You wouldn’t catch me on a reality TV show. :no: I don’t even like many of them. Watching someone eat worms and bugs makes me sick.:yuck: But I do love the Rock Star: INXS one that’s on now.:smile:

  37. ValMarie says:

    Thanks for the help, Suzanne. πŸ™‚ Boopsie has now been given many bones.

  38. Leslie says:

    I’m sooooooooooo smug when I participate in every single reality chair via my armchair, but put me smack-dab in the middle of it all? Uh…. as the little octopus so eloquently put it in FINDING NEMO, I’d “ink myself”. :no: But, there is a family that I know of in town here who is going to be in the running for the Amazing Race… they won’t tell ANYONE what happened since it’s all over and done with, but here’s a link to the full article if you’re interested!

  39. Melissa Mc says:

    I would love to go on The Amazing Race. I love that show. I had actually convinced by brother-in-law to try out with me and he was out from NY so we could make a video to send in and then I found out I was pregnant with Rose.

  40. Anna B says:

    I blame my sister for hooking us all on reality shows. First, Survivor (love the idea of fantasy Survivor — count me in) –I would love to try it, but health things nix that. I burn under a forty watt bulb, and have wretchedly sensitive skin, plus I wilt in above 80s temperatures. American Idol :guitar:– love, but can’t sing and too old. ::sigh:: Will enterain thoughts of Simon Cowell in high Georgian garb instead and pretend I am working. So You Think You Can Dance — still too old, but I do dance in church. Married nondancer.:hissyfit: ::sigh:: I really miss Last Comic Standing. Would consider that one. Seriously. Trading Spaces is nice, but I’d hop across the pond and insist on Changing Rooms. Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen. Nuff said.

  41. Toni Lea Andrews says:

    Personal Reality Show Story: During a lull in my 11-year relationship (we were doing the long-distance thing and he was stalling about the cross-continental move required to be together) I met a man. He was a bit overwhelming — handsome, exceedingly wealthy, both from family money and personal enterprises. He did not live in the city where we met; he had an enormous business project going on there that involved flying in and out every week. He had a huge home in a-city-that-shall-be-nameless, a loft in NYC, etc. He offered me a $100K per year job in the city of his home (he was on the board of directors of the company) so I could be close to him. It was all dazzling, but ultimately I said no. The BF had finally set a date for the move, and I decided that although he wasn’t a kazillionaire, he was the one for me. I bid the man goodbye, and through the grapevine found he was dating someone else within days.:loser:

    A couple of months ago, I was channel surfing and saw Wife Swap. And there was….THE MAN. How they got him to agree to this show I have no idea; he certainly does not need the money. It was all there—the fabulous home, the stables, references to the New York trips. Oh, and the WIFE. :rolleyes: The one he had never mentioned. He made a few comments about how wonderful she is, but she went on forever about their terrific relationship, how they were such a good pair, blah, blah, blah.

    I was unable to explain to the BF why I was watching this show that is probably my LEAST favorite of the realities–I really only watch Survivor–with such fascination. 😯

    I gotta say, he’s got balls. I’m sure I’m not the only ex-floozie of his who saw the show.:twisted:

  42. Caro says:

    Definitely interesting in doing Fantasy Survivor; the show is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine.

    My husband is an asthmatic and for years didn’t have the asthma quite under control due to a combination of not the right mix of medication and not actually taking care of himself. That’s changed in the last year or so and one of the things we’ve decided we’d like to do if we reach certain fitness goals is audition for The Amazing Race. I’d love to do that show, even if we got phil-liminated in the first leg.

  43. ruby55 says:

    Uh…what are some of these shows? Never heard of them. I must admit I’m not into these reality shows at all. I got/get turned off by the lot of them. Sometimes I wonder if they are tuned into reality at all. If so, I’m glad it’s not my reality, what with back-biting, lying, cheating, bug-eating, whatever.

    The only show that claims to show reality that I like is A&E’s “Dog”. I think that’s mostly real life and you don’t get a prize unless maybe you can try out to be a bounty-hunter.

    Would I go on any of the “Reality Shows”? Not on your or my life!

    That said, I think I might see what life is like among the Mayan ruins. I’ve been to see some of the ones in Mexico and I loved them. I’ll watch the show mainly for the ruins and then we’ll see if I can stomach the rest–physically and mentally, i.e. will it turn my stomach when they decide to eat something gross or will my mind go bonkers with the back-biting.

    I think the show that I’d like best is the Amazing Race. I’ve watched parts of it and enjoyed it. I just keep forgetting to watch TV and if I do, it’s mainly History Television Canada.

  44. Mik says:

    For the record, Sandy Jones doesn’t need a bit of plastic surgery. πŸ˜‰

    I enjoy watching a few of the reality shows. The only one I’d consider going on is Amazing Race. I *love* that show (except when Rob & Amber were on there.. that annoyed me and I refused to watch that season.. they’ve already one their million).

  45. Carol Burnside says:

    Would you be willing to eat bugs and take scary risks like on Survivor or Fear Factor?

    Um, that’s a “Oh, God, No!!!”

    Would you be willing to stress yourself and your relationship to the max travelling all over the world in Amazing Race?

    No. 25 yrs married is enough stress. πŸ˜‰

    Would you be willing to have surgery on Extreme Makeover?

    Not to that extreme, no.

    Would you be willing to live in another house with another family for a week like on Wife Swap?

    Doesn’t appeal. Somehow, I have a feeling they’d manage to show only the parts where I looked really grungy from cleaning house and was crabby.

    Would you be willing to work your fingers to the bone and turn your house over to strangers like on Trading Spaces?

    Affirmative! Love, love, love TS, and rooms can be re-done after they’re gone if you don’t like it.

    Would you be willing to be confined to a house with a bunch of other people in a house and lie and fight like on Big Brother?

    Oh, hell, no. I’m not big on confrontation. Bad enough I have to think up all that conflict for my books. πŸ˜‰

  46. April says:

    I LOVE reality tv. Howver my LOVE is for WATCHING them. No way would I go on the shows that require running, leaping off cliffs, eating things that were not meant to go into my mouth.

    Now I owuld do Extreme Home Makeover, Extreme Makover (PLEASE cut off all theloose skin I have since losing weight), Trading Spaces, or Ugliest rooms, or town Haul,.those are cool πŸ™‚

    Oh and count me in for the Survivor thingy.